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Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Stick Vacuum Cleaner (Free 2nd Battery and Floor Dok) $1549 Delivered @ Dyson Australia


First time posting so take it easy.

I was in the market for the V15 and noticed Dyson has added a Free Battery $199 to the existing Floor Dok freebie (aka DOCK) $149 - Total value at $348.

Note: other sellers will not prices match as the Absolute Extra is only from Dyson Directly, however it has better filters then the normal v15 and better value with the free extras.

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    How much?

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        what… how………. much…….. … ????????

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          She took quite alot of damage sir

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      This thing sucks more money than dust.

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      Too much

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    The price, son. The price.

    • Updated the title. Normal price but with 349 in extras. So not a sale unless you wanted the extras like a free battery for longer run time.

      • The problem is I only want a new battery when the old one starts playing up….if I get this free battery, most likely unless I use both at the same time, otherwise by the time the first battery dies, the bonus battery most like have no warranty left.

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    Geezzz…that is a big hole in the wallet for a stick vacuum

  • Been available for about a month. The date passes for validity, then they don't offer the battery for maybe one day, then boom, same offer comes back.
    Feels like it's a way to appease their customers when they are simultaneously offering up to $350 OFF the price of other items on their site. Thanks OP though. Awesome vac so quality first post. Welcome :)

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      Been watching the V15 since my DC54 blew up a few weeks back and I was not wanting to spend that much on a stick vac and there has been no sales for V15 anywhere and really didn't need the Dock but got me with the free Battery. You know the saying Happy wife, Broke Dad….

      • Yeah OP. Kinda in the same boat as you. Still rocking a V6 haha but battery life now measured pretty much in seconds. Doesn't feel worth spending another $1 on the V6. Might as well go all out. I've put the V15 in my cart about 100 times in the last month. Just can't seem to commit. Fan of buying quality but $1549 for a stick feels hard to do. Think new model is here soon (based on history of Dyson stick update releases. Expecting a nice price drop when that happens. :) Who knows those. I guess John Dyson does.

        • I thinking the price drop would be maybe $200-300 based on outgoing models so the free battery which I am sure I would have bought outweigh the cost of waiting for me. The new model may only release in the USA for a few months before they start to show in AUS due to manufacturing supplies.

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          I got a replacement battery for my V6. Was worth it - feels like new. I too am waiting for a good deal for a newer model, but these Dysons just keep costing more and more each new model!

        • Have you found any links or articles about upcoming Dyson Vacs? Can’t find anything personally & want to find out haha

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        I'm waiting till Wednesday to buy Myer gift cards with 15% bonus. This will effectively make the V15 cost $1,274.15.

        • Did you manage to do this? Online it limited me to only 9 cards.

          Going to go in store today to see if I can use more

          • @thrynny: Managed to use 28 $50 cards to get the vacuum, thank goodness.

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    Have one and its amazing but it is very expensive. Couldn’t be happier.

    • Same here. It’s a lot to spend but boy does it work well.

    • how much happy would you be with a V10?

      • Never tried a v10 but my mum has a v8, not comparable

        • V10 is notably better than v8 on carpet. I've owned both. If you have carpet then v10 is the minimum imho.

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    A high yield investment, according to my advisor.

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    Dyson stick is getting way too expensive. I still have my V6 which cost me $250 new, years ago. This is 5 to 6 times more.

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      V15 - V6 = V9
      $250 / V6 you paid equals $41.67 per V.

      $41.67 X 15 V's equals $625.01 maximum.
      This vacuum is clearly $923.99 overpriced.

      Because mathematics.

      • That one but there is also a lot to boiling frog theory in tech these days.
        Whether it be in CPUs, smartphones, vacuum cleaners, they all inch a notch every year or so with the newer models.

      • Ah, but did you account for inflation? We'll need the v0 or initial date of purchase, then translate that in today's dollars and re run the calculation. The V data obtained should help us establish a more exact estimate efficiently extracting how exceedingly extraneous this current price is.

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          That’s the most I’ve ever paid for V

        • inflation? inflation?!?!
          nevermind we'll just print more vacuums. That should solve it.

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    Waiting for the next model that cost $3000.

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    Suddenly I feel much better about getting the V10 at $799 🤣

  • I checked out the dyson website. They still have some older models for sale at the bargain price of $400 or $500 !!!

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    I think they've jumped the shark with the particle counter

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    Marketing wank

  • What made them think calling it a "Floor Dok" was a good idea?

  • Man… the inflation is getting out of hand! whats next hair dryer cost $600?

    • $600 hair dryer already out. Whats next probably a $1000 hair dryer.

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          That $1000 hairdryer better be more like WHOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHHH

          edit: just realised I've commented on a dead thread. again.

          • @andresampras: Less than 30 days, peteagassi. You’re all good.

            Edit: I think we followed the same link

  • Late-stage capitalism.

  • Seriously $1500 for a vac is simply insanity.

  • I'm sure it's good but it isn't 3x the price of a V8 good. Or twice the price of V8 & spare battery (which is its weakness).

  • When does it expire

    • Event ends 26/5/22 at 11:59pm AEST Or when stock runs out

  • This sucks

  • Thanks op, no deal for me .

    Hold my v8 for another year till Dyson discounts its V15.

  • I'm in the UK now. They're as low as A$993 here.

  • They've been on sale before for $1100 or so, I'd wait for that

  • Even $1000 is too much.

  • OK everyone - on a price vs performance basis, what is the lowest spec Dyson you'd stoop to getting. Which feature of that one is the deal breaker that you couldn't go lower than ?

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      Suction power jumps in performance from V11 to V15. Laser can actually help you spot dust that your eyes don't see. Try it at night and you will be surprise.
      I'd rather spent this amount and get the job done that moving dust from one place to another using a Kmart one.

    • https://www.popularvacuums.com/reviews/dyson-cordless-vacuum...

      Suction Power is number one. 230AW is above some plug in vacuums which means sticks are finally at a stage that can be used as a replacement for normal vacuum.

  • I used Cashrewards and got another 5% off. Good deal overall.

  • This or Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra? I have a Dyson v6

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