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Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G 128GB (Violet) $476.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


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Not as cheap as last year

6.5” Super AMOLED display
Super smooth 120 Hz refresh rate
Quad Rear Camera with optical image stabilization

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  • +6

    In short, this is definitely a better phone overall compared to the Galaxy A53 that has recently released so get an A52s while you can before they run out.
    The A52s also still includes the charging brick in the box whereas the A53 does not.

    • +1

      Two year less support though, one year since its one year older, and A53 has 4/5 years updates, where as A52s has 3/4 years.

      • The A52s 5G is over $200 less and is the better phone so, I think it's worth the 1yr less updates

        • +1

          *two years.

          • @annarchon: In all seriousness, who is going to keep a mid-range phone for more than 4yrs? I'd suggest very few. Pocket the $200 (as it seems you did), upgrade sooner. You're a winner! Whilst some people may keep flagship phones for a little longer, I can't see anyone rocking an A53 in 2027.

            • -2

              @sinners007: Agree with you, but apparently her mum does lol

      • +1

        A52s has a better CPU and Wifi 6 is missing on A53
        Difference in performance is huge

        • Yes, I know, I bought one 8/256 dual sim for about 510 last month. But the two years difference in support is very notable. If you are just a casual user, which these mid range devices caters to, you wouldn't be using all the grunt anyways.

          • @annarchon: A53 provides 5 years updates, which will be until 2027
            I don't think I will be using a 2022 phone without Wifi 6 in 2027 anyway.

            • +2

              @TanedaR: My mum is using a iPhone 6+ and iPhone 8. Plenty are using these phones for longer and longer. The batteries are big enough that degradation wouldn't be that bad, and the SOC is now powerful enough for all the basics, even if years down the track.

              Phones are the new PC. You see all those refurb 4th gen the 6th gen dells and what not posted here? Phones are heading the same way, still usable 5+ years down the track. So support matters.

              • @annarchon: You mum is an elderly, has a completely different user habit with younger generations like me who use a phone to game, to work, to invest, to bank, to social and to entertain. Basically I am using my phone like 18 hours a day.
                Even if the A53 physically lasts until 2027 with 18hrs/day usage, the performance will be disappointing given the apps and tasks will demand better hardware.

                • @TanedaR: Did you miss that I said that I bought an A52s last month? But the two year difference is still significant and notable.

          • @annarchon: Mind giving me the link where you got that from please?

            Would love to get that

  • +1

    If only they had it in Black at this price :(

    • +2

      Put a case on, and you can't barely tell the difference.

      • +1 dbrand skin would do an even better job if you want to hide the purple camera housing.

        • I'm thinking of this phone but can't find a dbrand A52S skin

          • +1

            @Lodan: Ah my bad. Forgot they only make skins for the high end galaxies. 😭
            If you're really determined though, you could just buy the sheet yourself and cut the camera holes out but idk how good that's gonna look.

    • Would definitely have pounced if it came in black.

  • Ram size I can't find it 6g or 4g

    • +1

      6GB, AU only stocks the 6/128 single sim.

    • +2

      It's at the bottom. Click on details. 6gb

  • +7

    Bought one and combined with 10% off JB gift card offer

    Turns out $428.49. Very Happy :)

    • Great tip, thanks.

    • Thanks for the tip! I just did the same :)

  • This or keep holding out for a Poco F3?

  • this or holding out for pixel 6a?

    • +1

      Great specs for the price.
      This without hesitation IMO.

  • Just purchased the Ultimate home grift card and I tried to pay on JBs web site and the order is getting cancelled.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Happened to me too.
      Start new order and

      Make sure you use
      Ultimate home as name on card.
      Then card number and expiration date and pin.

      Hope this works

      • ah I used ultimate home gift card as name, hopefully this works just have to wait now for JB to refund the money back onto the card as now the payment is pending on the card but JB have cancelled the order for failing verification process

  • I wonder how long this refund will take…my card still shows 0 balance.

    • I've been told upto 3 working days for the money to go back onto the card. The money was taken off mine Tuesday evening and still not back on it yet.

    • +1

      No. A52 VS A52s

      • Correct.
        I wouldn’t trust this shady company anyway.
        They make no clear indication if the item you’re getting is a grey import or not.

  • +1

    If you're having trouble with the gift cards like I was ask them to price match with dick smith https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/mighty-ape-samsung-galax... then add the 10% off deal too. Brought it down to $448 for me. Good enough!

    • Ask them online or in stock.

      • +1

        Online via live chat. Sent me a text link which had the price matched phone already in the cart. From there add the 10% discount code.

  • Anybody know how much is it on EPP store now? 128Gb and 256GB?

    • I checked several times in the last few days and A52s is not available on EPP

      Edit: the only old models there are A32 and A22 5g. The rest are the new A*3 series

      • Seem no more stock from Samsung, how much is A73 now on EPP?

        • Just the std 20% off

          Galaxy A73 5G $639.20
          Save $159.80 (Was $799.00)

          • @nismo: Thanks, will have to wait cheaper before consider it.

            Now the same price as digiDirect 20% off

            • +1

              @superforever: For a phone that's been discontinued, you're gonna be hard pressed to get it cheaper than the $476 listed here, for local stock.

              Also the 256GB version would be imported. Samsung only released the 128GB version here.

              • @sinners007: I imagine only an Amazon Prime Day, or dare I say it, another Telstra Day, special would likely match or beat this one

                • @nismo: Yeah, my son bought it under $400 last year from EPP with $50 coupon code.

                  Hope this year will have A73 around $400 , dreaming.

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