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DeLonghi Dragon4 TRD42400ET ColumnHeater $290 Delivered @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


$10 cheaper than Costo https://www.costco.com.au/Home-Furniture/Heating-Cooling-Air...

Part of 20% Peter's of Kensington ebay storewide offer https://pages.ebay.com.au/buyer_coupons/2022/p20ken/

Long-lasting warmth for rooms up to 70m3 thanks to the long thermal inertia of the oil inside the unit
Quiet, uniform heating throughout your room
Easily set temperature, timer and manage power settings with the digital control panel
Easy to move with soft rubberised wheels, suitable for all floor types
7 Years warranty

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  • You can get oil heaters on marketplace for $30, sometimes they're even give away for free. Bunnings have them for $68 if you really can't be bothered with marketplace.

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      I agree - apart from aesthetics, all resistive heaters (including oil column heaters) give the same performance (assuming same wattage). A 2400w Kmart and a 2400w DeLonghi will heat up the same space in roughly the same time. All they do is convert electrical energy into heat energy at 100% efficiency.

  • +7

    Don't lie, you saw a PS5 in the thumbnail too

    • I can buy this instead of a PS5 to satisfy myself.

      • It is smaller and cooler so you may be disappointed.(jk)

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      I'm gonna buy this and scalp it

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    Cannot praise this heater enough, very quick to heat up a large room on low.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Can I ask how big your room is?

  • We have three of these in three rooms set to 18 degrees at night.
    Costs roughly 20c an hour to maintain that heat overnight.

  • I have this heater, got replacement for 2400MT from Delonghi. Its a good heater and i paid for faulty 2400MT one for $189 4yrs back, since it was covid time and they don't have stock of MT one, Delonghi was kind enough to gave me this ET expensive one free of replacement.

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