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Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S US$35.29 (~A$50.40) Delivered @ Mijia MI Online AliExpress


On sale is the previously popular Xiaomi Portable Air Pump 1S which is small, powerful and perfect for topping up tyres on you bike, escooter or even your car. It has a flow rate of 15L/pm, USB-C charging and an inbuilt light.

I use mine my electric scooter tyre pressure every week and it's able to fill them up to 50 PSI in a couple of seconds.

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  • Can I use this to measure my car wheels pressure?

    • +4

      Yep. It reads the current PSI/BAR level when connected.

    • +2

      I don't think it is as accurate as a real meter but you can. And I find it measures air easier as you don't need to push. You screw in.

      • I have one and its remarkably accurate, easily within the 1psi stated in the specs.

  • Can I use this to fill up my SUP?

    • -1

      Yeah you set the PSI/BAR level and press go, then it'll fill up to that level and stop once reached. You may need an adaptor for the SUP.

      • Have you used this pump with a SUP? Given the pressure and volume my SUP requires and owning the first version of this pump, there is zero way it would pump it up. Unless, the new version of this pump is miles and miles better.

        • No idea

    • It is a low volume pump. So not really. For bike shocks its handy because of its speed and accuracy. If like me you like your car tyre pressures to be perfectly equal at all times this pump is priceless.

  • What is the difference between this one and the one with micro usb charging?

    • +1

      Comparison. Main difference I'd say is the flow rate goes from 7L/pm to 15L/pm.

      • Thanks for that. That is significantly more. I have the micro usb version and it is on the slow side (about 7psi per 5 minutes) , but it is small unit, so I can't complain too much.

        • +3

          If you're filling up a car tyre then even with this it'll take quite a few minutes. Something like this that runs off the 12V socket does 30L/pm and more suitable.

          • @Clear: Thanks, you're very helpful

          • @Clear: This looks much better than the deal you posted, does the same thing but cheaper and more powerful?

  • Buy this and wait 3-4 weeks, or spend $25 more and buy from Amazon AU and get it tomorrow…

    • +1

      $25 is 50% more… do you need it now?

  • Ali Express not good. Never honor return.

    • I have good experience with Ali express they give me a refund easily.

      • +1

        Can be very hit and miss. Most of my disputes finally get resolved satisfactorily, but often takes a bit of back and forth, and every few disputes they become very difficult to deal with.

        They once asked to provide documented proof that I didn't receive a parcel for which I was never given tracking information. Not quite sure what they expected in that case. They only relented when I threatened a chargeback.

        I've also had suppliers provide made up tracking numbers that never existed.

        Happy to use AliExpress for cheap stuff, but generally avoid for anything around $50 or more (unless going through official sellers for reputable brands, such as Creality for 3D printers).

  • Would that be a good option for go karting tyres? Usually from 9 to 14 psi. Could replace my foot pump.. I have a proper tyre gauge for tuning afterwards.

    • +1

      Certainly. I'd say anything below a car tyre is quick.

  • I bought full price a few day ago . Btw can it pump up inflatable toys? I was looking for adapters but no luck.

    • +1

      yes, it comes with needle. Its got a picture down the bottom of the ad.

  • It's saying all coupons claimed, so deal is over?

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