Daytona DVCF150 150mm 6" Solar & Battery Powered Carbon Fiber Digital Vernier Caliper $11.95 (Was $25) + Delivery @ Sydney Tools


I was looking for an affordable basic digital calliper for my work shop and noticed Sydney tools have it on sale for $11.95 + delivery. Free C&C or purchase over $99

Details below:
Daytona 150mm (6") Digital Caliper is perfect for measuring any small space or item, including fasteners and threads. It is also perfect for measuring internal and external diameters, as well as depths, widths and lengths.

0 - 150mm (6") Range
0.1mm resolution
Automatic power off
Zero-setting at any position
4 way measurements
Solar & battery powered
mm / inch conversion at any position

Range: 0-150mm (6")
Resolution: 0.1mm/0.01"
Battery type: 1 x CR2016 3V
Weight: 0.057kg

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  • Gah . Just got em from Aldi today.

    • +1

      can always return it or buy another one :P

      • yup one of best things about aldi returns so easy

        • really? we've had nothing but ums and ahs with aldi returns. gotta find my supervisor, and his 1st cousin, then can return…
          they never say no, just waste 10min of your time and hope you give up.

    • Isn't the one from ALDI metal with a slide wheel ?

  • Is this good compared to others

    • it does the job. Comparable with items in it's price range. it's more for light work

      • Yeah saw there were callipers for sale for $80 at same store yet unsure why there was such a big gap as I thought they all did the same job

        • +2
          • different material construction.
          • Some are made of metal so obviously more durable.
          • Waterproof
          • greater degree of accuracy (extra decimal places)
          • better ergonomics
          • some have scroll for micro adjustments

          unfortunately with tools, they go up marginally in price :(

        • +3

          Even $80 for a pair of calipers is cheap in the grand scheme of things.

          Something like this is more or less a toy. It has a resolution of 0.1mm, and doesn't even specify the accuracy. But it's $10 and it'll do for quick and dirty measurements for a hobbyist.

          Expensive pairs, such as Mitutoyos, might set you back couple of hundred or more. They're both precise and reliable - resolution of 0.01mm and accuracy of +-0.02mm for example. And then you have the option of special features like being coolant proof, data output/connection etc. Stuff like this is more for professional use - eg engineers, tool makers, machinists, quality control/metrology.

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            @Harold Halfprice: Even for everyday use (I use them to measure oil seals/bearings/parts), and the Mitutoyos/Starrett (before they moved some of their range to China) are just miles ahead. Just having one in the hand is so much nicer than the cheaper ones.

          • @Harold Halfprice: Battery life is also a massive issue with cheap calipers, due to the way their measuring scales are set up with relation to the digital readout. Mitutoyo always knows where it is, regardless of on/off. Many cheap calipers will reset to 0 after on/off which can sometimes be useful but not really

            • @modded: Yes to all of these comments. Also, Mitutoyos/Starrett stay zero-ed. With cheap ones like this you zero them, take a single measurement, close them and they are not zero-ed. Was your measurement relative to zero or to whatever it now says?

              Like with most things, you get what you pay for… if you're lucky :)

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    Thanks for this got one!

  • Stainless Steel version, with higher resolution, locking & scrolling also on sale, $24.95 (was $45).

    I’ve got a set from Aldi a few year’s ago… wonder if these will be significantly better

    • these look to be the same as the Aldi ones just rebranded.

      • Honestly mine has been used like twice in the years I’ve had it so don’t remember haha

        I do remember it has sharp edges & felt a bit grindy when sliding though 😕
        Doing more 3d printing lately & have yet to properly calibrate things so was thinking of getting another set… might not bother if it’s the same though & wil just dig out the old ones.

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    Been looking for a rotor (brake discs) digital reader with magnet to replace my Repco's one, that so far I found it perfectly fits for that job. Unfortunately, they dont make it anymore. And because this is so cheap, I'll give it shot, thanks OP.

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      Repco will be getting more in stock. Originally that was an RDA tool. Repco ranged it and RDA were unhappy about this. They're sitting in their warehouse in Hong Kong. I have a few sample units sitting around if you'd like one.

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        Can't send you pm. Please enable it then we can have a chat. Thanks mate!

  • Can anyone recommend a middle ground between these and Mitutoyo? I'd like to upgrade my cheap set to something more accurate, but can't justify the $300+ for Mitutoyo/Starlett. Is there something around $150?

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      I know it doesn't help, but you won't regret a Mitutoyo. Get an analogue one (I don't like digital readout) and it will outlast you, and something you can pass to your kids.

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      iGaging make good stuff. That's what I'd choose as in-between. Starrett made in china and more pricey than Mitutoyo. Wouldn't touch it.

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      I bought a cheapie for $29 but was never sure of its accuracy and it bugged me, so I went looking for something fancier. After seeing a shootout of callipers somewhere I was convinced to buy a 150mm one from iGaging as its results were reportedly identical to the much more exxy Mititoya from which its a knock-off. I got this one for $62 delivered, a killer price at the time.

      My brother since got a job where he has access to all these Mitutoya gauges so I was able to do back to back testing with regularly calibrated tools. I found that both my $29 cheapie and flashier one have both been as accurate as the calibrated ones my brother uses. I work to 1/100th mm myself and both my gauges have retained that level of accuracy (I treat them v carefully) in the 5+ years I've had them so I'm happy.

      My iGaging calliper has extra features like the Mitutoya which the cheapie doesn't. One of the features which was/is important to me was consistency across the measuring surfaces. Both my callipers allow zero perceptible light through across the surfaces when examined against a bright light source. I'm convinced I got lucky with the cheapie as $29 is an absolute bargain for this level of engineering - as is $62 or even $100 for that matter.

      Anyway I'm getting carried away here, bye.

  • Why can't they just add a proper on/off switch? Nothing worse than bumping your cheap set and coming back to a dead battery.

    Having them come on automatically can be handy when you are using them a lot, but if you pick them up a few times a day I'd be happy to take 2 seconds and flick a switch.

  • Thanks for posting this, I'd forgotten I've been meaning to get a cheap caliper kit. Although postage killed the deal for me specifically it did encourage me to see what was around.
    Postage to rural Qld is $10.70. Not sure how much to metro locations. Bunnings has dropped their ALDI equivalent one to $18.89.

    • I have that set. It's ok.

      You'd know my full review if Bunnings hadn't rejected it (too negative I guess).

      My main complaint was it advertising an on/off switch and a reset button (see my comment above). I agree about the reset "button", but the on/off button is not a f*&$ing "switch". Also to hell with Bunnings rejecting honest buyer reviews.

      • Didn't realise you were talking about the Bunnings one. I may reconsider that purchase given your experience and now knowing Bunnings censors their reviews.

    • Reviews on that are shocking. Seems the digital part is the main issue. This cheaper manual one has decent reviews

  • Bought one last night, it did say low stock, but the store has said no stock left and they have to get one in and then fulfil the order.

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