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Hisense ULED 4K TV 55U7G 55" $920 + Delivery (Free to Select Areas) @ Appliance Central


Got the 55 to replace a 4year old Sony 60X6700E that died on me, would have got a 75 if it fit in my cabinet.
65U7G $1160
75U7G $1460
85U7G $2228

From the Hisense website.

With Hisense QLED Quantum Dot Colour and Full Array Local Dimming, the Hisense ULED 4K Series U7G TV offers smoother, more fluid picture quality that bursts with colour, clarity and striking contrast. With premium features such as Dolby Vision™ HDR and Dolby Atmos Audio, TV-bingers and movie-buffs will find deep satisfaction in the superb audiovisual experience. With AI Picture Optimisation technology, the ULED 4K Series U7G TV automatically identifies and optimises image quality, regardless of what source it’s coming from. That means whether you’re watching an old movie or ripping it up in Game Mode, you’re guaranteed the best picture quality possible. With the latest version of Hisense’s VIDAA U5 smart operating system on board, searching and navigating is pretty much instantaneous.

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    Wish there was a 50 inch for sale

    • Why specifically 50?


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        Great price and for a bedroom tv, 55 is just a bit too expensive and wide for a dresser or to look normal

  • Thanks OP got a 55inch for the Mom in law

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      These are that bad? Noted.

      • +2

        Hahaha I see what you did there ;) but yeah rtings.com gave them a decent score and she isn't a techie so good value I reckon

        • +2

          This is the Australian version yeah? Completely different to the American model on rtings. These no way near as good. Unfortunately.

          • @Wm: Thats the u7gpro they refer to.

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    You could go to your local TGG/JB Hi-Fi/Harvey Norman and ask for their 65” U7G model which is currently on sale for $1195. If you bargain with them they’ll bring it down to $995. Catch is you gotta pick up yourself.

    • -1

      any proof? otherwise this is just speculation.

      • +4

        Source: https://imgur.com/a/9uxnLGF

        Bought one today.

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          How many Hz do they run at?
          4k, WQHD and HD

          • @Exprise: 4k@60hz only.

            • @jackedd: Can it go higher at 1080p?

              The brochure specs said hypersmooth 120Hz but I didn't understand that

        • Any tips on getting them to match that price?

          The sales person I spoke with seemed set on $1195

          • +1

            @Exprise: Not sure if it can go higher than 120Hz if set to 1080p. I only bought this as a cheap TV for my parent's living room (won't be used for gaming).

            What I did to get it to $995:
            - Went into Harvey Norman letting them know upfront I was interested in 65" Hisense models and that my budget was under $1k.
            - Saw the Hisense A7G 65" entry-level model priced at $995 in-store but I knew that online it was priced at $895 at JB/TGG/HN.
            - Told the salesperson I was gonna grab the A7G model at "$995" cause it was cheaper (wasn't really gonna grab this model).
            - Salesperson tried to upsell me the Hisense U7G 65" model at $1195. He instantly said if I bought it today, he could bring it down to ~$1085. He brought it down a further $35 to $1050 after a while of me just comparing both TVs in the showroom.
            - I then told the salesperson that I knew online the A7G model was actually priced at $895 everywhere else, so if I wanted the U7G model, it was still a $150 price difference ($895 A7G versus $1050 U7G).
            - Salesperson asked me to come with him and proceeded to check whatever on his point of sales system and proceeded to bring the U7G model down to $995.
            - I probably could've brought it down a bit further (because I could've negotiated the A7G model to sub $750-$800) but I couldn't be bothered at this point and accepted the price.

            • @jackedd: Managed to get one but it has some dead pixels at the side zzz

              • @Exprise: I'd try and go back to your local retailer and ask for an exchange, but results will vary I guess. I had a previous 2018 65" TV with about 5-8 dead pixels smack bang in the middle and I read the T&Cs for my warranty and I could only claim warranty if I had at least 1% of my screen as dead pixels.

                • @jackedd: They are out of stock and can only offer a refund or store credit lol.

                  Plus the salesman told me to slip the delivery guy $50 cash and when the tv arrived what do you know, the delivery guy couldn't make it and it was the salesman delivering the TV himself.
                  At the counter he also threw in a bonus "premium cleaning kit" for free (RRP $39).
                  when the refund was approved, apparently he lowered the price of the tv and kept the cleaning kit at $39 to make their KPIs higher lol so the TV is technically even cheaper..

                  Can't even fit it in my car to return it

                  Hope I get what I paid back, including the $50 delivery

                • +1


                  at least 1% of my screen as dead pixels


                • @jackedd: Any idea what you think I could get the 55" for if the 65 u7g can go for $995?

  • How many hz refresh can these output and at what resolutions?

  • Do JB/good guys etc price beat or just match?

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