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AnyCubic Mega Pro 3D Printer $259, Photon Mono X 4K $541, Photon Mono $199 Delivered @ AnyCubic eBay


AnyCubic has just dropped a sale on some of their FDM printers, with a great deal on the Mega Pro!

Other great AnyCubic bargains on their Resin printers:

One nice thing about the Mega Pro is that the motor drivers are much much quieter (TMC2208 motor drivers), so being around the printer while it’s printing is not such a noisy pain as with other budget printers.

Also, the Mega Pro is a 2-in-one 3D printer & laser engraver!

Safety comment on lasers: Please consider safety when using — ensure you have good ventilation, and safety goggles for everyone who is in the room when in action. Be aware that lasering some material can product very hazardous fumes e.g. vinyl, so please check that the material you are engraving onto is suitable before trying.

The Mega S is also below, but the real bargain is the Mega Pro.


Model Price Print Volume Stepper Drivers Special Features
Mega Pro $259 210x210x205mm TMC2208 (Smooth & Quiet) Laser Engraver (1.5W)
Mega S $250 210x210x205mm A4988

These models:
- support printing a range of materials: PLA, PETG, ABS and TPU (flexible).
- have dual-Z motors and filament run out detection.
- come with the excellent UltraBase coated glass printing surface
- have easy to use touch-screen LCD interfaces

These printers are brand new, and come with a full warranty, and there is a generous free 30 day return policy too. With FREE shipping!

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  • Is the laser engraver an attachment piece, or interchangeable with the printing nossle?

    • It attaches onto the front of the printing head.

  • Not a heated bed…

    • Sorry, it does have a heated bed.

      • Says nothing in the specs. Only under X model

        • The listing says the bed heats to max 90degC. Is this correct, OP?

  • One nice thing about the Mega Pro is that the motor drivers are much much quieter (TMC2208 motor drivers), so being around the printer while it’s running is not such a noisy pain as with other budget printers.

    Be wanting to replace the hotend fan. That thing is so loud and piercing, whether you're near the printer or not.

    • Ooof, that would be annoying! It really shouldn't be, maybe there is something wrong with it? Do you have the Mega Pro?

      • Yeh Mega Pro. Don't think there's anything wrong, just the way it is. Looks like a lot of people replace it with a Noctua and print a new housing for better flow.

        Haven't changed mine yet, and to change housing either need to change the laser mount or incorporate some metal as it attaches magnetically.

        Overall great printer and very happy with it (should be, was a bargain $176), just strange they upgraded the stepper drivers but still left that noisy fan, would have made all the difference in making a quiet printer.

  • +1

    I wouldn't buy a 3d printer without an auto bed leveling feature (and a flex plate for easy removal).

    • +1

      For me, I think autobed levelling is nice, especially for printers with 300mm beds or larger. For regular sized bed printers like this one, I really don't think it is necessary.
      For example, I have been trialing an Ender 3 S1 with auto-bed levelling, but when I go back to my Ender 3 V2 I don't miss the bed leveling at all — 95% of the time I never touch the bed level at all. If you are leveling each and every time, then there is something else going wrong for you.

  • I’ve seen a few 3D printer deals here lately.
    I’m interested in buying one to start my hobby in this field.
    The only concern I have is that I’d end up having to buy a few of them.

    Am I right I’m assuming that¿

    Also.. if I’m wrong, what would be a good starter one to get (knowing I’d have to upgrade to a better one at a later date)


    • Before I answer, I have just a couple of questions:
      1. what kinds of things did you want to print?
      2. have you ever used a 3D printer before?
      3. do you already have in mind anything in particular that you would like to upgrade in the future?

    • I'm with this fella, never used one before but interested in getting into it, mostly to print cases for custom home assistant sensors and the occasional bigger item like a case for an internet radio.

      • +1

        I have had the mega-s for maybe a year now. Thought it would be more of a toy, but has actually been useful. Yes, have used it to make sensor cases (also for HA), but also things like google home brackets to mount them on walls, replacement knobs for mixers, cases for raspberry pi's, even cable management brackets for racks. It is pretty noisy, have done some mods to reduce the noise, but tempting to get the upgrade…. but my printer currently works fine so I'll probably save my money for now!

        • Cheers - noise isn't really much of an issue, given mine will be in my workshop, and the print quality doesn't need to be incredible for most of the things I'd do. Having read an enormous number of reviews it does seem like I'd have to spend some serious coin if I was going to get something to print larger items in high quality. This one I suspect would be good enough for 90 per cent or more of the things I'd print, with the laser engraver a nice little bonus (and probably one I'd use a bit for gifts and so on).

    • +1

      My comments for consideration:

      In general, the cheap 3D printers have gotten "good enough" these days. Good enough print quality, fast enough speed, reliable enough design and construction. There are variations from model to model and brand to brand (and even sometimes, unit to unit) but for the most part things have come a long way from a few years ago.

      In my opinion, better to own a basic one, and use every part of it, than to drop $2K on something and discover you don't use it.

      At this price, even if you use it for a year or two, and sell it down the track, you will be able to recover at least some money for it second hand. Or just keep it as a laser engraver only!

      My only suggestion would be if you think you need something larger (e.g. printing cosplay helmets) you might want to look at something larger with a 300x300mm bed. Otherwise 95% of the stuff I personally print (mostly mechanical parts, cases, etc) would easily fit in this model's print volume. Let me know if you need specific model suggestions.

      • What would you recommend in terms of a larger bed for a beginner?

        • +1

          Larger printers are more expensive to make and ship, so you should expect to pay 2x to 3x or more than the price of a smaller model. For this reason, I would ask what kinds of things you plan to print. Once you start to spend that kind of money, its probably more important to think about your longer term plans.

          If you're going to be printing large parts very regularly, you might want to fork out for a faster "core-xy" printer, like the Creality Ender 6, but the price gets very expensive very quick for larger models. (Look for Core-XY specifically, as other non-corexy overhead gantry printers like the Creality Ender 5 Plus are large, but typically not much faster.)

          Otherwise, "i3 style" printers (aka — bed moves for y axis) are generally quite a bit cheaper, like the Anycubic Chiron that starts around $500 delivered in this deal (a decent large printer), but for a full-featured printer you're really looking at something like the CR-10 Smart, which start at around the $700 mark and go up from there. Or for really really huge look at Anycubic Kobra Max.

  • I’m curious on this one because of the laser!

    How does it compare to the Ender 3 v2?

    • Not really much difference on paper — a slightly smaller print area (210x210x205mm vs 220x220x250mm on the Ender). Apart from a different UI, feature wise they are very similar in most other ways! Unfortunately I can't comment specifically as I have not tried the a Mega Pro myself.

      The laser module is pretty simple, it just engraves from a BMP image. The engraving parameters are set on the printer itself.

    • I can't compare to the Ender, and I don't have anything to compare the laser to but I was pretty impressed when I tested it out. I posted a few sample images back here

      Haven't done much more engraving with it since then but I use it to cut stencils out of black card for the wife when she's cake decorating.

      The precision still amazes me (I draw up in Coreldraw. If you're familiar with it, it takes 2 passes to cut the width of a "hairline" line in Coreldraw.)

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