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AeroPress $35.75 (35% off) + $6.99 Delivery (& Bundle with Kenya, Ethiopia Coffees & Hario Electric Grinder) @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

If you're flat chat and just want to skip to the deal details feel free to go straight to the bold writing below in the middle :)

Once again due to popular demand we've brought back our AeroPress with optional Limed Edition Single Origins combo bundles. This time there's a terrific kicker, instead of offering pre-ground coffee we're offering an extra bundle option of an affordable (just relatively speaking compared to other grinders of the same high quality on the market) high quality portable electric burr grinder. We've received many requests to continue offering rare, exquisite coffees and also to offer more coffee equipment. We've had many requests from Lime Bluer's to offer more coffee equipment and more rare coffees with flavour so unique it may leave you speechlessly smiling. We do listen to you (thanks for the fantastic feedback), this deal is our first big step forward to have these two as regular offerings on our site. These optional Ethiopian Grade 1 and Kenyan AA Single Origin offerings come under the category of "what I personally call "weekend" coffee. I'm lucky to have the privilege of drinking fresh "great" quality coffee every day of the week. However, sometimes on the weekend I'll treat myself to an "exceptional" coffee, this is something that surprises me with every sip and takes me on an adventure to a destination, I know this sounds like a bunch of nonsense, I used to think so until I experienced it. An analogy of what I'm (well trying too and likely struggling to make sense haha) describing is, if you drink an orange juice you're more likely to think of a sunny beach holiday than a holiday in the snow, vise versa if you have a hot chocolate. All the coffee on our site I'd categories as "great" from a technical quality/flavour perspective (I understand flavour is subjective, hence the "technical" comment). This deal showcases what I believe to be "exceptional" coffees.

We're so excited to bring you a terrific deal for 35% off our special AeroPress with optional limited edition coffee bundle options, this is a perfect gift to give to yourself or someone else, there's three types of orders for this combo bundle:

1) You can get an AeroPress by itself for only $35.75 (normally $55)


2) You can get an AeroPress for only $35.75 (normally $55 ) with 1 or 2 incredible Single Origins Kenya AA and/or Ethiopia Grade 1, per 200g of coffee add only $13 (normally $20) which we're currently offering exclusively as part of this bundle


3) You can get an AeroPress for only $35.75 (normally $55), a Hario Smart G Electric Handy Grinder $129.35 (normally $199), with 1 or 2 incredible Single Origins Kenya AA and/or Ethiopia Grade 1, per 200g of coffee add only $13 (normally $20) which we're currently offering exclusively as part of this bundle

The deal is available until Tuesday the 31st of May, 2022. If you opt for a coffee or two with your AeroPress we'll also include the unique Lime Blue Coffee AeroPress brewing method. You can pick from the available green circle dispatch dates on the cart page. There are five available scheduled dispatch dates for this specific bundle deal, which will be dispatched between the 6th to the 10th of June, 2022 https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/361387/95994/aeropress... Once a given dispatch date is at full capacity the green circle will be removed and date will turn red, first in best dressed :)

Here's my thoughts on the AeroPress and Hario Smart G Electric Handy Grinder:
"The AeroPress is a terrific way to make a wonderful coffee. It's compact (good for home, on the go, work or holiday), super easy to use and clean. If I have to describe it I'd say it's in between a V60 Pourover (washed brew method) and Plunger/French Press (immersion brew method), best of both worlds, it's straight forward to use (of course you can make it complicated if you want) and produces a clear coffee so you don't need to worry about getting a mouthful of grit as can happen with a Plunger coffee. Without hopefully sounding too biased we believe this is a perfect give to give yourself or someone else, woohoo coffee party :)

Grinding fresh coffee night before you brew it or pull a shot is a wonderful experience and in a flavour league of it's own compared to using pre-ground coffee. We're over the moon to have found a solution for you to enjoy the wonderful experience of grinding your own delicious coffee without breaking the bank or needing a PHD and a lab coat to make a world class coffee; drum role please…introducing the Hario Smart G Electric Handy Grinder. Bang for buck, this grinder is wonderful value and I'd still say that if it was 5 times the price, it really is such a quality and versatile unit. This grinder is an amazing option for anyone currently getting pre-ground coffee, looking to make fresh coffee when you're out an about or simply would like to try different types or styles (it has grind settings to suit both filter and espresso style coffees)."

Some helpful info:
* You are welcome to order more than one AeroPress and/or AeroPress with bundle options e.g. one for you and one to give as a gift. However, please note that there'll be 1 dispatch per order, the previous example will result in your AeroPress and the gift being sent to the same address. If you'd like one AeroPress sent to you and the gift sent to a different address, please place two separate orders
* All Kenyan & Ethiopia Coffee will packed into 200g bags, e.g if you order 400g Kenya & 400g Ethiopia SO then you'll get 4x200g
* Complimentary gift notes can be written in the "special instructions for seller" box on the cart page."
* The discount price will show up after the "cart" stage of the ordering process AKA once you start entering in your delivery details
* Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference, $7.99 Shipit-Courier's Please, $8.99 Australia Post, $12.99 Express Post, Live Quote Shipping at the checkout for Same Day Delivery as Dispatch in VIC in the highlighted map areas https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/361387/95314/same_day_...

*Please note these spectacular Single Origins have been selected specifically for this AeroPress bundle, as such they are exclusively available with this AeroPress bundle at present. These coffee cost us several times the normal price due to their uniqueness, quality and rarity, so we are carefully planning out small batch roasting of these special coffee throughout the course of a single week in the second week of June. Any purchase involving an AeroPress will result in the entire order being dispatched between 6th to the 10th of June, 2022, this is one rare times that dispatch date is not flexible outside of this week.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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  • +8

    TLDR - Aeropress for sale

    • :)

      • Quick question though - I bought the Peru single origin to use with my V60 but its a bit too dark of a roast for my liking. Can you suggest a fruity flavoured coffee suitable for filter that is a bit lighter roasted?

        • Thank you so much for your recent order with us, it's truly appreciated!

          I appreciate you taking the time to reach out with feedback. We roast all our coffee's omni/medium to suit both espresso and filter style coffees, as opposed to separate espresso and filter roasts. That said our roast profiles and end temps vary across our range. To help me point you in the right directions, in terms of fruity flavour do you enjoy washed (clean, crisp, lighter body fruity flavour) or natural (more fermented full-bodied fruity flavour)?

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: I would say more towards the washed styles

            • @Fergy1987: Sure thing, appreciate the extra info!

              Great news is that I believe we hopefully have an absolute winner for you. The SO I'm thinking of for you isn't currently listed on our website, so please send an email to [email protected] this week and we'll figure out the details for there :)

  • Finally time to try an AeroPress and get myself a grinder! Went with the Kenya blend since you recommended it for black - thanks for the deal, Tom.

    Is it possible to request beans instead of expresso after the fact, Tom? via an email request or something? Couldn't find anything on the website.
    Thinking about my 2kgs of your expresso coming in a few weeks haha. No big deal either way.

    • +2

      WOW that's wonderful to hear, thank you so much for placing another fantastic order with us, it really does mean so much to the team!

      I'm absolutely wrapped to know you'll be grinding your own coffee, your fresh coffee should taste 10+ times better by grinding the beans yourself on demand. Please send a reply email to your order confirmation requesting beans instead of pre-ground for your existing order and we'll make certainly make that terrific request a reality for you. I'm so excited for you, knowing how much of a drastic flavour improvement you'll discover by grinding the coffee yourself, woohoo :) :) :)

      p.s. The AeroPress is awesome too as well as the grinder, congrats on getting both pieces of equipment and that incredible Single Origin :)

  • Thanks for all the help via email, Tom.
    The customer service from LimeBlue is a refreshing experience for me and I won't be spending my coffee dollars anywhere else while you're around. Cheers.

    • WOW WOW WOW what an incredibly thoughtful compliment, that's wonderful to hear :) :) :)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this terrific feedback, I'm so happy to know we're in your good books, we'll keep working hard to stay there!

      P.s. big smile on this side of the screen :)

  • Don't want the hardware but I'm envious of the Kenya AA recipients. My wife is Kenyan and a friend from Nairobi came to Sydney on a trade delegation. They couldn't take their excess Kenya AA coffee samples with them on the plane, so they dumped it all on us. We lived like coffee royalty for a year… until we ran out and covid prevented us travelling there to return with more in our suitcases. We're Lime Blue customers (via the delayed dispatch offers) and now you've got Kenya AA… that I have to buy an Aeropress to access?! :)

    • Hey @Morven,

      Interesting story about the trade delegation coffee win for you, thanks heaps for reaching out to share your thoughts!

      We've actually offered a Kenya AA SO recently without the need for an equipment purchase via our Frequent Buyers Club Surprise Mystery Flight.

      Shucks, it'd be a shame for you to miss out on this incredible Single Origin just because you're not a fan of the AeroPress (which is terrific for making coffee)…please send an email to [email protected] and we'll see what we can do for you :)

  • I ordered this the other day and tried out the aeropress.. Yet to open the Kenya AA, am trying to finish my existing bag first.
    I am happy with the Aeropress, but I wonder about the instructions given Tom.

    Why do you advise turning it upside down with the plunger inserted and then filling in the grounded beans and hot water(upside down postition), then tipping it over upright with the cup?

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