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[Damage Box] Kindle Paperwhite eReader 8GB [2018] $89 + Delivery @ Wireless 1


Damage Box Kindle Paperwhite eReader 8GB [2018] $89.00 + Delivery from Wireless 1
$80 discount from the RRP

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  • Nice find

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    FYI, this is the previous generation Kindle Paperwhite. Great deal for those on a budget. For those can afford it, the current generation seems to be a worthwhile upgrade.

    The main benefits of the 2021 edition are, slightly larger screen and smaller bezel, slightly faster, longer battery, USB C, better LED.


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    oos already

    another low cost Kindle option is original Kindle Voyage, refurb can be bought for $113 delivered (that's Melbourne, other destinations shipping cost may vary)


    I bought one few weeks back, very happy with it. so thin and light, the screen is super awesome and sharp, feels very premium.

    upgrading from original Paperwhite, voyage feels super light and snappy and the screen is much clearer.

    4gb storage - which is plenty, really. books don't take up much space. after downloading about a year worth of reading, I have 2gb left

    premium kindle for a fraction of the price.

    I haven't been impressed by price hikes on the kindles. I think Paperwhite shouldn't be priced so high above the basic model, since improvements are marginal and almost artificial

    fome to think of it, too many kindle options, this range is over diversified. basic, Paperwhite, paperwhite special edition which is a form of extortion, oasis, and often you have last gen on the shelves as well

    there should be just two, simple and premium imo. kindle Paperwhite and Oasis

    • What's the difference between the voyage and the Paperwhite?
      I still have an original kindle keyboard cellular, going strong but not great at night.

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        that was the reason I upgraded to original Paperwhite, reading at night. makes a world of difference

        otherwise, voyage is essentially last gen Paperwhite. same CPU, same RAM, same screen, but voyage still manages to be smaller thinner and lighter, while having less space (still 4gb is plenty, keep in mind that a large book with a decent amount of illustration is still anywhere under 2.5 megabytes roughly, so one can fit hundreds of those). also build quality of voyage is higher, so at this price it's a clear winner. although voyage has no IPX rating, while Paperwhite does. but Paperwhite screen is plastic, and voyage is glass.

        also because voyage back is crystal shaped in addition to being thinner, it really has lowest volume among all kindles to date, means that it easily slides into jeans back pocket

        current gen Paperwhite is slightly larger screen 6.8" vs 6" which is negative factor for me because it decreases portability. otherwise it also has newer CPU not sure how much value this adds to the reading process.

        if you do want larger screen or usb-c, for whatever reason, current gen Paperwhite is the way to go, though. I don't see any benefits, 6" is amazing size and being able to just put the kindle into jeans back pocket is wow, or into a small cross body bag. voyage is perfect, best kindle they made IMO

        • Cheers, bought one. Having hold off upgrading for a while.
          My main reasons were:
          - adaptive backlight
          - 300ppi
          - physical buttons
          - glass screen

          Any cover you would advise? I've got the original leather cover on my Kindle keyboard

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: that's the thing I haven't decided on yet. there was original "origami" cover for this voyage, due to unique shape of the back.

            I found one store that still has them, but it's in UK and works out to be $44 delivered

            for now I just carry it in pockets or cross body bag, no cover. let me know if you find a better option

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            @ShouldIBuyIt: Glass screen.. isnt a bit easier to break than plastic?

            • @ChiMot: No dust trap, easier to clean, also looking more premium.
              Can always put tempered glass protector on it.

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        also see here


        comparing Paperwhite (last gen) and voyage

        text is clearer on voyage which is the most important thing here

    • Is the one you got from PBTech got good quality, not a lot of scratch and battery still good? After deciding betweet paperwhite and voyage, I am looking to get one Voyage.

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        no noticeable marks or scratches. looking at the back cover one can deduce it's not brand new, but no other signs of use.

        battery holds well

      • Received mine.
        Definitely some scratches on the screen, and the back has been wiped.
        The Amazon sticker on the box states 'UsedGood'
        So it's definitely second hand.
        Also I get ads which is quite disappointing.

        Is it the same for you in regards to ads and usedgood ? @shabaka

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          oh, sorry to hear. I think it's different case by case.

          Do you have some pics of the front and back?

  • 11th gen is so much better worth the extra $ when on sale.

  • I dont get it. Y reed when you can watch the moovy?

  • Got an email saying the order has been cancelled because they are not able to locate the last item with damaged box.

    Hope to get the refund soon.

    Looking at the reviews from people who have received one, think that its a blessing in disguise.

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