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LG C2 4K Smart OLED TV OLED55C2PSC 55" $2695.50, OLED48C2PSA 48" $2425.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


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First big price drop we have seen on the LG C2

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  • Thanks for sharing. Just don't understand why C2's price is so expensive in Australia. In US the 42'' model only sells for $1399 USD (equivalent to around $1980 AUD), but in Australia the price is around $2400+ :S

    • Yeah, that's insane, I have been waiting years for this and will not spend that much on it. That is just overpriced. I am happy to wait longer to not pay these ridiculous amounts for a 42" OLED.

    • +10

      Sales tax is additional in US, included here. Given the massive Australia tax TVs used to have, ~$250 effective difference is actually a huge improvement.

      • +3

        Not to mention the brilliant consumer warranty you get in Australia. In the US if your tv craps the bucket at 1 year and 1 day you’re screwed. In Australia you are entitled to a reasonable lifetime of that tv, so effectively that could be up to and over 5 years in some cases.

        So a $250 difference in price to have a 500% longer warranty is bloody great value.

        • I think you need to purchase extra warranty to enjoy the 5 year warranty?

  • Is the C2 a meaningful upgrade on the C1?

    • +1

      Basically, no. The C2 has brighter highlights in SDR along with a couple of small accessibility/UI tweaks. Personally, I'd just save your money and get a C1 if it's available.

      Here's a technical comparison

      • Yea I kind of agree, I ended up buying a G1 77" a few weeks back, it just didn't make sense to pay 2-3k more for a new model. Admittedly, the bright screen does make a nice difference, it wasn't significant enough to make that jump up. I think the other bonus is less change of burn in with G2, but i'm quite careful with how I use my tv.

        • 77"? Damn, I'm jealous. Just got a 55" myself a couple days ago. The C1 does have a setting to help prevent burn in that you can activate, if you weren't already aware.

          • @irresistibl: I think the reviews for G1 and C1 both said there were still potential for burn in issues that the G2 and C2 largely solve.

            • +1

              @jaygee: You're absolutely correct, my apologies.

              For anyone who's concerned with burn-in, the key is just to make sure you're watching varied content. Most people won't experience burn-in with their regular TV consumption, but it can occur. Rtings did a great real life test on OLED burn-in here for anyone interested

  • Shame JB don't list 42" C2 available. I can see it at HN and others available..

    • +3

      I just went into store and ordered the 42 model and got the discount included $2155

      • Hey man, is yours the WBE panel?

        • No idea. I wouldn’t get too worked up over getting the wbe though.

      • Oh and I got the gram jb hifi 2.1 cable and have screen flickering issues. So grabbed a crest cable from good guys in that deal and all is fine. Just something to note

  • Hoping for 65 inch to price drop soon

    • The 65 is discounted to $3995 and add click frenzy code to take another 10% off

      • I’m now wondering to lay the extra 1k for c2 or get the c1

        • I got the C2 because there is a new enhanced Dolby Vision coming and will be compatible. Also I am in a dark room, and reduced screen uniformity is very important as I can see dirty screen in some particular type of scenes and can be distracting. Extra brightness is a benefit but wasn't really required for my use.

          • @Parramaniac: I went to GG got the C2 65" for $3490 its an amazing tv definitely worth it

  • +1

    is the LG a better OLED TV than the SONY? Does the up to 5 year warranty also apply to the SONY OLEDs?

    • Sony Oleds have better upscaling for SD and 720P, free to air channels will look better on Sony tv.

  • Anyone chasing a 77" c2? I have a corporate offer and can get it sent direct from LG.
    Message me if so

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