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Trade-in an Old Mobile & Get Bonus 30% off Coupon for a New Samsung Galaxy S22 Series @ JB Hi-Fi


Trade in your old phone before June 1st and get trade-in credit PLUS a 30% off JB coupon to redeem on a new Samsung Galaxy S22 Series.

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  • Can you combine with plan bonus credit?

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    Galaxy S9:
    Unfortunately, this device has no reuse value.
    Please consider recycling with one of our partner programs.

    Didn't even ask me what condition it was in, battery health etc - just a flat out rejection :-(

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      They swiped left on your offer hard!!

      • Feeling very unloved….

        I also tried some iPhones to see where the line was drawn.
        iPhone 7 was also a big fat zero also.
        iPhone 8/8+ was $100/$150 for the lowest Gb of each version.

        • -1

          iPhone 8 is a few months older than Samsung S9. Guess that shows again that iPhones hold their value better

          • @fredblogs: Flagships, yes, iPhones are the only phone holding values over 5 years.
            Mid ranges, no. You can still sell a $300-$500 phone for $100-$200 easily after 5 years at current market. And an old iPhone works horribly.

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      Pretty sad, I'm still using an S9 and it's perfectly usable

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      I've got a Nexus 5 and Pixel 1 they don't want.

    • $150 for Note 9.

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        🤣🤣 worth more in your hands

    • No chances for me too

  • How about Nokia 3210?

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      Google "museum curators" for the best price.

  • Wonder if they'd take my Note3 that's been in a drawer for a while now…

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    Can we apply 10pct code 92frenzy over the 30pct?

    • No.

  • Can you apply price match to student discount, take 30% and then take value of traded in phone?

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    Can the trade be done in store or does it have to be done online? I couldn't see anything on their site indicating whether it can or can't be done in store.

    • You follow the steps online and then you will be emailed the 30% off coupon as well as the trade-in credit - both in a PDF certificate. Then you have 7 days to post in your old phone. Take the 30% off coupon plus the trade-in credit certificate into the store and get your new phone.

      Or just sit in the shopping centre and do all this on your old phone, then go to JB and walk out with your new one!

  • Does this mean that You will get 30% Discount on top of your Phone Tradein value.

    • I am kinda new to ozbargain *
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  • Can this 30% off coupon be used anytime this year? And can it be combined with other offers?

    If both are yes then this is a good deal as can wait whe phone is already like 50% off and then apply this on top

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      I was thinking the same thing. From the FAQ

      Samsung Galaxy S22 range

      Coupon 1

      Coupon offer starts 12 /05 /22 7:00am AEST

      Coupon offer ends 01 / 06 /22 11:30pm AEST

      Coupon is redeemable until 08/06/22 11:59pm AEST.

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    my Huawei U8300 got message back saying “are you kidding”

  • Just bought new 512 Gb S22 ultra for $1350.

    Thanks OP. 😊

  • does anyone have any 30% coupons they have not used yet, missed the promotion date :(

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