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Apple & Apple Education: 5% Cashback Uncapped (6% for ANZ Max) @ Cashrewards


Special Terms
Ineligible for cashback until further notice (updated 17/05/22): Mac Studio, Mac Studio Display, Pro Display XDR, iPad Air, 9th Gen iPad, Gift Cards, Gift Wrap, Shipping, Apple Developer Programs, AppleCare products purchased individually or after the associated product has been shipped.

Important: Cashback tracks to member accounts between 2-7 days after you receive confirmation from Apple that the product has been shipped.

Apple sells and ships products to end user customers only; you may not purchase for resale. Eligible only to a customer for up to five (5) units per eligible product, except iPhone, in which case only two (2) units within a thirty-day (30-day) period are eligible.

Cashback is eligible on purchases paid with gift cards, and eligible on the purchase of Apple refurbished products.

Cashback is ineligible on EPP purchases (Employee Purchase Program).

Apple Education Store eligibility: full time or part time students aged 18 or over with current student union or student ID card and studying at an accredited Australian university or Apple approved institution; lecturers or staff at an accredited Australian university; teachers or lecturers working at an Apple approved & registered education establishment within Australia. Additionally, products purchased from Apple's Education Store must be for personal, education, or research use.

Information on Education pricing on Mac computers and selected accessories (for members that are eligible based on Apple's T&Cs): After clicking 'Shop Now', navigate via the Education link in Apple's footer menu before adding items to cart.

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  • Copy and paste from previous post:
    So I've bought a MacBook Pro using this cashback together with my credit card cashback. Delivery expected by early August, it's ok, I'm not in a rush and I customised it so happy to wait BUT to my surprise, I haven't been charged for this and only in the confirmation email it says that I'll be fully charged when it's ready to ship, meaning August, meaning past the EOFY and not being able to claim it this year.
    As this is not a paid transaction I'm afraid it won't be tracked by Cashrewards, Also my CC cashback changes from the 1st of June so I'll be basically receiving $300 less. I called Apple and there is anything they can do, any ideas?

    • +1

      If you don't mind setting in for a base model 14 inch Macbook Pro, it periodically restocks at certain days of the week (from what I've seen, they usually restocked it on weekdays). I was able to order one on Thursday for pickup immediately.

      • Unfortunately it needs to be 16'' and I'm keen to pay for the upgrade ram…

    • Important: Cashback tracks to member accounts between 2-7 days after you receive confirmation from Apple that the product has been shipped.

      This makes me think cashback will be fine even if the delivery date is a long way from now. But I’d be more comfortable having a rep confirm that.

      • Yeah it would be nice to hear that.

        • +1

          Cashback will be ok, you just need to keep an eagle eye on it, ask CR to open a case, and then upload your invoice once it arrives. It's a pain but it'll go through eventually

          • @dangerdanger: Knowing that is a relief. I might cancel my order from yesterday where the cashback was capped to $100 and order it back again today with this 5% uncapped. Not being charged at the moment of purchasing is killing me tho

            • +1

              @Jlcanta: Yep. Particularly bad when they give the free-air-pods promotions. The airpods arrive straight away, the macbook takes another 3 months (!) and won't track.

              I just keep a reminder on my phone calendar and then open up a ticket with CR.

  • Dammit literally ordered and claimed 1.5% cashback on an iPhone two days ago. Could have cashbacked another $60!

    • Apple Do no questions asked refunds….

      Also shopback was 10% like yesterday.

      • It was cashrewards again but capped at $100.

        • Ahh the memory ain't what it used to be.

  • Based on previous new/er products, when are Mac Studios likely to be included in these offers? Would pull the trigger today if they were.

  • Do you know when does this deal end?

  • Is this likely to reoccur any time soon?

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