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Leadtek WinFast RTX 3090/3080 Ti/3070 Ti HURRICANE $1999/ $1599/ $999 Delivered @ BPC Tech


New low on RTX 30 series cards anywhere I believe. It may be Leadtek brand but that price is very enticing for anyone looking to build a PC ASAP.

3080 Ti
3070 Ti

Updated to reflect a cheaper 3090 price now

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    Good pricing, but it's going to get better than that in a couple of months

    • This is very rarely an incorrect statement. Don't see the point of it though.

  • +7

    I wish manufacturers would realise no one wants their computer parts to sound like a kids gamer tag

    • +5

      And enough rgb to light up a small town

    • They're just advising you of the graphics card's capabilities to render Windows fast

      • +2

        Or break Windows fast, as is the case with a hurricane :p

    • +5

      Would you prefer the monitor style of naming?


  • +8


  • sub $2K 3090's on the horizon

  • +5

    I had the 3080 and it was okay, just noisy cheap fans and annoying LEDs you can't disable.

    • How good is this leadtek compared to gigabyte eagle?

    • +1

      Oh really, you can't control the rgb on these? That seems like a fail!

      • +2

        You can disconnect the Leadtek logo light but the fan RGB lights are embedded directly. No way to disable them.

        • +1

          No addressable RGB or program to control them? Sounds like a no buy for anyone with a colour scheme or wanting a minimalist case then. Oh well

          • +2

            @dmgmelba: No program. I contacted Leadtek support about this and they say that there is no way to disable the RGB.

        • Black texta?

  • -1

    How things have changed since i have sold the 3070 that came with the R10 for $1400 and bought a GTX 1070 for $600.

  • +2

    3080 Ti for $1599—what a time to be alive!

  • +1

    3070ti.. make it $900.. please

  • Shows up as $1999 for the 3090.

  • You may want to up date this, the 3080 TI is now $1799, I went to buy one…..

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