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BlackView BL8800 Pro 5G Rugged Mobile Phone US$239.99 (~A$339) Delivered @ BlackView Official Store AliExpress


World Premiere Blackview BL8800 Pro 5G Rugged Phone A$364.09 before coupon

Mod note: Cheaper when you apply discount coupon and pay in USD. Title amended.

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  • 364 for pro?

    • $393

  • Screen and storage are a bit small.

  • different market segment to your typical consumer user, more something we would issue at work for our field workers who use the cameras and phones at industrial sites , big battery ruggedised, thermal camera would be a game changer for when checking machinery / plant ….. unfortunately we are ios shop and spend a lot on rugged cases and repairs ……..

    not targeted at consumer gaming on trains , thermal camera, big battery and ruggedised are the features the customer would be looking for.

  • Need an 8” screen size with this specs
    Any recommendations

  • +1

    Anyone know which FLIR Lepton thermal imaging camera it has?
    I can't find on the Blackview site if it's a v2.5 or v3 or what the actual module used is (big difference in resolution between them).
    Could guess if it was clearer what the MP count for the FLIR camera was, but it just states all cameras in the same line.

    • +1

      Saw a video that said the flir camera is 5MP. Seems to suggest that the camera module is the 2.5?

  • the hardware for that price is tempting… but the software is not something very familiar with

  • Doke OS .. hmmm

    • +1

      Okay Doke

      • Ned Flanders OS .. apparently

  • +2

    Just bought one, but ends up to $429.92 including GST after discount vouchers. Title need correction, VAT/GST added during checkout.

    • Bought on 24th May, did not get shipped yet.
      It states 40 days auto refund if not shipped.

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