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DualSense Wireless Controller All Colours $79 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Black, White, Red, Purple, Pink & Blue. Edit: Now $79 Delivered from Amazon AU

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $79 from Big W tomorrow

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      Also $79 at JB Hi-Fi

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      $79 on Amazon now too 😁

      • Some colours…. How strange

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    It's currently $71.1 for all colours at JB HIFI with 10% coupon code 92FRENZY. Not sure if I can stack with the $10 coupon but if so, it will be ~$61.

    EDIT: Can't stack the codes but using the $10 coupon will still give you $69.

    • Strange why it wouldn't stack given that you're combining a gift card with a promo code as opposed to stacking two promo codes?

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        Yep…I also tried this, but no go. Not a 'true' gift card then….just a coupon code for $10 off (and to be fair, it says 'Welcome Coupon' on the e-mail I got from them).

  • Black or Red. I'm not sure which to pick.

    • Red is more on the link spectrum than the red, was a weird color choice by Sony. I like the blue ones.

      • Huh?

        • Pink spectrum*

          I think

          • @Junnyjun: Yeah you got it, made a mistake on my phone keyboard.

      • Oh really, fair enough. I did like ths blue, would go good with the blue PS5 cover.

  • does ps5 controller work well on pc? was going to buy a xbox controller, but unable to find a good deal

    • Depend on what app you are planning to use on. Steam work well both wired and wireless, epicstore only some game support wireless.
      I even use it on xbox for PC, the button mapping are wrong, but it work. You'll need to modify some config though

    • I use one for Rocket League on Steam. Works great.
      Most games in steam will work natively or if not through Big Picture mode.

  • Any way to know if you’re gonna get the new version or not if you buy white/black?

    • Luck of the draw. I bought a black controller before learning about the revision. When I checked, it was the newer 1A version.

      • What’s the difference?

        • Different springs. Better adaptive triggers, Less prone to stick drift

          • @damontyler: Thanks
            Just checked all mine and they are A

            They are the newer colour dualsense controllers too

  • Black and Pink are now $79 on Amazon … not sure if any of the others will follow suit

  • Thanks op, just bought a black one for $79

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    Are they going to last longer than the ones that came out on release of the console?

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    Price dropped to $79 for Blue

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    Purple dropped to $79 too

  • Thanks guys price updated to $79

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