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Apple AirPods 2 with Charging Case White $159 Shipped @ MyDeal via App


No CashBack as far as I know.

No AfterPay

First time user with MyDeal App.

New member from the website.

Update: The order is going to be late for another week and so. They don't have the stock.

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    Thanks for posting OP.

    Great price on Airpods 3 in a few days time on ebay.

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      What’s the price of it?

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    Thanks OP

  • Are these authentic? No mention of Warranty in the ad

    • Just tried PBG with Officeworks and they wouldn’t match as these aren’t Australian stock

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        Officeworks just refuses to price match anyone by getting custom model numbers from the manufacturer. I tried to price match back when Amazon AU had these for $174 but they refused.

    • I bought one with a belief that they are. I can confirm it once it arrives to the best of my knowledge.

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    stock from Apple AU?

    • Apparently not.

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    Don't buy from this mob. They are a just a platform for third party sellers to sell on. Warranty issues are done through them who pass on the request to the third party sellers. If they other party does not honour warranty or help with issues, then mydeal provides no support or help.

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      Warranty is done straight through Apple no?

      I got my Airpod Pro's replaced free yesterday due to an audio fault at an Apple store.

      • I believe you should be safe with Apple. Let's hope no one will need it regardless.

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    Why not jabra elite 85t for $179, new tech and on par with airpods pro?

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      There are probably more expert people here but my reason would be that it does not have the same earpiece tips. I have been using the wired one that look like the Airpods 2 for many years and they never disappointed me so far. I am saying this as an anti iPhone person. It might also be reason that I never found the courage to pay a lot of bucks for non apple earphones.

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    airpods 2 or 3? cant decide

    • According to the reviews I have read, there is not a huge gap unlike the 1st vs 2nd. Some people like the fit of the second better compared to 3rd. You might want to wait for the deal @dealbot mentioned in the first comment to see how much the price difference is if the fit isn't a concern to you. His/her name also checks out :)

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