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Multi Function Wire Stripper $10 + $10.23 Delivery ($0 BNE C&C) @ Big Wei Battery


This Industrial Grade Automatic Wire Stripper is a perfect addition to your tool box. It can strip wires, crimp and it is adjustable.

  1. Versatile 210mm Wire cutter/stripper/crimper.
  2. Stripping jaws can strip wires of 10-24 AWG.
  3. Fine tune the nut while sliding or damaging wire. The plastic sliding block can adjust stripping length. If there is no need to use It, push it to another direction.
  4. The Cutter can cut off copper and aluminum wire.
  5. Crimp the insulated terminals: 10-22 AWG.
  6. Crimp the non-insulated terminals: 4-22 AWG
  7. Plastic & cushion grip handle provides maximum leverage.

It has black oxide, satin finish, heat treat and high quality steel

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  • Shipping cost more than the strippers to VIC Dx

      • +3

        What a bargain, you only have to spend an additional $390 to get free shipping on a $10 item.

  • +1

    did someone say strippers ?

    • Why're you asking?

      • +2

        who doesnt like a strip show

        • +1

          we should find out people's favourites.
          That's right, a strippers poll.

  • RPS….lol..

  • +9

    $10 + Delivery

    Delivery adds $10.23 so it comes to a total of $20.23.

    Cheaper to get it from eBay: $13.50, $13.59, $13.59, $14.50, $14.50, $14.50, $14.59

    Or Amazon: $13.99, $15.99, $15.99, $16.99, $16.99

    • +2

      Agreed. 20.23 shipped vs 13.50 shipped for the same product. No deal here.

  • Industrial grade

    … hm

    If you only wanted to spend <$20 you can get the decently reviewed Valuehall ones on amazon from $16.99 delivered.

    Personally I can’t go past the Stanley fatmax wire strippers but I paid $35ish for those ones on Amazon.

    • +1

      Why would you pay more for the Stanley? Clearly the only difference to the one on offer here is the name and I'm 99% certain that they come out of the same factory.

      • I went thorough 4 cable strippers in 2 years. The last one was a cabac one - the others were no name cheapies, decided to spend a bit more this time and it’s going strong still 8 months in. Perfect cable every time.

      • I have a kincrome & two Irwin branded ones of these that are probably 10 years old now, still working great.

    • kool big booty strippers my kind

  • +shipping = not a deal

    I just received this one yesterday from Amazon with 2 day delivery for $13.99 landed

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