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[eBay Plus] Stone Magic Black Ceramic Marble Coated Cookware Frypan Set/non-stick Coating $20 Delivered @ k.g.electronic eBay


Cook up culinary creations with Stone Magic. The set of pans are non-stick, ceramic coated and perfect for a range of meals. Less oil is required than a regular fry pan so you can master healthier meals.

  • The pans can be used on gas, electric or induction cooktops
  • Cleaning is a breeze, and takes no time at all
  • The pans are also scratch resistant
  • The thick aluminium induction bottom ensures even heat distribution for better results
  • Pan sizes are 20, 24 and 28cm, including a lid for the largest pan
  • Cool touch handles for safety

Pan Set Specifications

20cm Fry Pan

  • Height: 3.7cm
  • Handle: 15.6cm
  • Capacity: 0.95L

24cm Fry Pan

  • Height: 4.2cm
  • Handle: 18.5cm
  • Capacity: 1.75L

28cm Fry Pan

  • Height: 4.7cm
  • Handle: 18.5cm
  • Capacity: 2.4L
  • Fry Pan Glass Lid 28cm


  • Material: 3003 aluminium alloy
  • Interior: 2 layers of non-stick CERAMIC stone coating
  • Exterior: Heat-resistant coating
  • Handle: Bakelite and spray silicone
  • Bottom: Induction
  • Dishwasher-safe

Link to PUNDER10/20/50 code post courtesy of u/ATangk

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    Code not working

    • Single use only

      • +14

        Bit like the pans 😉

        • +2

          They can always be used as a drying pan!

  • i dont normally like plastic handles but for the price im giving these a try. Thanks

    • +2

      the handle design is bad..
      always has a wobble/looseness even if the bolten is tightened all the way.

      got these for 99c so was a good deal when ebay plus actually had some good deals.

      • Yep they look cheap and nasty even for the $1 I paid for them. Recently gave it away brand new in box

        • actually the pans are great..
          non stick still looking like new and still not sticky..

          just not a fan of the handle design

  • +1

    Missed I need to be a plus member

  • I don't know, might just give this a try. Got a $100 one from Myer and after a couple of months everything sticks to it.

    • Are you using a high smoke point oil like grape seed oil. I found oils like Olive Oil etc. cause failure fairly early on.

    • Don’t put them in the dishwasher or use oils with high smoking point

  • Is it dish washer safe?

    • +1

      Nothing non stick is dishwasher safe, its just varying degrees of wear and tear depending on the brand.

      • Dishwasher is probably better than mechanical friction though which causes more wear/tear.

        • There's a reason why many non stick pans either say do not put in the dishwasher or that its not recommended.

          The dishwasher tablet is very harsh on the non stick as well as the higher temperatures the dishwasher will use.

          There's a reason why I can take my cheap gold colored fork and scrub it to hell with an abrasive sponge in hot water and nothing will happen but I put it in my dishwasher and it turns silver…

        • I'd say the ultra hot pressurised water beams in dish washer is way harsher than handwashing with scrub daddy.

      • I think it's mostly the opposite just as itwo said

        • They put it on the label of all non stick cookware for a reason.

          • +1

            @samfisher5986: Tell me you don't know the reason without telling me you don't know the reason

            • +1

              @orly: Why would a company put a downside on their product for no reason?

    • More dishwasher safe than the other non-stick (pfoa) one

  • For this price, why not! I have some pans that need replacing so this’ll do the trick, be interesting to see how long they last

  • +5

    I got a set of these in blue for $0.99 during an eBay event ages ago. The large one eventually warped a little, but he two smaller ones (that get less use) are still good. I'd pay $20 for them.

    • same here, 99c was a killer deal.

      the large one has not warped on mine..
      do you use high heat?

      the handle design is bad
      so it always has a wobble/looseness despite already tightened the screw pretty tight.

      • I rent a spare room on Airbnb, so the guests could have easily used too much heat.

  • I just threw my grill pan away so this is good timing. I find cheap non-stick pans last less than a year and need to be replaced. No idea how the more expensive ones go

    • +1

      Get the Aldi ones that are Hard Anodized variety.
      Aldi has a warranty on it's "chef quality" frypans.
      Ceramic coat does not last as long as non-stick coating.
      Season properly and do not overheat.
      Try to only use a soft/nonstick nonabrasive scourer for cleaning.
      Cold to warm water is fine, don't soak for better lasting surface coating.
      The nylon tools are good at scraping any stuck on items.

      • +2

        Dont put cold water into hot pan

      • Does the warranty cover is the coating flakes/chips?

      • +1

        Ceramic coat does not last as long as non-stick coating.**

        ah no..
        The non stick is the one that does not last..
        most of my non stick has been scrapped off or bad condition..

        ceramic are still going good now.
        and there is no black bits of non stick that peel off while cooking stuff.

  • +6

    Arcosteel Stonehenge from woolies FTW. Never bought anything so well priced that worked so much better than everything 10x more expensive than it.

    • +2

      Wtf, personal attack? lol. Nice going, "easylife".

      • +1

        a k.a. Getta

    • +1

      Love the Arcosteel range! Definitely best value for money though, the stone coated wok seems to deteriorate faster than expected. I gave one to my now wife when we first started dating and it barely lasted two years and we use a glass stove top, not gas. Currently giving the Greenpan ceramic coated wok a try. So far so good. Apart from that, all my pots are Arcosteel stainless steel… going strong for about 7-8yrs now.

  • Can this make fried ice cream?

    • +1

      You have to make fried ice cream

      • Why me?

        • +1

          Why not you

          • @orly: Because there are so many not mes?

  • Code does not work

    • are you ebay plus member?

  • +1

    I got these last time when ebay had one of those flash deals - I think I paid $1 or something like that. Anyways don't buy them … they are very poor quality, very thin aluminium and they warp very easily

    • what are you on about ?

      Also got these for 99c deal and they are still going great.
      Has not warped in mine and non stick is still great.

      Did you leave the pan on high heat for long time?

      • My wife probably was frying bacon on high heat - not sure. We use an induction cooker so when it warps it moves all over the place on the glass cook top

        • +2

          must be the high heat then..

          I use these on gas stove and always make sure to
          -use wooden utensil.
          -only clean it with the soft sponge and not any scouring pad or wire cleaning tools
          -only clean it when the pan has cooled down. ie not use cold water on hot pan etc.

        • my wife

          That's all you had to say, mines a great cook but her pan heat management is a shocker. I hate cleaning pans so I am always on it, she will stick it on high and walk off and cop the layer of fish (or whatever) sticking to the and getting lost every time

      • I must admit the glass lid is handy - I'll definitely pay $1 just for the lid :)

        • if you looked after these well..
          they should look like when first bought.
          Mine still does look like brand new..

          Due to what happened with the non stick pans ie flaking peel black bits..
          I was more careful in taking care of these ceramic pans..

          The same goes with any of the other stuff that you own..
          if you take care of it well, it is more likely to last much longer than if you don't.

  • +1

    They look very similar to the Aldi ones. Good for a couple of years, then they start to stick. Still better value than buying a Tefal for 3 times the price that only lasts an extra year…

    • +1

      mine still has not stick..
      ceramic layer still looks as good as when bought.

      Always good to use wooden utensils
      Don't leave on high heat long time.
      Don' use any scour or wire scrappers to clean it.

      • Yes to points 1 and 3 you make.

        2: interesting, only after you mentioned it I asked Google and it turns out that Ghee has one of the highest smoke points, which surprised me. Perhaps cooking with ghee, as tasty as that is, is not good for non-stick…

        • +1

          I also make sure the pan is never washed/expose to cold water when the pan is still hot..
          all 3 of these ceramic pans are still looking as good as when first bought.

          My non stick pans have all peeled off black flakes
          so I looked after these more carefully.

          • @pinkybrain: Maybe these are better than the Aldi version I've had. Would be great. In any case they are a lot cheaper :-)

            • @team teri: also comes down to how well you take care of it.
              the pans aren't specular in quality ie the handle design is loose and wobbles even if the nut is tighten…
              but I have keep the non stick still in good condition.

  • Hi OP, just wondering if you seen any clad/stainless steel fry pans for sale? thank you

  • +2

    I wouldn't waste money on these crap pans.

  • The pans can be used on gas, electric or induction cooktops
    The thick aluminium induction bottom ensures even heat distribution for better results

    They might work on induction but not very well.

    As they are aluminium they will have a thin piece of steel in the pan which is probably not enough to fully absorb the induction radiation and heat the pan properly.

  • +1

    Said ceramic but pretty much sure it is PFAS

    • They are not ceramic, just a regular non stick coating..

  • Shows $35 for me, not sure if they are worth this much.


    • use the code at checkout time (coupon section), comes down to $20 and must be an ebayplus member as OP states correctly. Confirmed working and 100% regret purchase =)

  • Just arrived and they have really poorly built handles.

    These are going back!

  • Arrived today - didn't expect too much from a cheap set. Handles are shocking!

    The box is worth the $20..


    "Comes in four colours
    * Black
    * Red
    * Blue"


  • Even if I get 3-6 months out of these pans, it'll be good enough

  • Received pans today. Handles are of very poor quality and very hard to attach. One screw got damaged in the process. Lid is missing screws to attach handle. Going to return.

  • +1

    Maybe I got lucky, maybe I've got low expectations, but handles feel ok, nice soft touch. One screw was hard to put in, but other 3 were like knife in butter.
    Overall happy with purchase.

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