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New Balance 574 $24.50 (Women's; Black), MFCPZV2 (Men's) $35, 510 V5 Wide $31.50 + $7.95 Post ($0 with $50 Order) @ THE ICONIC


Women's 574 Standard (30% Off at check out) $24.50/Pair, Size 5,6,6.5,7,8,9,10 while stocks last.
MFCPZV2 (Standard) - Men's Sneakers Size 9,9.5,10,10.5,11,11.5,12 $35.00 - Sold out
510 V5 (Wide) - Men's $31.50 Size 11.5 & 12. - Sold out

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      The real deal is the 510 v5. Good ol black. Bought two pairs for free shipping.

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        Shame no size us11

        • +1

          Add the insole to solve the problem.

        • Size us11 is too big, I would get size us9.5

    • Exactly what people on here love.

    • Agree yuk try hard shoes.
      Bring back royales

    • +4

      I paid to wear them. Looks like good quality, and can't go wrong for $35.
      (and yes those Orange Adidas that I bought for $40 turned up more of a pink colour, and getting constant harassed for it but idc Hahah)

  • 547t good price too

    • you mean 574t?

  • Who comes up with these things?!

  • +1

    Bought five to go with my clown outfit THANKS OP

    • -3

      I lol’d at this comment

  • -2

    Is this one from Stevie Wonder’s new collection?

  • but I wear US10s… time to double insole the 510v2

    • A bit late now, but note that these are 2E wides.

      • triple sock time

  • I bet ozbargain is popular with professional clowns

    • Which one is everyone referring to as fugly / clown shoes / Stevie Wonder collection - the womens' suede metallic things, or the men's white shoe in the thumbnail?

  • MFCPZV2 OOS other than sizes 10.5, 11 & 12 now

  • Great for Ukraine supporters

  • 9.5 OOS 😔

  • +2

    The 510 V5 wides are OOS. The 860 V12s in wide are available in lots of sizes for $50 https://www.theiconic.com.au/fresh-foam-x-860v12-wide-fit-me...

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      Oh damn you, now I have just ordered 4 pairs of shoes……

      143 all up for 2 pairs 510 v5 and 2 pairs of 860 v12


      Extra wides of the 860 v12 are @45 each but its black/white.

    • Thank you. In Feb I tried to buy one on special for $120. Ended up pulling out. $50 is a bargain.

    • OOS now too

  • Try promo code HEYICONIC20 if you get to $100. The NB were out of stock but I found some Timberlands I like

  • +1

    damn needed a new pair of cheap runners, my asics are cooked

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    Oh wow, this was a lot cheaper than NB Ebay's sale the other day ($80/70 with code).

    For those unaware, the MFCPZV2 is the Fuelcell Prism v2, a shoe with mild stability.

  • thanks for the heads up, got a pair

  • i got a pair of Fresh Foam 1080v11 and MFCPZV2 for running and for the gym. also got a pair of DC shoes to go with my skateboard from last week, so i can bust my butt style. lol

  • +1

    Went in for a cheap pair of 510v5 (no size). Left with a pair of 860v12 wide, a pair of Air Max Trainer 4, a CK lightweight padded jacket, 3 shirts and a Tommy Hilfiger plaque belt.. was not expecting to spend money tonight 🤣

  • Is it still in stock?

    • +1

      Looks like nothing left now, tried all three links… OOS!

  • Seems they removed all lower priced listings

  • I hope they honour the prices for whoever already order as it being sent by New Balance directly I believe.

  • There was plenty of nicer looking NB shoes at $50 last night on there

  • Ordered a few pairs of shoes from this sale, I just received a shipping notification. They've definitely removed all the listings of the shoes I purchased.

  • all OP links showed me 'no longer available' - guess they were unloading excess stock

    regular prices below more like $140+ - so yeah nah thanx anywaze …

  • Has anyone received shipping confirmation?

    • +1

      yaa just received the email with tracking info

    • Both orders have been sent

      • 2 pairs of the 510 v5 has arrived, the 2 pairs of 860 v12 still to come. The second seems to have been processed at Melbourne Airport half an hour later, so missed the transit to the next depot.

  • Ordered yesterday, here today! Didn't expect it so quickly

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