$1000 off iPhone 13 with Vodafone BYOD 150GB $69 Per Month Plan for 24 Months @ Apple Store Exclusive


Apple’s exclusive offer is back - get $1,000 off a new iPhone (any model) when you stay connected to a Vodafone $69 BYOD 24-month plan with 150GB of max-speed data to use each month.

Stacks with Apple Trade-In, offer for new and existing Vodafone customers.

Redeemable only in an Apple Store.

Further plan details at

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  • Nice

  • +28

    Shame it's Vodafone.

    • -5

      Better than Optus and Telstra in terms of customer service.

      • +6

        I've found Telstra support to be fine and Vodafone to be around the same level… Optus are terrible though. As for signal I'm currently on my 1month port out to Vodafone and wow I forgot how bad their coverage is

      • -8

        Who deals with customer service.. in the past 20 years never dealt with them 🤷‍♂️

      • +16

        I’ll take good reception over good service

      • +1

        Customer service matters a lot more when your network’s crap.

        • It’s been 30 years since mobiles took off. Surely by now you know if the network is good or bad where you live Also if it’s bad it’s not like anything is going to happen quickly..

        • Unless customer service can fix network issues caused by lack of coverage, I don't think it matters enough

  • Assuming you add a iPhone 13 128gb, $349 after $1000 off, total would be:

    150gb plan = $85.54 over 24m

    100gb plan = $73.54 over 24m

    • +1

      Slightly off there, the 100GB plan only gets $650 off the device.

      100GB plan
      = $59*24+$1349-$650
      = $2115
      = $88.12/month

      • Yep.

        So the 150GB plan would be better value coming in at $83.54/month.

  • any ip13 mini

    • +4

      24 months plan is too long. Destroys the deal.

      • Previously yes but with crazy inflation thrown in maybe not

  • Can i sign up now and use the discount it for iphone 14 ?

    • +13

      You just need a time machine.

  • You can also use discounted apple gift cards however do not redeem them prior to going instore, otherwise you're in for a world of hurt

  • +2

    Buy boost yearly plan from eBay cost average 9$ to 13$ per months and buy your phone outright!

    • +4

      Link to Boost plan with 1.8 terabyte of yearly data?

      • no point having that much data if the coverage is non existent

        • +1

          They use Telstra 3G and 4G?

  • is this 5G? i am not seeing any mention of 5G. iPhone without 5G is like driving a ferrari at 2km/h

    • +2

      All Vodafone plans include 5G.

  • +2

    Vodafone tho…

    • I can’t wait to go back after using Telstra for the last eight months. So over rated.

  • Full min price in the title please

  • iPhone 14 due in Sep. How much would 13 prices drop?

  • +1

    Can you port out if reception is nonexistent in your house? Eg black spot. And keep the $1k credit for the phone?

    Edit: apparently the network satisfaction guarantee don’t apply

    • +2

      this was the case, but we were told a few days ago that NSG will apply for apple byod plans, but only through the apple store
      probably best to visit and ask an apple rep about the details re keeping the phone and how the credit will work, i dont have any other details unfortunately
      i doubt if you port out using the NSG that you can keep an iphone 13 for $349 lol. (but if you do let us know and the rest of ozbargain will go and break apple)

  • To all those crapping on the Vodafone network. Their metropolitan coverage is awesome. I’ve used Telstra and Optus over the past 18 months and Vodafone is on par if not better than Telstra in many locations.

    Optus is definitely a distant 3rd metro wise.

    As for regional coverage, Vodafone are about to get their Telstra tower sharing agreement regional/rural areas signed and will end up with the same coverage as Telstra wholesale (if not a little bit more).

    I think it’s a great time to sign up as their network as a huge amount of potential with all the spectrum they have now / and will have access to in regional areas.

    • +1

      Really? I’m with felix, got out at Redfern the other day for the first time in years and I was in a huge black spot, couldn’t believe it, was a bit patchy

      • Redfern has had some upheaval with all the apartments built around there. There used to be a building across the road from the station with Vodafone antennas on it.

        All carriers going through Redfern have been poor in my experience.

        Also having 5G access improves the experience on their network a lot

  • Stacks with Apple Trade-In as well. Interesting so if I trade in my 12 Pro I can essentially get the 13 Pro for free? Depending how much they value my phone of course

  • when the promtion will be end?

  • can i use apple gift card with this promotion?

  • Wonder why samsung doesnt have this offer at samsung store.. would attract more customers tho with their overpriced phones

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