Dualsense Controllers $79, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart $59, Spider-Man/Days Gone/TLOU 2 $19, PS Hits $10 (God of War) @ Big W


From the upcoming Big W catalogue starting 26 May.

Part of the Days of Play promo.

Update 25 May: Deals are active today

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    Ratchet & Clank: Big Rift

    Something's wrong, I can feel it

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      It’s the homage version.

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    pretty average. Same old sale every 2-3 months.

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    Great price on the Dualsense.
    Don’t see that lasting very long.

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      that's what she said

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        Lol I believe the Hitachi Magic Wand is more effective (albeit more expensive).

      • -1

        Story of your life?

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      Especially on all colours

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      Also if you don't mind white colour, you can get DualSense Wireless Controller + NBA 2K22 Jumpstart Bundle for $79 with JB perks any day. Less if you combine it with targeted Commbank cashback offer.

      • Well the comments from this post suggest that it might be the older version which is why I'm hesitant to pull the trigger.

        • What's wrong with the older version?

          • @FDA2020: There is a chance of the drifting issue

          • +4

            @FDA2020: I think the trigger springs were upgraded in the newer model controllers. I've had to replace the springs on both my controllers that I got at launch. I got a bag of springs on aliexpress for very cheap. It's a little bit fiddly to replace them but not too difficult in my opinion.

          • @FDA2020: AFAIK it's more prone to issues like stick drift and loose triggers

        • From what I've read it's only the newest range (Galatic Purple, Starlight Blue, Nova Pink) that have the upgraded parts. Buying Red and Black here then isn't going to be any better than the White. Happy to be proven wrong.

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            @Windslot: Other colours have the issue fixed also, look on the back of controller the FCC ID will end with a capital A whereas the old versions end in 1

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              @LawTalkingGuy: Ah cool cheers. Still probably gambling with whether it's new or old stock though right? Assuming that there's not a way to tell from the box.

            • +2

              @LawTalkingGuy: This is correct. My black Dualsense purchased about a month ago ends with A (much like the Purple, Blue and Pink variants will have).

              It's possible you could still receive a controller that still ends in 1 (i.e. older version), but this is pretty unlikely as they would have to be quite old stock by now.

              As far as I know, the FCC ID can only be found by inspecting the actual back of the controller - it won't be listed anywhere else on the packaging.

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      Being Days of Play sale I think you will find this price at all retailers. Fingers crossed for JB so I can use that Perk voucher ;-)

      • +2

        had a chat with jb and they said they would price match given there is stock and the discount is active at Big W on the day.

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    Ratchet & Clank has been this price at launch from what i can remember.

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    I know it's been that price before but TLOU2, one of the greatest gaming experiences ever created at $19?

    Insane for new players.

    Meanwhile Nintendo still charging full price for every one of their million year old games.

    • +2

      TLOU 2 is definitely worth a play. If people can criticise narrative that's fair but the game itself is quality.

      • -9

        I fell into the other camp, I waited a year after release to play it as I had most of the cringe and terrible parts of the story spoiled so figured going in blind a year later knowing all the worst bits of the story i'd still be able to find some enjoyment.

        The irony being the best story in the entire game came from the trans character, the story itself over all was still terrible from a storytelling point of view, but the gameplay thats what grinded my gears, if you are a trophy hunter that likes to go into areas and parts of the game and explore them out before looking up the trophies this game is absolutely punishing on that front, many sections especially the boat where you figure hey I'll clear out the area before exploring it, only to find going to a particular part of an area locks you off from backtracking and reloading a save doesn't help you either.

        Gameplay breaking bugs where areas wouldn't transition, falling through levels etc, a year after release with a ton of patches, it's just not that polished.

        Mention any of the game breaking stuff or issues with the gameplay or controls, depth of the world - my line of work involves firearms so to have firearms that hold less than their real world capacity? it just did my head in, and people attack you for being a bigot or what not.

        One of my friends whos sexuality shouldn't have to be mentioned to make a point came up with the perfect statement about this game, it's like a Kylie or Madonna album.

        Everyone likes the early stuff, but if you are part of the community or an ally of the community, even if a terrible stinker of an album comes out that some people like despite it not being as good or they do something cringe, you still have to wave the flag and tell everyone how great it is.

        I kinda feel like that on this game, some people think this is the best game ever for reasons, some people hate it for reasons, end of the day ignoring the storyline, its a 6-7/10 game.

        • +8

          wtf did i just read

          • @PuntyBrah: xers -

            Did you play the game? Lev was easily the best character and story arc in the game.

            • -3

              @typhoonadventure: I couldn't disagree more, Lev had very little arc, her/his existent was only for the player to see the better side of Abby and shows that she's not just an angry meat head out for revenge. Lev's arc and the whole cult group is irrelevant and didn't add much to the main story arc at all, other than to humanise Abby's character..

              I have seen all the debates and arguments on this game, but literally never seen anyone that thinks the whole cult people and Lev & Yara part was a great addition to the game.

              • -3

                @PuntyBrah: a) you havn't been on reddit then at the least, theres a huge amount of people that disliked the game and found similar issues these were the only reasonable bits of the story.

                b) congratulations, you've just participated in something rarely seen on this game, two people coming together and critiquing it without it turning into a politics battle which re-affirms how silly the militant bashing is on this title and proving the points made above.

                It seems like to many this game is a sacred cow, where any disparagement of it or critique is wrongthink and you must be cancelled.

      • +2

        I've always said I loved the gameplay, graphics and audio, absolutely top notch, however story was average and stretched the imagination and even reality too far in my opinion, pales in comparison to the story in part 1.

    • -3

      horrid game.

    • -1

      Team Abby.

    • Honestly one of the worse games I've ever played and I loved the first.

      Very small game play enhancements, the original trailer had fake game play elements not present in the final version.

      4 million first week and zero updates on sales since, trust me the game didn't come close to reaching sales targets.

      First game I ever returned to EB Games for a refund in under 7 days.

  • Noooo! I bought a black dualsense from Amazon ($95) a week ago because the one that came shipped with my PS5 started drifting :'(

    • did you get the drifting controller replaced for free?

      • +1

        Not yet, I got it the PS5 from EB games so will be taking it back there when I have time

  • -2

    No Xbox love?

    • +5

      It's Sony's days of play

  • Wondering if it's finally time to buy Spider-Man haha

    • does it have free ps5 upgrade

      • I’m not sure?

      • +1

        Nope, only through Miles Morales Ultimate Edition

        • Ah okay maybe I won't bother then

  • would jb hifi price match this?

    • Depends who you ask

      • +2

        just live chat with them and they said it shouldn't be an issue as long as there is stock and the discounted is active on the day. Would be perfect if it works out so I can use the jb perks voucher ..

  • Coloured controllers will be gone quick

  • +2

    Do discount on the ps5 faceplates?

  • +1

    Mario Kart 8 for $69, good deal?

    • +1

      isnt that game like 5+ years old now? wtf

      • +1

        Ahhh Nintendo

        • And it'll hold its value for 5 more years. And double 10 years after that.

          • +1

            @dickiee: Is that because Mario Kart 9 is probably 5-10 years away ?

      • Arguably 8 years old!

    • If you need it right now, it's passable.
      If you're patient, it can go $10-$15 lower.

    • just realised MK8 in BigW right now is already $69… why bother put it in the Catelogue!

  • Does anyone know if these prices will activate at at 12:01am on the 26th ?

    • +2

      just confirmed with Big W that it will go live at 12:00AM 26/05/22

      • Thanks!!!

      • Which time zone? Or is that local time?

        • im in QLD, no idea which timezone they go by, probably VIC and NSW.

    • Catalogues the 26th but the Days of play sale is tomorrow isn’t it?

      • those prices start tomorrow I hear!

  • Hopefully Amazon price matches the controllers

  • +1

    Based off the announcement yesterday looks like these deals kick off tomorrow on the 25th and run until the 8th June - will be checking in the morning, could be up then?

    • You are correct

  • any ideas when will be next stock coming in for ps5?

    • There has been quite a few drops this past week or so, maybe set ozb alerts as stock goes in 20-30 mins..

  • +2

    Ratchet & Clank worth $59 or wait for a further drop?

    • Worth it. Great time!

    • Excellent game, definitely worth it at that price.

    • Amazon matching FYI. I just pulled the trigger.

  • $10 pshits. Noice.

  • I'm holding out for PS+ subscription (or whatever the new thing is)…

    Debating about Ratchet and Clank Rifts Apart since it seems to have good reviews, but I'm in no rush to play…

  • +1

    Deals are live on the site now

  • TLOU 2 $18.05 with eBay Plus ($4.99 to sign up for one month if not already a member, so with postage cost and the 5% discount, you get a month of Plus for free essentially, if you were going to buy it anyway).

    Also being price matched in Amazon at $19 shipped if you have Prime

  • Hi all, I just wanted to inform ps5 users who are looking to get a new dual sense.
    I was able to price match at EB games with big w prices and that was various colours at 79 $

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