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PetStock: 30% Cashback Uncapped @ Cashrewards


Cashback is ineligible on use of codes not listed on Cashrewards, and ineligible on gift card purchases.

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  • +5

    Most of what I want to get is still cheaper at Petcircle/Amazon even after cashback unfortunately.

    Hope others can still nab some good bargains with this.

    • +2

      Possibly, for my (profanity) these guys are the cheapest and my (profanity) loves troubletrix litter which works well in the automated (profanity) petsafe litter box. Other places are an expensive fist which is not good for my (profanity).

      30% is awesome my (profanity) will be happy

      • +1

        Just trying to think what is being substitute with "(profanity)" 🤔

        Any hints?

        • Well they mentioned litter, so I'm assuming in the words of Tweety Bird, a "pooddy tat"

          • @mangobango: is (profanity) banned here?

      • You're right, I did notice some litters were similar pricing amongst both sites so the cashback would be good there.

        I was after the flea/dewormer stuff for my cat and also dry food but those could be found cheaper elsewhere.

      • Aww your (profanity) cat sounds super loved :D

    • Maybe. Pet circle weren’t cheap for our dogs flea/heart worm/tick monthly.

      • Yeah it can vary I suppose, the monthlies for my cat were more expensive at least.

        Advocate for Cats 3pk on Petstock, after cashback, $34.73, vs $62.36 on Amazon for a 6pk with subscribe and save (petstock would be $69.46 if I got 2x the 3pk, also worth noting the 6pk on Petstock was around $110).

        Milbemax is $19.71 on Petstock after cashback, vs $19.59 on Amazon.

        Differences are pretty marginal I'll admit, but yeah I suppose other products here and there will benefit more.

        • I only just ordered Simparica Trio 30 min before I see this deal. Deal price ends up ok but where I purchased I got 2 extra doses free (8 for cost of 6) so individual doses still cheaper elsewhere. Pet stock also didn’t have the 2 free, strange as a far few places do have it.

          It pays to shop around.
          Pet meds look at PetChemist and see if they are better (they were heaps cheaper for us)

  • -1

    wasn't this posted recently and weren't the comments basically that Petstock is over priced even after the cashback? Or it brings them with Petcircle/Amazon pricing AFTER cashback

    • +1

      Worked out ok for the dog food we got as it was on 25% off anyway which brought it down to about the right price, then cashback made it cheaper than anywhere else… plus they were doing free same day delivery at the time so it was delivered about 1 hour after ordering.

      • I get Petzyo for my dog, and no one carries it :(

  • 30% discount works pretty well for the breeder's choice cat litter I bought two days ago. Unfortunately it didn't track my purchase. I've lodged a missing cashback claim. See how it goes :/

  • +8

    My dog can't eat fast enough to keep up with these deals.

  • +1

    Does the site show 0 products in every category for anyone else?

    • Fine for me

  • +2

    Going to have one happy (profanity)

  • https://www.petstock.com.au/products/ziwipeak-daily-cat-cuis...

    Pretty cheap for ziwipeak after 30% Cashback?

  • Its the best deal you'll find for Meals for Mutts

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