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Nike Air Max 270 Men's Sneaker: Red $154 Shipped @ THE ICONIC


Just saw these 30% off at checkout brings them down to $154 then use the code HEYICONIC20 for another $20 off if your a first time customer at ICONIC and free shipping

Mod Update 27/5: Black out of stock. Only Red left.

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$20 off for the referee ($99 minimum spend), and $20 credit for the referrer.

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  • Price? Store?

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    Don't forget 20% Cashback

    • wheres 20%? i can see only 15% on CR and 3% on SB

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      Can't use the code + shopback 20%. Choice between $20 straight off vs $30 off in about 5 months… maybe.

    • Won't get it if you use a code

  • Iconic
    Original price is $220 it came down to $134 after discounts

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    Discount code not eligible?

  • Oh really, I found it on their website and applied it, it worked

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    Must be for first time customers. Still pretty good price at $154

  • Created a new account and used the code - great deal! Don't see this model in a normal colour (ie black) down at this price very often.

    • How do we get the code?

      • Code for first time purchase with the Iconic is above: HEYICONIC20, brings the price down to $134 shipped

  • Thankyou, this is all new to me. The extra $20 off is for new customers, so amended title. Thanks for your help

  • dang it… i missed out on the $20 voucher because i got half way through the post before scrambiling to iconic store

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    I was searching this exact model and colour for a while. Was definitely worth a wait. Love Ozbargain. Xoxo 💋

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    Not a real eshay if you don't own a pair of these

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      There are red ones at 30% off too if you really want to show the world just how expendable you are whilst you steal that Mars bar from

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      I can only imagine the tough choice of what shoe Eshays have to wear on a daily. Its either these in red or the ugliest TN's they can find.

      • +2

        ugliest TN's 99.9% of the time

      • Depends on your rank. TNs if you are an Eshay and these if you aspire to be an Eshay but are actually too sh.t to be one (eg you tried to roll the weakest kid you could find but said kid beat you up)

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    Can I buy a pair of these without a criminal record?

    • Best comment of the thread award goes to you.

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    Why everyone hating on these :( Thought they look cool

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      I used to like them too, but they're a stereotype. I've seen people get denied entry to events just for wearing those shoes.

    • A lot of people have been offended by eshays and/or intimidated by them. And since eshays like air max shoes they vent their frustrations here in the form of a comment.

      Others are just joking around.

      Why do you care if people hate on shoes that you like? If you like them, get them.

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    I just got a pair, i think they look good as well!

    Never this cheap before as far as i know… is a new model coming out?

    p.s i have a $20 Referral link if anybody needs it.

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    ive never seen eshays wear these, usually shitty TNs and a mullet with fake gucci hat or dryfit with the ugly ass fake LV or gucci bumbag

    back to the deal, now sure red or black they both look good
    EDIT: google 'eshay shoes' these come up as the 6th result LOL

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      Wallah cuz, I swear it’s legit!
      Wish and AliBaba only sell authentic.

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    Don't forget to buy a pair of black joggers and a bum bag to get free access to security guards attention.

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      Lol so true.
      Every wannabe drug dealers go to sneakers.

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    Pretty much every size sold out now

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      Yep, only Ronald McDonald red left in US 9.

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    to be honest the 270's are not the most comfortable Nike shoe —- they suit a more mid to narrow foot size and due the massive air bubble at the back you are on a slightly more 'toe down' stance - compared to air max 1 or air max 90's they are more comfortable day to day wear. Just my 2 cents

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      I agree, they’re very narrow.
      Strongly recommend avoiding if you have flat feet.

      • Is this a common thing with Nike shoes? The narrow nature?

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          i've got a bad habit of collecting Air Max 1's and Air Max 95's - i have wide feet and they both suit well. Although the most comfortable pair i own of Nikes is probably React Element's

  • How is Size 7 the least popular? Genuinely curious.

  • Cheers OP :) managed to snag last size 11's. Stacked the 30% off offer with a $20 off newsletter one, for $134 shipped. Not bad at all. Have wanted a pair of these for a while but thought the $220 was a bit steep.

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