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B & G Massage Gun $18 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ B&G Direct via Amazon AU


The massage gun goes BRRRRR!*

Own one of these myself and with the air plug head attachment it's fairly decent for mine.

Redeem 50% off with promo code ROE2FSK4

*This particular class and type of device may or may not be intended for sexual gratification.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Wow only $18 and comes with an AI chip!

    • +5

      It might be worth reading the feedback from the last post starting from this comment.

      • +9

        Yep, Love the reviews too:

        • Didn't work at all.
        • Don't bother. Barely works. Put your money towards something worthwhile.
        • Used and awful packaging
        • DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!!!!!
        • -10

          Only $18AUD mate

        • +3

          So basically another Amazon landfill item

          • @le457: At least it's supporting the economy. All the plastic miners, the assembly line workers, the Amazon warehouse workers, Bezos' full-time luxury yacht staff. Instant garbage makes all of that possible.

  • +1

    *This particular class and type of medical device may or may not be intended for sexual purposes.

    Should ask @etornie about this hehe

    They seem to be always advertising their massage guns; maybe here's why they like it so much?

  • got one~~~~ thx

  • +2

    Amazon has no questions asked returns if no good worth a try

  • +7

    If it is as bad as the reviews claim, I might buy one for the other half to make me look good.

  • +1

    Fake spot adjusted rating drops it to 2 stars

    Hard pass for me even at this price.

  • OOS No longer avaliable

  • Sold out by the time I logged in and pressed checkout…

  • +1

    Didn't work for me. Didn't turn on, didn't charge, did nothing

  • Prob all the returned stocks with all that 1 star reviews lol

  • so cheap

  • Dang. Bought it from prev deal for twice the price. Mine still works. Not the best massager but good compromise for the price.

  • I owned this. It's pretty good compared to the price. What do you expect from this price? It works well for me.

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