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[eBay Plus] Tineco FLOOR ONE S3 Hard Floor Cleaner $539 Delivered @ Godfreys eBay


Edit 5/6/22: updated with new code that makes it cheaper by a further $10: now $539 using code HOMEFY.

Have been checking out hard floor cleaners and settled on the Tineco S3 after checking out a number of reviews.

VacuumWars channel on YouTube has a standalone review and a roundup of current offerings where the Tineco S3 was rated best overall.

Locally Godfrey's appears to be the sole distributor, but they have a sale where they've knocked $200 off the usual price of $799 to bring it down to $599, and combined with the ebayPlus deal you can take another $50 off using the PLWKSAVE code to get it for $549 delivered. I also bought giftcards via ShopBack to get an extra 3% cashback.

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  • whats the main advantage of this vs the cheaper iFloor models?

  • New model has been released the Tineco S5, guess reason for the $200 discount!
    Did you try it yet? I have the Bissel CrossWave Cordless Max but not best choice as does not leave floor dry. I think HiZero has the best review and family member speaks high of it.

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      According to Mums Who Clean Facebook group, tineco wins hands down against them all.

    • Besides slightly larger water tanks & claimed better edge cleaning, there is no difference in battery size, run time or suction power between the two, besides the extra $200 for the S5. Differences can be seen here.

  • Keep in mind S3 and S5 Pro are wet floor cleaner/vacuums and will require use of their cleaning solution. Use of other solutions could void your warranty if they can prove it.

    I ended up buying the Tineco Floor One S5 steam / vacuum cleaner from Amazon. It's sold by Tineco Australia though. It's wired only due to steam cleaning. RRP on Amazon is $699. Randomly there was a $70 coupon on it one day so I purchased it. To me it seems like a steam version of the S3. The roller head and display is quite similar. Think it has the larger volume of the S5 though. Extremely pleased with it! It's amazing how it came detect how dirty the floor is which is indicated by change of colour of an led circle and adjust steam and suction accordingly. Self clean function is awesome. Good quality materials used and very easy to use and clean. Even my mates have been very impressed by the device.

    • What about the Tineco iFloor 2 on Amazon that is also cordless and only $339?

      Friends had been using the 1st iFloor and was raving already about it. I'm just wondering what I'm missing from the S series.

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        Better cleaning power, increased capacity for water and waste water, better roller system, the smart function for detecting level of dirt and adjusting suction and cleaning power seems to work quite well too

    • is the solution hard to get?

      • Dont know. But thats why I went steam instead. Just use water only

    • Can you run it without the steam function?

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        No. However the floor isn't soaked after. Still slightly wet but drys very fast. Been using it on my floating floor and its been fine

        • Ah OK, I've got half wooden floors so probably won't be too good for it

    • You don’t have to use any solution. The rep who sold mine to me advised it’s better to use without and the solution doesn’t do much.

      There is so little solution in the mix that is likely doing nothing but giving a slight fresh smell when using it.

      It’s literally a tiny squirt per tank of water, say 10ml to the litre. So maybe 1% at best.

      Also godfreys, the service agent and distributor, sell the official solution and their own brand solution for this machine. Originally they only had their own brand. Both are branded specific to tineco.

      • YMMV but when someones s3 got wrecked from using Godfrey's formula, they said warranty void as its not Tinecos formula, even though they recommended theirs at the time and tineco hadn't even made it yet lol. I asked if I could spray any cleaning stuff on the floor and mop it up, if it would still wreck it (as it's still going in the machine) but no one had an answer 😢 haven't tried it on oily floors yet but would think it needs more than water

        Tineco S3 warranty query
        When I bought my machine in August, Godfrey’s told me I could use any floor cleaner in it, they recommended theirs (not Tineco brand) and certainly did not say warranty would be void if I didn’t use the Tineco cleaner. 10 months later, screws and charging unit are rusted and the guy at the store said it’s because I used the wrong detergent and the warranty is void.

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    That code does not work

  • I considered the Tineco, but ultimately went with the Dreame H11 Max. It's a bit pricier at $799 and got it from Harvey Norman.

    • Why did you choose the Dreame?

    • How's the Dreame H11 Max? Is it worth it?

      I'm considering buying that too but its quite pricey, and not much reviews on the product yet so holding out atm.

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    Purchased a F1S3 recently in store ($599) and am very happy with the results on polished hardwood, the difference is palpable after the residual moisture has evaporated (<5min). We have a Cocker Spaniel who sheds relentlessly, and I've found the machine very effective in sucking up all of his hair, but it is prone to triggering the blocked filter alert, so we do a quick pass with the Dyson stick vacuum before running the Tineco to avoid needlessly filling the filter with dog hair.

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    We have purchased this product last year.
    We have engineered floorboard and steam mops are not recommended. The F1S3 is a great alternative.

    It doesn't need additional cleaning solutions, so on running costs are low. We put in filtered water to clean our floors and it works a treat.

    Prevacuum to reduce the garbage in the dirty tank. It gets gross so will need a wash out once in a while. They say you can mop up soup or any liquid, but we have only tested on water spills or standard mopping. If you do use it for that stuff expect to deep clean the internal plumbing which is really easy - comes with scrubs and the parts come off really easily to clean.

    The best feature is it self cleans and I have seen a noticeable difference in the mop head by just running the self cleaning. Floors do look super clean afterwards and dries really quickly.

    10/10 would recommend

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      Ordered one this morning! Extra $10 off because its reverted to the 10% discount code now

    • So you don't use any cleaning liquids at all?

      • Nope, when we researched they were one of the only ones that don't require cleaning solutions.

        When we went to Godfrey's to do the in store demo - sales rep confirmed no cleaning solutions required - tineco do sell them but we have found water has been good enough.

        Sometimes if there is a stubborn stain (food that was stepped on) we might hit it with a bit of surface spray before we mop it

        • Spot on, rep told us same and we normally run without solution too. Works fine. He told us solution just for those people who insist on it to make them feel they are using a cleaning product.

          There’s so little used (1%) I can’t imagine it dosing anything.

  • I have one. Exceptional. We have laminated floorboards, the ones you can't mop. This is very easy to use and cleans excellently. Would recommend. Especially for glossy floors where you can see that film of feet and hand marks. Paid full price and would again.

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