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Scepter Duramax 53L Wheeled Fuel Container with Pump Handle $89 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Repco


It was $114 a few days ago, sell for $250+ elsewhere.

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    Could set up a road side bowser with this little thing. To bad it doesn't hold more fuel. With the price of fuel these days. Reviews aren't good.

    • You need to go back to Bali, you are obviously missing the excitement of filling your scooter with a milk bottle….

      • And hoping they'd removed all the milk before filling with petrol………..

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        while they smoke a ciggie….

        • Fun fact : you can drop ye ciggie in the fuel container and it won't ignite

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    Can this pump fuel out of someone elses car? (asking for a friend)

  • Hrmm, I thought there were laws about carrying more than 20L of fuel in a single container.

  • How do I load this thing onto my Project zero three chopper?

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    It's still just a glorified gravity fed Jerry can.

    Hence no actual pump, you need to have it up higher than what you're filling.

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      It can do a "siphon mode" however its really slow, I found that a quck swap of the vent plug with a 1/4" NTP to valve adaptor with an adjustable regulator and a few quick pumps on a bike pump to bring it up to about 6psi makes for a much nicer / faster solution when filling up from it as the pressure forces the fuel out at a decent rate against gravity.
      No need to lift it or wait forever.

  • Cheaper to get old fuel tank out of car and attach a hose to it.

  • Probably be below $50 next week must be something wrong with them that's why Repco are keen to off load them below cost.

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