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[eBay Plus] Arlo Pro 4 2K Wire Free Spotlight - 2 Camera Pack (VMC4250P-100AUS) $239 Delivered @ Titan Gear eBay


Deal from today's eBay Plus 8am drop. Only 100 available with this code. $280 off with code. Full price RRP is $699.

Item price:
AU $519.00
-AU $280.00
Your price:
AU $239.00

Previously $259 for 1 camera so it seems like a good price

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  • Code doesn't work

    • +2

      Code works for me
      Are you an eBay plus member?

      • Yes

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          Nowadays you don’t really need to enter a code, eBay will show the available codes in the gift cards, vouchers, coupons section

    • +2

      Just tried it again, still working:

      Gift cards, vouchers, coupons

      Voucher/coupon PWEARLO
      Applied: AU $280.00

      Cart Summary
      Subtotal (1 item) AU $519.00
      Postage Free
      Vouchers/coupons -AU $280.00
      Order total AU $239.00

  • It's working, I pulled the trigger, thanks OP

  • Great price! Thanks.

  • +1

    Will these work on their own or does it require a base station or similar?

    • they work on their own but after the three month trial use a subscription service for the useful functions.

  • Only sold 33 in the first 30 minutes , thought it would be mote popular.
    I bet if it were a PS 5 it would be gone in the first 5 minutes.

    • +4

      I bet if it it were a house it would be gone in the first minute

      • underrated comment here.

    • Captain obvious is here

  • Bought. Thanks OP

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    Unfortunately not working for me :(

  • +1

    Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order

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    Not working

  • Arlo or Eufy, that is the question

    • +1

      Eufy hands down…

    • 1st Gen Arlo owner. The ownership has never been happier. It is time to upgrade from 720p to 1440p.

      • And start paying subscriptions

        • Most providers charge now for cloud storage. Don’t think there is one that still does free.

          The old Arlo and Arlo Pro still have free 7 days.

          • @jlogic: I'm going for Eufy, no sub and local storage

            • @Dalgona456: local storage to a memory card or to some base unit?

              • @prankster: their home base unit has built in memory, 16gb
                I couldn't find anything better than this. Still using Alro 1st gen and don't want to pay any extra for the cloud subscription so i'm walking away from Alro Pro 4

                • @Dalgona456: If you have the base station you can the Arlo Pro 4 to record to the base station.

                  I am going to pay the sub because what I want is real time motion alerts.

                  • @jlogic: Eufy does real time motion alerts too.

                    • @Snoop: Yeps it’s just the cloud storage that is subscription.

                      Arlo had the motion detection as well for free.

                  • @jlogic: Yes that is correct but you will need to have USB HDD to connect to your base station and also setup VPN or Port Forwarding to allow access to recordings remotely.
                    And you can't take snapshots, manual recordings if you don't have cloud subscription.

      • Same here. Upgraded to Pro 2, very happy. Still 7 days free storage.

  • +1

    Code is not working :(

  • +1

    Reviews are pretty great and for $239 pretty great deal

    • If you can get the code to work….

      • It worked for me when deal went live..maybe stopped later

  • Do these work with Arlo Pro 2 + base station?

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    Code does not work for me either (Im an eBay Plus member)

  • +1

    Got, Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

    edit: Working now thanks OP!

  • got the discount but @ payment stage - was showing $519…yeaah naah

  • +1

    Would love to grab but getting the this code no longer works. Please continue with your order. :(

    • Working again.

  • +2

    Looks like the code was pulled before it got to 100 sold, I wonder if it was an error.

    The banner is still showing on the deals page.

    • +1

      Did chat, IT'S WORKING AGAIN NOW!

  • +2

    Baiting tactics by ebay?

  • +1

    Working again right now:

    Subtotal (1 item) AU $519.00
    Postage Free
    Vouchers/coupons -AU $280.00
    Order total AU $239.00

    • +3

      FYI @Liamc44 @ChurBoi @Captain Hindsight @LongMemory82 @bunnikins

      • +1

        @huey @Nuclearvodka @samualli

        • Thanks.

          This item is out of stock.

      • That's gold thanks just worked after 2 fails earlier. I reported as expired.

        Looking back I was premature.

  • +2

    Hmm not keen on the subscription cost, Pro 2 still has 7 days storage for free. Have to pass..

  • Says code no longer works

    • And tried again and it works

      • Yep saw the same, was about to mark it as expired then did 1 last refresh and it came back.

  • +1


  • +3

    Says out of stock smh just signed up for eBay Plus to get it

    • Available again if you are quick @Mrich47 @Woodfish @mwalks @drongodave

  • +1

    Code didn't work for me, but may have saved me else I would have to buy Arlo starter kit

  • +1

    Usual eBay BS. I tried to get this when the code wasn't working and missed out as they later fixed it and it sold out.
    They also claimed to have 100 but only sold 81 according to the listing.

    • Managed to get one. Honestly though, eBay Plus is the shittiest of all "premium" shop memberships. You're basically paying for a $5 a month coupon and the chance to use limited coupons. Oh, and a whopping extra 2% discount that non-members get. The whole thing should be revamped, coupons dumped and Plus members should be presented with the discounted prices across the site, no BS coupons.

  • Is it sold out?

    • Available again @sunnyc if you are quick.

      • I jumped the gun at 13seconds after your message and failed

        • Just tried now and it seems working:

          Subtotal (1 item) AU $519.00
          Postage Free
          Vouchers/coupons -AU $280.00
          Order total AU $239.00

          The code was already in my checkout, just had to check it under 'Gift cards, vouchers, coupons'

          Assuming you have eBay plus also.

          • @hamza23: THanks got it. I kept the checkout and pressed paynow ever so often

        • +1

          got it

  • Yep.

  • Hey guys I have been using Swann security cameras at my place since 2020 and wanted to upgrade to something wireless and better quality. JB hifi has some EUFY on special. Can someone please give me review on those or suggest any other wireless system with 6 cameras. Really appreciate guys.


    • +1

      I was looking yesterday between Arlo Pro 4, Eufy 2 Pro, and Eufy 2C Pro.
      Arlo Pro 4 gets some very good professional reviews, but I noticed a lot of actual owners having issues with 1 or more cameras frequently losing connectivity.
      Eufy 2 Pro gets some great owner reviews, but a couple of video reviews I watched preferred the 2C because of the inbuilt spotlights and colour night vision. Only downside is battery lasts half as long. (This is speculative based on spotlight activity.) You could easily fix this, permanently, by adding solar add-ons if you wish.
      (I've actually just gone a different route with the 'set and forget' Solo S40s.)

  • Why did I buy this?

  • +1
    • Available again, won't last long.

  • waiting for some EUFY deals to hop on. i dont wanna change systems for adding two cams. :)

    • JB just dropped a few prices, and has 10% off using 92FRENZY code.

  • +1

    Its active again. Just bought it

  • There's only 11 remaining, so I think they are just doing the initial 100. There were about 81 sold when it stopped working.

    • 5 remaining.

      Got a few minutes left to buy.

      • They added more stock but I think the code is finished.

  • YES !!!! Get in. I missed out this morning, just bagged a pair. Already have 4 of these outside the house, they work really well with the plus subscription.

  • Limited to 1 Purchase i used afterpay but got stucked on loading .so went back to ebay page and tried again but the promo code doesnt work. Checked my email and got confirmation about my order. Now do you think if the deal is also valid on package of 4 arlo cam?

  • Do I need to buy anything else to get these security cameras up and running?

    • base station kit i believe

    • These work with or without the base station.

  • Oos

  • The 4 camera pack will be on sale on Monday.

    • How much will it cost?

  • Arlo 4 pack available now in ebay plus.

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