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Sony PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset (White or Black) $110 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Decent price, $5 more than the recent $105 eBay Plus deal. Cheaper than previous $117.86 deals and $116.10.

Adjust your set-up as you play with built-in mic mute, master volume and in-game audio to chat mix controls.
Easily check how you sound to your teammates too with the dedicated mic monitoring button.
Enjoy up to 12 hours of wireless play thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery.
Connect to PS5 and PS4 consoles as well as compatible Windows and macOS computers using the included adaptor.
Simply plug the headset into PlayStation VR as well as mobile devices with the included 3.5mm jack audio cable.

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    I bought these last week for $105 from Gamesmen. They are an amazing headset. I only have them connected to my PS4 and the 3D Sound works wonderfully on the PS4 too. I have a PSVR unit and playing The Walking Dead with these headphones was surreal. I thought 3D Sound was just a gimmick but after my own experiences, it's definetely something far better. Highly recommended to those who want a more immersive experience with their gaming. Can't wait to use them on a PS5 when I can eventually get one!

    • +7

      doesn't 3D sound work on any pair of headphones?

      • -2

        Not Sony's 3D Sound. I can tell the massive difference between what I was wearing before, my Turtle Beach headphones, and these

        This Reddit post explains it well

        Sony appears to use a codec that seems to only work on their official headsets and is not available to 3rd party brands which would explain the difference in sound I was hearing.

        I haven't tested them on a non-VR game yet so my experiences so far have only been on the PSVR games I've played (Moss, Walking Dead & Blood and Truth)

        • +5

          I still doubt it, especially from a reddit post with 3 up votes. I recall since the beginning when this was released that you don't need the pulse 3D or any of the sony's headphones to get the 3D effects since it's essentially the same as Dolby Atmos for headphones or any of the virtual surround.

          Just quickly had a look and every media channels have said that you don't need this headphone to take advantage of the 3D audio.

          • +3

            @PuntyBrah: Yeah I think it's any stereo headset that can make use of it. Does a Ps4 have the 3d audio, I thought it was PS5 only, but could be wrong?

            I have the Pulse headset and like it. I've not really noticed anything 3d about it but it sounds good irrespective. I'm hoping when I play a PS5 specific game it will be noticeable.

            • -3

              @Dan83: Yeah it's 3D audio but its the only headset so far for the PS5 that can use Sony's Tempest 3D Audio.

              On the PS4, it's probably just normal 3D Audio but I haven't experienced it before on my previous headsets. It's just been an audio improvement over what I used to use. Can't wait to try it on my PS5 when I can eventually get one

          • -5

            @PuntyBrah: I mean, I can keep providing links but it seems like you're going to refute it regardless.

            If you want to review it further, look up/Google "Tempest 3D Audio" which is the codec Sony produced for it's own 3D sound design. For the PS4, it most likely is just generic 3D Sound. I can't wait to hear the difference when I get a PS5.

            • +3

              @Cyphar: Am I misreading your comments entirely, because it's profoundly confusing that your own links say that 3D sound can work on any pair of stereo headphones. And yet you keep saying it only works on these ones.

              "At launch, 3D audio only works with headphones. Sony does sell their own pair of headphones “optimized” for 3D audio called the Pulse 3D, but you can connect any pair of wireless headphones to the PS5 or use wired headphones connected to the DualSense to experience 3D audio for yourself. " - Input Mag

              "On the PS5, you’ll be able to experience 3D Audio with the headphones that many of you already own." - tomsguide

            • +1

              @Cyphar: do you automatically think everyone would refute your arguments carelessly after one exchange??

              I'm actually interested to know and I'm saying that I remember multiple media outlets saying it works with any stereo headphones… ironically, including the links that you have sent.

              I, myself have been using Sony's XM3 and assumed that it is already outputting 3D audio after I stop shopping for the Pulse 3D since I have seen that we don't need it to have 3D audio..

  • +6

    Annoying that a usb dongle is required to connect to one of the limited number of ps5 ports.

    • +3

      Agree. Doesn't make sense why the dongles are still being used. Its specially annoying when my little one pulls it out because it has a blue light, that attracts toddlers. Of course it happens when I am in middle of a fight 🤦🤣

    • -1

      I believe it has has something to do with the the dongle handling part of the processing for Sony's 3D audio codec. Same frustration with the Platinum headset which would explain why only the Platinum headset would support it.

      EDIT: It seems to be required for Sony's Tempest 3D Audio, to be specific.

      • +1

        It's likely that the dongle is there to provide a lower latency wireless connection than the bluetooth in the PS5 is capable of. The audio processing is still done on the PS5 itself.

        • That's along the lines of what I remember. Seems a good trade off.

    • +1

      I still use my old PS3 Pulse headset (~2012) on the PS3/PS4/PC and it's annoying having to occupy a port, along with pulling out the USB all the time when swapping between the two consoles/PC….Though I guess I should just be thankfully they still work and hold a charge after 10 years.

      • +1

        My PS3 Pulse headset is still alive but the ear pads are flaking off. Gotta get the replacements on Amazon or eBay.

        • +1

          Yeah mine started doing that after a few years, I ended up just rubbing off all of the flaking fake leather and was meaning to replace the pads but never got around to it.

          Mine also started getting hairline cracks in the plastic frame just above the earpads so I've put some fabric reinforced tape around those bits of the frame to stiffen them up and stop them snapping like I've seen others have issues with.

          They are ghetto as (profanity) right now but they still do the job.

  • +5

    Now there will be many ozbargainers with a couple of new ps5 controllers and headsets looking to grab a console lol

  • +4

    I didn't realise, but if you use headphone jack through the ps5 controller, you can enable 3d audio for any headphones. This means you can get far better wired headphones and better mic ability for the price unless you want/need wireless

    • That's cool. Just did a quick Google search and it says you have to enable it first.


    • I have the AirPods Max. I assume plugging them into the PS5 controller headphone jack would be better than the Pulse 3D headset?

      • Yep. Just enable 3d audio in settings.

    • This! I could use my XM4 with this

      • WHAT! The Xm4 doesn't have headphone jack??

  • Thanks! Just picked up a pair.

  • +1

    help yourself gents and buy the arctic ones.

    • Why's that? For the price is there anything better than these?

    • I’d argue this is much better value. I have a pair of arctis pro wireless that are 3 times the price of these and they just never get used. I mostly use these with the wired output into my laptop and Xbox and wirelessly with the ps5. Honestly can’t rate them enough especially for $110 (I got mine with horizons for $160)

      Edit* The cheapest wireless arctis is $158 atm

  • Audio and features are good for the purpose. Fit is bit of a hit of miss for me though, tends to fall down alot if you look down.

  • Does it work for PC?

  • Look, if you want a good cheap wireless headset this is well worth the bang for buck.

    Just note the volume levels aren't insane and it's recommended you tweak the balance of the sound to get maximum output from them. I believe you need to update the headset to do this.

    • Well money wise, they probably won't last more than 1-2 years. Gets expensive real quick.

      • Had mine 18 months and work just fine. For this price point well worth it.

        • I bought my hyper x cloud 2 for $69, plug them in and get 3d audio, plus they sound far better and the mic is much much better.

  • +2

    I bought one a while ago with GT7. It's a great headset feature wise (wireless, dongle connection is reliable unlike BT, 10-12 hours battery life). But it's truly a $100-ish headset in sound quality (my HD 599 blows it away) and the mic sucks but good enough over PSN. I find it's a little bit uncomfortable to wear but I'm coming from the HD 599 which are some of the best comfort wise. Also it has the awful pleather earcups which are 100% guaranteed to disintegrate after about 18 months. Still for this price they're pretty good.

  • Bought Razer "Balabala X" ( can not remember exactly the word) yesterday. Not sure the quality, but much cheaper.

  • +2

    Steelseries all day son

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