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AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU $649.27 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Clearance pricing
Zen2 16C/32T so roughly $40 per core, BYO cooler

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    made me happy for a split second, i thought i could jump on a cheap 5950 deal!

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      They announced the next series chips already, I suspect we could see this price on a 5950x soon.

      • I might be wrong, but after all the recent specials I got the impression most of the high end 5000 series Ryzen's had disappeared from stock.

        • i think the timing of that deal is roughly recent so people might also be holding out for the new ones to drop also.

          very similiar case to the 3090s, i wouldn't be getting a gpu anytime soon because scalpers are returning cards (hahhahaa) and the new gpus coming in.

          at this posted price i don't mind getting a 5950x early because i was wondering how much more i can push my VMs.

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    5950x was $719 recently, does not make sense to pay $649 for 3950X

    • Bingo, this is worthy of a neg to stop lulling prospective buyers into making an impulse buy.

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    I paid $642 from amazon in August 2020, How is this even a deal?!

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    im not sure who they're trying to sell this to

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      I've been running one of these with a x570s tomahawk mb and 128gb RAM with water cooling. Great CPU.

      I use it for software dev and deployment for cloud infrastructure and apps. It handles lots of vms and containers with ease.

      I also use it for music production using ubuntu studio and the real time Linux kernel.

      It's not really for gaming, a 5600 would be much better value for that for around $260, but as an alternative to a noisy hot server rack that can be made pretty quiet, I'm a satisfied customer. I don't feel that the performance improvements of the 5950x is worth an upgrade but the 5950x is a better buy if the price is similar.

      Also rumour is that 7950x will have 24/48 cores/threads.

  • nope

  • There are pretty niche situations where I would want one of these over a 5900x when a 5900x costs less money. You're getting 4 more cores, but each core is slower so even in multi-threaded workloads it's not that much faster. And if you desperately need even better multi-threaded performance you're probably better spending a little more to get a 5950x.

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