Sony Xperia 1 IV 5G 12GB/256GB Black – Dual SIM XQ-CT72 $1779 + $19 Shipping @ Best Mobile Phone


Sony New Launch Xperia 1 IV | 4K HDR 120fps video recording with a 4K HDR OLED display

Android 12
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Triple lens camera with true optical zoom
6.5″ 4K HDR OLED Display – 120Hz
360 Reality Audio / High-Resolution Audio / 3.5mm audio jack
256GB storage / 12GB RAM / microSD 1TB support
PS4 Remote Play / DUALSHOCK4 Control compatibility
IP65/IP68 Water and Dust Resistant
Fast, convenient Qi wireless charging
5,000 mAh battery with fast charging
Live Stream for video and gaming

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    this is grey imports with no official warranty right ? as sony mobile exited AU market ?

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      That's correct, so things like VoLTE won't work.

    • +1

      well, they have exited most markets….

    • I had a grey import Xperia around 2015. It had a known issue of constant camera crashes that caused me to miss many shots. Happened across multiple models but it never got addressed. Because I had a grey import, Sony wouldn't touch it.

      Will never buy their phones again.

      • Do many vendors support grey imports? As a general rule I don't by grey imports for this exact reason. I only bought asus there for a while because they were doing global warranty/support.

        • They don't, but the issue at hand wasn't limited to models from that country. I actually bought one for myself, one for my wife. Both phones had the issue straight out of the box, even though it was stock from different countries. The Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3 and their "compact" versions all had it. And if you google "Xperia camera crash" now, it looks like new models still have issues.

          I would stay far away from Sony phones.

          • +1

            @Make it so: That sucks to hear could be something specific. In perspective there's hits for "[phone] camera app crash" across the board.

            Have been using a Xperia Z1 and ZX1 compact long term since 2013. I have encountered a couple of camera crashes on the odd occasion or a forced restart maybe once or two times in a year. But in line with the frequency of an iPhone and Galaxy Note I've been using in parallel.

            • @cd-v: Back then, there were way more hits for those phones. And the issue occurred on our phones very regularly. Never had anything similar on any other phone I owned.
              I believe it had to do with the GPS being used while the camera was on (to geotag). The camera in those phones were considered very powerful at the time, and when the GPS was also running, it would get very hot and overheat. I believe the crash was a forced stop to prevent damage.

              It was so bad that I sold the phone after little more than a year. I did so a bit reluctantly, as the phone was beautiful in design, and the camera took spectacular photos.

      • how are they to support grey imports for products not sold here? they wouldn't have parts, or manuals, or training.
        the price you didn't pay, didn't include a portion to cover for any of this.

        • I think you missed the point.

          The issue happened on this model of phone in every country. It was not specific to the countries the phone was intended for. Every single Xperia phone of those models around the world had it. It probably required a software fix, but they never acknowledged or fixed the problem.

          If it was a one-off defect unique to the phone I had, then you would have had a point.

    • +2

      Considering the model marked as XQ-CT72 and it says ready to ship, I would say it is highly likely an imported Hong Kong version. A Taiwan version is also likely as these are the only two locations that already have the phone shipped to customers and not on pre-order. The other thing is based on previous models, Asia usually get CT72 models while Europe has CT42.

  • +1

    The website is literally ‘bestmobilephone’ ?

    • +9

      better than worstmobilephone… I'm assuming…

  • Seen a review on this last week and a vs against the s22.

    Had a z1 Sony many years ago, great phone.

    • +22

      Seen a review on this last week and a vs against the s22

      And what was the conclusion? Don’t leave me hanging like that.

      • Amazing battery life and camera, weird aspect ratio on the screen. Pretty decent all around package if you're willing to fork out that kind of money

  • +2

    Like the naming system

    • +1

      Right? The 1 5 already exists. Stupid.

  • what makes this a deal?

  • +1

    1.77K for a phone?

    • +1


    • +9

      talk to apple fans first?

    • +3

      With no local warranty

    • My daughter just forked out 1.8k for a 13 Pro Max yesterday…I was like "I could get 3 or 4 very good phones for that!"

  • +1

    wow, sd card with audio jack?? sold!

    • +2

      I know right!
      Never considered a Sony phone before, but with pretty much all new phones missing the sd card and 3.5mm jack, I think this will be my next upgrade.

  • -2

    would pull the trigger on this if 8gen1 was a better SOC…..

  • I was looking for something to replace my 55 inch 4K OLED with. 4K OLED in this kind of form factor is really interesting. I can't find any comparisons though so I'm not sure if I should upgrade…

  • +2

    Sony actually makes great solid phones just like LG but shame on their software and UI design. But still better than Samsung.

    • +2

      I love Sony mobiles and owned quite a few but they haven't been better than Samsung for many, many years now.

      They have a great build and design standard from the start, but Samsung has caught up and have them beat in hardware, software, camera and updates for almost a decade now. Hence why Sony can't compete and are pulling out of markets everywhere.

    • +1

      disagree completely, I wish a could enjoy Sony phones but i think they are terrible all-round maybe apart from hardware (ie camera lens)… I believe Samsung do almost everything better than Sony when it comes to smartphones. This is coming from hands on experience with both a Samsung and Sony phone for many years.

    • Literally got my wife's old S9+ last night and used universal debloater to get rid of Samsung apps, then stuck Nova Launcher on it with a Pixel app icon pack to really get that pure Android experience - its pretty great now! And the process of removing Samsung apps was really easy too!

    • My go to phones for the past 10-15 years have been Sony and LG.
      The biggest upside was the small amount of bloatware on their phones and they were often first to market with new phone hardware tech which they sold at a very reasonable price. That was what I saw as their niche placement in the market to attract buyers, new phone tech.

      The main con was because they were first to market, it always meant that the new features were clunky and unrefined. But because no other phone had it they stood out from the pack.

      Sony was the first to introduce bluetooth to a phone, an IP rated waterproof phone and 4k displays in phones.

      LG was the first to introduce the Double Camera phone, the Triple Camera phone and then the first to introduce the triple rear, double front camera phone.
      LG were the first to introduce stereo (dual) speakers to a phone.
      LG were the first major maker to introduce the precursor to what is now the 'folding smartphone'. The LG V50 has a snap on case with a 2nd screen on it, basically creating a dual screen set up that you could phone open and close. This is actually the phone I still use today, dual screen and all and it only cost me $650 from JB!

      Samsung and Apple would just take Sony and LG's best ideas, add them to their phones and then make them better and perfect them. Leaving Sony and LG back in the dust and leaving them with no real reason to innovate anymore if they weren't gonna get a decent market share with it. Kinda sad really, but that's business.

  • Actually a pretty good price for someone who was actually considering this phone.

    I would have bought this if it had VoLTE.

  • +1

    That's a weird thing to see in a feature list

    PS4 Remote Play / DUALSHOCK4 Control compatibility

    • Nothing to weird about, definitely marketing to old tech ppl with headphone jack and sd card 😉

  • +1

    Best cameraphone on the market at the moment.. But stuck on the Samsung Ecosphere though.

    • What traps people with Samsung? (I've only ever bought Android one phones, so avoid all vendor stuff)

      • Samsung DEX (I use it for work). Plus I've had Samsung docks, buds and watches etc. Yeah.. the accessories can run on other stuff but not as well integrated.

      • For me, the fact that it just works and keeps working. Have had bad experiences with Sony (incredibly unstable), LG (no updates after a year), Xiaomi (bluetooth audio playing at inconsistent speed) and others. I use Nova launcher, so not much vendor experience for me, but the phone itself just works.

    • didn't know Samsung has an Ecosphere, i thought it was just Apples and Androids =p

      • Lot smaller than Apple.. but things like their Smartwatches, ear buds, docks etc. all work "better" with Samsung branded stuff.

  • +1

    How do they have it in stock when the phone hasn't been released yet? All I can find are release dates in June or September depending on country.

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