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GEARWRENCH 9412BE 12pce Metric Combination Ratchet Spanner Set $69 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) @ Sydney Tools


These seem to pop up a couple of times a year at this price but still a great deal. Noticed RRP is now $220 up from $150! Gearwrench make quality stuff and this has the full range of sizes from 8mm to 19mm. If you have any Total Tools credits you can probably use them on a price match.

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    Bought these from TT last year for this price. Not bad but not worth $150 let alone $220. Ratchet is a bit sloppy but for $70 it's worth picking up a set.

    • It says 5 degree ratchet, how sloppy can that be?

      • I'm no mechanic and only have 2 sets of Sidchrome to compare to. How sloppy, a bit sloppy. They work, they're just not as nice to use.

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    Buy from total tools

    • Why not from ST?

    • Don't buy from TT, they're extremely sh*t. And it comes from someone with the Gold Insider status… should've buy stuff from Sydney Tools from the beginning if I knew how bad their support is and all these "In Stock" items that you have to wait for for two months.

      • Sydney Tools is shit. I bought something on May 1st for $1200 and chased them up about ten times to check the status. Originally was meant to take 3 days, but they kept making up bull shit excuses (new guy messed up the order, it's in transit, it's at another store, it'll be here next week, etc.). Eventually I got pissed off and flat out asked what the f*** was going on, they chased up the person who did my original order. Next week the guy calls me, says sorry, the item I ordered won't be in until August. I asked him if he actually knew that or was just bullshitting me, then he said "maybe September, but by the absolute latest, in December". He said 150 customers are in the same boat as me. This is also f****** bullshit, because I know people who ordered the same item as I did, after I ordered it. They just misallocated the stock. It must be Sydney Tools policy to just make up excuses and palm off customers, instead of actually taking responsibility.

        In the end I asked for a refund. That was last Tuesday. Still haven't received my refund. F*** Sydney Tools.

  • There are a lot of bad reviews of Gearwrench ratcheting spanners since they got bought out. Reviews on Amazon for multiple P/Ns shows some being sold used, some with different brand names, one review where they got two of the same spanner (and not a 10mm unfortunately), one where the head was off tolerance, etc. I saw they were selling refubs on Amazon so perhaps they were bought with the wrong expectations. Regardless new from Sydney Tools should be better and Gearwrench has a limited lifetime warranty on their hand tools so shouldn't be an issue when they break.

  • Gearwrench has a lot of new SKUs that are just junk. They used to be a quality name but no longer the case.

    This set in particular is probably the cheapest and worst quality set they make. Reviews on Amazon are terrible.

    Don't think you're buying something even remotely worth $150.

    Almost all ratcheting spanners, regardless of brand, come out of a couple factories - either from China or Taiwan (with a couple of exceptions).

    The Taiwanese stuff is generally quite good and much better quality than the Chinese made stuff which most of the new Gearwrench stuff seems to be.

    • Do you have any recommendations over these?

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        At this price range? Not sure, but I'd probably take the ToolPro ratchet spanners over these. They're $100 from Supercheap normally but do go on sale. They're chromed so they won't rust like these ones will.

        For $200 though, which is the supposed RRP on these, you can get much better quality and about the price point where you can start getting some decent Taiwanese made sets. At that price point Toptul seems to be pretty good value for money.

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