Xiaomi Himo Electric Bike H1 - Grey/Yellow $299 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 NSW/SA/QLD C&C) @ PC Byte


This small portable electric bike is on sale again. It's small/compact, can be folded up, has a max speed of 18km and a range up to 35km. These aren't really suitable for adults weighing more than 75kg but they're a good option for kids/teens and I've seen plenty zooming around recently.

Available in Grey or Yellow

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    How low can this thing go (price wise, that is)!

    Would make a good prop for a Beastie Boys film clip 🤣

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    Obligatory HomerOnAClownBike.gif

    • +4

      I have it. Construction is very good quality. Lacks power though, it's only meant for flat surfaces really. But it will support over 75kgs easy

    • +3

      I'd be worried if you couldn't "brake" it

  • +11

    Is it as uncomfortable as it looks ?

  • +5

    More landfill…

  • an interesting toy

  • Are these legal on NSW footpaths ?

    • I had same question? I guess they aren’t legal at NSW.

    • Nah NSW won't allow them unless they have proper pedals like a bike. With the escooter trials coming maybe they'll finally update their laws.

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    Wow there must be warehouses full of these things to be gotten rid of. Just when they got rid of the fidget spinners a new thing came along….

  • Where do your feet go? Do you just stick your legs out sideways?

    • +1

      There's foot rests just above the front wheel.

  • -2


  • +5

    Looks more embarrassing to use than a Segway.

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    I would give this a go.. if I had nothing left to live for.

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    Whatever you do don’t go down any potholes no matter how small.

    • From the site (in photos)

      7" shock absorbing tyres

      Think the base would absorbs it on any decent pothole

    • +1

      I would rather be hitting potholes sitting down, with my legs forward

      compared to riding a scooter where falling forward face first is always a possibility

  • Can I attach 2 of these to my wheelchair…

  • +2

    Slavoz approved. No fatties.

  • +1

    Would go great with a super loud Bluetooth speaker pumping trance

    • you'd also need black sunnies and bucket hat

      • Whoop whoop

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    Depending on the dimensions unfolded, this may or may not qualify as a Personal Mobility Device in Qld - https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/safety/rules/wheeled-device...

    Edit: Found the dimensions - looks like it does qualify - https://www.himo-tech.eu/products/xiaomi-himo-h1-portable-fo... - Product Dimensions: 840 x 480 x 950mm

    Max allowable - 1,250mm in length by 700mm in width by 1,350mm in height

  • Carry Weight: 14.5kg

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      Yes, there is portable and there is portable.

  • it's cheaper than it's replacement battery.. if you have one with battery dying…

  • +1

    Allphones now cheaper

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