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Seiko Prospex "Black Series" Limited Edition Samurai SRPH11K1 $399 Delivered @ StarBuy


Hey there everyone,

Another special offer. This time it's the Black Series Samurai SRPH11K1 for $399 including delivery.

This watch has a black & grey bezel with a black dial with orange outlined minute hand and a date function. It features the Seiko automatic 4R35 movement with a 41-hour power reserve (APPROX).

Calibre 4R35 watches have an accuracy tolerance of +45/-35 seconds a day.

The watch has a 43.8mm diameter case in hard coated stainless steel with a black silicone strap and uses Hardlex glass. It is 200m water-resistant and has a screwed crown.

Limited to 8000 units globally, the Limited edition SRPH11K1 has the limited edition serial number engraved on the case back.

As announced on the Watch Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/TheWatchChannelAU
Video - https://youtu.be/tMnJobtpzBM

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    Very nice

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    Extremely nice

  • Nice. want, but I am afraid it's going to wear big

    • Yeah theyre big and also quite thick too

    • These wear smaller than other 44mm watches I've worn. It's a great design. It's worth trying one on if you can.

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        Pretty sure it's gonna look like a dinner plate on my asian wrist

        • lololol ok that's probably relevant context

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    It's nice to be nice

    • profound comment

  • Do you think the limited edition will make it worth something in 50 years? What volume is a normal watch production run?

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      not for a seiko

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      Nah. Even luxury watches lose value over that timespan, and I think gaining value is a recent and short term phenomenon.

      • In nominal or real terms? In nominal dollar terms, its fairly difficult to "lose" value, due to inflation. A Rolex Submariner in 1957 costs $150: (https://www.ablogtowatch.com/rolex-prices-past-60-years-reve…).

        In real terms, it still would have gained. Quoting the article, $150 in 1957 is equivalent to $1,265 in 2014 dollars, while the watch costs $7,500 in 2014.

        That article was published in 2014 with data going back to 1957 so I don't think it is a recent phenomenon.

        • Well fair enough. That's about 3% annual growth. I guess my opinion is that people use 'investment' to justify what is really a purchase for fun more than anything else. I don't think the current watch price inflation will hold up in any way shape or form in the long run. Who wants an old watch? Not many people.

          • @gakko: Agree that I don't like the term "investment", I rather prefer "collection", and it just happens to appreciate. At least for now.

            3% is in inflation-adjusted terms tho. In nominal terms, from $150 to $7.5k in 57yrs, that's closer to 7%pa:

            (7500/150)^(1/57) = 1.07,

            and as such, the return is comparable to other investments (acknowledge not equities, counting cap gains & dividends)

            I think in terms of who wants an old watch, the argument is that something like the Speedmaster or Submariner is relatively asethically unchanged for that many years, and a model from the 80s or 90s is a viable like-for-like substitute to buying new , whose RRP gets more expensive every year from inflation, or is unobtainable (like Rolex). So a used model will peg at some fixed % discount to a new mint model, which gets priced higher year on year and that's what's driving the increase in the used market.

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      Everything Seiko is limited edition. Everything

      (It's marketing, not rare)

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      Seiko "limited additions" are basically standard production runs.
      This one is 8,000 which is very high for a limited run.
      There are countless new releases of "limited edition" runs each year.
      Buy to wear and enjoy.

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      Probably Chinese will pay for good money if lucky number engraved is involved

      • So really 3 desirable copies: #0008, #0088 and #0888

        • I won’t mind to pay $399 if can guarantee the number I want…

          Besides not only the numbers you mentioned, are looking great… even a victorian car plate worth over $2M for a mere #14

    • 8000 is hardly "limited edition"

  • Love my STO GW Sammy… wear it erveryday

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    Seiko 5 Sports SRPD51K

    Why not something like this?

    • Waiting for this one to go on sale

      Btw, this is expensive, they are often under $300

    • I just got the orange version, it's rad. Perfect size on my 16.5cm wrist.

  • Couldn't help myself

  • Exceptionally nice

  • Thanks op was about to spring for this the other day….saved another hundy.

  • That looks surprisingly easy to read for a black on black watch.

    I've got a similar Tag Heuer 'stealth' that's basically unreadable in anything less than perfect lighting and angle.

  • Now $499 :(

    • still works. you have to add the code at checkout.

  • not made it japan?

  • I'd buy one if it were quartz. Don't like watches you either have to wear or wind every night

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