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[eBay Plus] MSI Radeon RX 6900 XT GAMING Z TRIO 16GB Graphics Card $1368.90 Shipped @ HT eBay


Not the cheapest but this card is with a high-end 6900xt XTXH chip. In my opinion, it is a worthy purchase.

**According to buildzoid, this is one of the best 6900xt out there. **( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx6zKGfOuZU )

This card also has the highest input capacitance and high-quality SMD capacitors.

*The only downside is that the junction temp can get around 110'C like all other 6900xt cards. *

BPC tech ebay also has this for $1,369.00.

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    definitely buy from BPC rather than Harris Technology.
    HT support is atrocious… not to mention all the stuffed up orders I've had over the last two years..
    They dont give you receipt (not in box nor via emails) unless you contact them specifically about it.. which is painful enough..

    BPC has a proper storefront..

    worth paying the extra 10cent for

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      I've also had problems with HT's eBay store where you purchase an item then they tell you a few days later it's not in stock and try and sell another item

      • Though on eBay could use discounted GC so ends up being less.

        • +2

          If you time isn't worth anything.. thats fine..

          But the hours I've wasted, chasing up refunds and wrong items, and receipts..

          means its worth playing and bit more and getting it elsewhere without the hassles.

          And its not a once off occurences.. i have issues with all my HT purchases…
          100% of time, there's no receipt…. if I'm lucky, thats the only issue.
          Others, it the wrong item sent. and they dont have stock..
          Eventually everything gets sorted out… wasting, lots of time on the phone and writing emails..
          I dont thinks its intentional or malicious… but its simply a terrible way of doing businness. and really off putting to their custoemrs..
          I've tried, being them feedback or going through complaints.. but their, simply no one willign to listen..

          How hard it is to pop a copy of the receipt into box. or email it to the customer, or link it on ebay in the message system..

          Happy to buy from HT, if its signficantly cheaper than anywhere else.. and it s NON essential item, that I can elsewhere easily ..if they end up not being able to supply..

    • +1

      HT is shocking

  • No good for me - can't control the RGB from my Gigabyte main board.

    • +2

      I disconnected the RGB on my 2080 trio, I don't need a lightshow in my PC.
      You cant install the MSI software? Anyway, you do you…

  • +4

    Bought a gaming laptop through eBay with these guys. 1 week later I received an email saying the laptop was not available and asked if I want a newer model. I said yes and waited for another week and nothing happened. I cancelled the order and they refunded. So two weeks wasted for nothing. Ended up buying a laptop from Dell with 20% discount and received it within 3 or 4 days.
    If you value you time. Don't buy anything from HT.

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    Note this card has higher GPU junction temps because the cooler uses direct contact with the heatpipes instead of a baseplate. There are other 6900xt cards which run cooler and generate less noise under load.

    • Makes me remember TUF RX 5700, VRAM directly touching the air, no cooler at all.

  • Was going to grab this last week but quite a few people have had to RMA it (reddit and youtube comments).
    On the flipside, some users have had high temps but not to the extent of the 110c.

    I guess it comes down to the luck of the draw, case air flow quality and how hard you push it.

  • might be worth keeping an eye out if they restock BPC techs website as its only $1249. https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/rx6900xt-gaming-z-trio-16...

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