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ASUS ROG STRIX LC RADEON RX 6800 XT OC 16GB Video Card $1169 Delivered @ BPC Technology


Another drop, they really want to get rid of this card. I am very tempted to purchase but worry about it fitting in my case. I read it has 60cm tubes.

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)


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    My AIO started leaking after 5 years, and after googling around I realised I was quite lucky already. With that knowledge I would never want my GPU connected to an AIO lol.

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      These AIO are high end cards, if you are a buyer of high end cards…you are expected to upgrade within 2-3 years anyway.
      I find AIO to work way better then regular cards, because heat does not stay in the case…its exhausted at the top, whole PC runs much cooler because of it.

      • Damn I'm outta my league haha

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        I thought these were more aimed at things like ITX builds where airflow is harder and to keep the noise down. For an ATX case it shouldn't make a big difference (water will always be better, because of physics, but not that much better).

        I have a 3080 in a case with great airflow, temps rarely get very high. Far better my old 2060 super in a case with terrible airflow where, as you say, the heat can stay in the case.

        • It’s on a case by case basis (literally)

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    Its a great card…works very quietly and does not run hot.
    Damn I paid double the price for mine 1 year ago.

    • Quit braggin’ 😆

  • Thanks for posting, didn't get around to it yesterday.
    Seems like a good setup, I've recently decided for next gen.
    This or the 6900 xt for $1300, both strong options in the current market.

    • 6900XT does not give you much more.
      This 6800 LC card is faster and cooler then standard fan cooled 6900 XT cards

      • Don't know about faster, OC 6800 xt seems to math non OC 6900 xt.

        Def runs cooler and may be quieter.

    • AIO coolers aren't known for their longevity. If you plan to upgrade within two years then go for it, otherwise stick with an air-cooled model.

    • Based on review, very impressive performance and this price is below MSRP (USD 900). Tempted but need to check dimensions in my CoolerMaster NR200 ITX case.

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