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[Refurb] Dell Latitude E7470 Intel Core-i5 6300U, 1366x768 HD, 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 14" Win 11 $312 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU


Hey everyone!

We have a small quantity of Dell latitudes available at the moment. I have noticed a few deals for laptops online so we've added these at a competitive price, also standard with our 12 months warranty! They'll come pre-installed with windows 11 , and have some upgrade options available. Click and Collect is also available at our Melbourne, Yarraville warehouse.

Quick update on previous deal shipping, all the orders are packed, waiting on packing/courier shipping early next week!

If you have any questions please DM, we'll also next week will have a stack of Lenovo X1 Carbons, Thinkpads, Dells, HPs 5th-8th gen laptops coming up on our website/Ebay.


Make & Model - Dell Latitude E7470

Form Factor - Notebook

Processor - Intel Core i5 6300u 2.40Ghz

Ram - 8Gb

Hard Drive - 256Gb

Hard Drive Type - SSD

I/O Ports - Universal Jack SD 4.0 Memory card reader Edocking connector, 3 USB 3.0 (one with PowerShare), HDMI, mDP Network connector (RJ-45), SIM card slot 3 x M.2 expansion slots: 1 SSD ,1 WWAN/HCA and 1 WLAN/BT/WiGig Optional SmartCard Reader and optional Fingerprint Reader Lock slot

Display - 14.0 HD (1366 x 768) Anti Glare (16:9) WLED, 200 nits, Magnesium Alloy LCD back

Optical Drive - Nil

Connectivity - WiFi Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet

Operating System - Windows 11

Condition - Refurbished Grade A

Whats Included - PC + Power Cable/ Adapter

All parts are original unless specified otherwise

12 Months warranty

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FuseTech AU


  • Shame it's not powered through usb-C

    • +2

      E series = Legacy docking connector no USB-C on this.

      Personally I'd look for a Latitude 7480 with a Kaby lake series proc (intel 7000 series) - scratch that intel 7th gen doesn't get Windows 11 support.

      • +1

        yep, gen 8 or better so can run windows 11 ….

  • +6

    (1366 x 768)

  • I'm still waiting for last week's deal to be shipped…

  • Either these or the E7270's with a 1920x1080 display are awesome little laptops.
    The only neg here is the 1366x768, if you can live with that it's a steal.

    • to what extent would you notice the difference

    • +1

      If you want a full HD display, buy https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133756110519 for <$309 delivered (using PLIDFY).

      The down side is the eBay one comes with 128GB SSD. If you need to the extra storage, you should be able to pick up a new 256GB SSD for less than $50. With this option you end up with a better screen, new drive and they ship it in 1-2 business days. All this for only a few dollars more.

      • +2

        This is definitely a better deal. Sata SSDs are now very cheap.

        This post isn't a good deal imo. 2nd hand 6th gens go for $200-$300max on the used market. You can get i5 8th gen in the $300 range.

      • +1

        If you're ok with 1366x768, there's https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/155008987167 for ~$277 delivered with PLIDFY.

        • +3

          lol no deal!

          You could literally pick up brand new Acer Asper 5s 14inch Full HD 8th gen i3s for $396 from Harvey Norman last year. Makes no sense to buy this shitty dell.

      • What's the warranty length for this item? Looks more like a dump and run at that price.

  • Is Parcel Post definitely Australia Post?

    • +1

      sendle, i got couriers please, one hell of a ride to get it in my hands.

      • +1

        damn it! Gonna have to contact them :(

        • +2

          Don't worry - it won't be picked up for several weeks yet.
          Then you won't seee the courier if you have to refuse delivery. They'll pretend they've dropped it off and you weren't home.

    • +1

      Parcel Post is Australia Post yeah! Sendle/TNT is the "preferred courier.

      • Awesome news, thanks!

  • should be in the $200 range

  • what's the battery life like?

    • +1

      Batteries are all Great/exellent on the Dell BIOS checker, all will be 80% + charge capacity

      • what's the duration estimate? 3-4 hours?

        • usually 6-8 hours depending on the workload

  • 6th generate is a bit too old. I bought that 8th generation version in recent ozbargain deal without hd display

  • Shipped on Tuesday 31 May (Melbourne), received today, Monday 6 June(Brisbane). Through Auspost.

    Initial impressions are positive, feels pretty premium. Display isn't as bad as I was expecting.

    • 2hrs 45min watching YouTube from full to flat. Display is OK, but resolution is really hard to do anything with. HDMI can do 4k at 29/30 fps, which I like. I bought this just so I have a windows laptop, and it's going to be fine for this purpose.

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