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[NSW, VIC, QLD, SA] Up to $270 Cashback on Gas & Electricity @ EnergyAustralia via Cashrewards


Noticed the new bonus for EnergyAustralia @ CashRewards is now $270 for both Electricy ($150) and Gas ($120)

CashRewards T&C

  • EnergyAustralia products are not sold or available in NT, WA, TAS, or outside of the Energex Network in QLD.
  • Cashback is eligible on new EnergyAustralia accounts only. This includes existing EnergyAustralia customers moving into new premises. Existing EnergyAustralia customers who switch to different EnergyAustralia plans/plan at the same premises will be ineligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible for new connections (ie. no meter installed).
  • Cashback is ineligible for signups on behalf of other individuals.
  • Cashback is ineligible on commercial/business meters.
  • Cashback will only be eligible when you sign up to gas & electricity plans via Cashrewards by clicking the 'Shop Now' button from this page.
  • If you purchase both a gas and an electricity plan, these will report into your Cashrewards account separately, and cashback will be credited to you as two separate transactions.
  • Cashback is ineligible if you click via Econnex.com.au
  • Cashback is issued by Cashrewards, not EnergyAustralia. It may take up to 21 days to track into your Cashrewards account, and may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia.

Mod note: Removed duplicate offer

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  • +1

    Cashback is ineligible for new connections (ie. no meter installed).

    • +2

      What does this mean?

      • +1

        If you've just built your house and the initial connection hasn't been made to the property, that is a new connection.

        • Thanks

  • +14

    EnergyAustralia is Australia's 2nd biggest climate polluter.
    Plans to burn coal until 2040.
    Frequently causes local environmental harm.

    One of the worst of the worst energy retailers: 1 star at https://greenelectricityguide.org.au.

    If you have a choice of retailer, choose someone better!

    • How on Earth are you getting downvoted for pointing out that these guys have a terrible business model for their use of coal?
      This is great information, Thank you!

      • Because ozbargainers aren’t what they used to be sadly

    • -13

      Climate hoax…

      Coal all the way.

      • +2

        You tell 'em man… and when presented with irrefutable facts that you don't agree with, just slap 'em with that ole it's "fake news"

    • Someone mentioned in another deal that these guys are Chinese owned, is that right?

    • +3

      It's a retail deal. Every retailer provide the same elec & gas. Wires and pipes are the same. It's just a price thing.

    • -1

      Bourgey attitudes come at a price though. Until green power is at parity or below the cost of coal fired electricity, it remains unattractive. Until the BRIC countries commit to & actually reduce their emissions any reduction Australia makes is negated by their increased output.

      • -1

        It is. In the U.S. the price per kWh of coal generation by existing plants is higher than the price per kWh of building new solar generation. In Australia I am not certain but I believe it’s close. For example, It’s just by virtue of the brown coal mine being right next to Loy Yang that is so cheap to transport there and burn it that it’s still pretty cheap to generate with.

  • +2

    From linked CR page:

    Cashback will only be eligible when you sign up to gas & electricity plans via Cashrewards by clicking the 'Shop Now' button from this page.

    Only shows Energy Australia - Flexi Plan (Variable Rate) on EA website.

    • The plan that showed up for me when I signed up through the Cashrewards button was the Flexi plan and said $50 credit per energy source.

      • Thanks OP - The Flexi plan is now $75 credit each energy source + CR.
        However still variable rates.

    • +1

      Good point. So it looks like if you pick a fixed rate plan there’s no Cashback?!?

      • Yes that's my understanding from CR's T&Cs.
        You have to click "Shop Now" from CR and this takes you EA's website, only showing Flexi Plan (var rates) electricity/gas.
        Above that EA page, there's a hyperlink "Compare all plans" - which I assume negates CR.

        However, EA's - No Frills Plan (Fixed) is still top 3 (imo) for fixed rates atm (NSW) - but no CR, only $75 (or $150) credit for new customers.

        • check with a rep but i seriously doubt that’s what they mean

          • @ObnoxiousaAndRude: Makes logical sense to me lol
            What's your view?

            • +1

              @Brodo Faggins: that you have to click through and apply for any plan you can’t go direct to the ea website. i pmed TA for clarification

              • @ObnoxiousaAndRude: I agree - that's true if you want CR for Flexi Plan (variable).

                If you want fixed, you won't be rewarded CR cashback.

                • @Brodo Faggins: I have raised a claim as didn’t track for No Frills plan. BTW, Red Energy have a better fixed rate plan imo.

                  • @chrisharry53: Ummm the claim only tracks for CR's "shop now" plans, only showing Flexi Plan (var rates) electricity/gas.

                    Not No Frills.

                    • +1

                      @Brodo Faggins: I just got this from Cashrewards "Hi Chris,

                      Thanks for contacting us in relation to your EnergyAustralia signup. I am more than happy to assist with your query.

                      To answer your question, yes both Flexi Plan and No Frills are eligible for cashback but only for new Energy Australia customer signups.

                      If you are a new customer and the transaction has not tracked into your Cashrewards account would you mind sending through the Energy Plan Confirmation that you would have received via email from EnergyAustralia?".

                      • +1

                        @chrisharry53: That's actually very nice then! haha

                        Would be good if this was more transparent or in writing on CR's T&Cs…

  • +7

    Cashback Only on variable rates. You do not want this, electricity prices are increasing so you should be hunting for fixed rates.

    • Could sign up just for the bonus then switch once you have it?

      • +5

        You have to remain connected for 180 days.

        This might be okay if you carefully watch your energy usage — or if you are the only person living at home. But if you're a regular household of 3-4 and are spending lots of money on running heating, gas for hot water etc, your $270 cashback and $50 bonus could quickly evaporate away.

    • +1

      not true when i checked? cashback on any plan and bill credit varies by plan

      (click “compare all our plans” to see more options)

  • just checked and my offer was $75 bill credit per service but on variable rate plans and $50 on fixed for 12 month plans. that extra $25 could disappear quickly unless you churn away

  • I just signed up for 120 cashback and 75 credit at shopback (econnex) a couple of days ago. This is better.

  • How long do you need to stay with them at least after connection to not have the CB void.

  • +4

    I had many problems with Energy Australia in Canberra. They overestimated my gas bill by 3x (bill was over $300 just for two people staying in an apartment)

    It was a pain in the ass trying to resolve it, nearly took more than a month. They did give a goodwill credit but the amount offered wasn’t totally worth for our efforts as had to get the ombudsman involved

    Negging this deal bc of EnergyAustralia

    • Had similar problems. But took 9 moths to resolve. Never again

  • +2

    I had endless problems with energy Australia before moving to Nectr and Globird. Simply stay away from this horrible large company.

  • Any other good recommendation for Sydney? Preferably fixed rate?
    and yea when I go through CR, I can only see the variable rate.

    • There should be a button which says “compare all plans”. This should allow you to see the no frills/fixed plan.

      • Yes I have seen that but I don't think the CR work on that.

    • Alinta or AGL if the rates are good in your area.

      • +1

        I just checked both. Neither is offering fixed rate

        • Correct both are variable - I even read both their T&C's and also called them both (waited 30mins each) to ask this quick question.

          • @Brodo Faggins: The cashback and sign up credit will make up for the price increase… just switch again for another cashback bonus in 6 months.

    • +1

      Hey ozbozb - I've posted 3 fixed rates in NSW here

  • +1

    I messaged TA and he said cashback should be good for all plans

    • I believe all plans are eligible as long as the sign up is made via CR and you're directed from Cashrewards to EA site.

      • As I posted above here and here, I don't think so.

        Unless CR is cookie tracking based, and not based on URL link or what's physically displayed on EA website, then yes you may be right.

        Keen to see TA confirm this. Then CR T&C's would have to change to include all new EA plans, not just the one shown from the CR "Shop now" button.

    • Hope TA would comment here to confirm

      • Yeah I think you guys are right. I signed up to few different plans (NSW) through CR and the only one that generated a CR ref was Flexi. The others generated BB. TA says the EA contact isn’t available and this deal ends tomorrow. Probably dodgy EA marketing I’d say. Still you can give it a go and pull out if it doesn’t track, there’s a cooling off period.

  • +1

    So many complainers here. Who said you have to be married to the business. Sign up, take the bonus back and move to another provider who is giving another bonus. I have switched electricty companies 8 times in the last 12 months and saved over $1000 through use of bonuss and gift cards given.

    • +1

      I think you need to stay with them for 6 months to get the cashback.

      • nah

        • 180 for them to confirm the reward, and given what people here are saying about not getting the cashback forget it. This is way too much to ask for such a lousy reward.

    • @ eman resu
      You wrote: I have switched electricty companies 8 times in the last 12 months

      So you change every 1.5 months….yeah right. I monitor Energy closely and if you choose the correct supplier, you should be good for at least 6 months before considering changing.
      One thing to also consider. Smaller companies may chose to not allow you back in if they see you are gaming the system and probably more so now with current Energy price rises.

      • it’s all about the sign up bonuses

        • But most require you remain for a period of time. Regardless, I still find it hard to believe 8 different suppliers within a year and all having bonuses without conditions.

          • +1

            @Borg: with a smart meter you can change suppliers pretty often and only red energy has a time limit that i recall, most suppliers you can change back straight away it’s not like credit cards

            • @ObnoxiousaAndRude: Ok, fair enough and must have been viewing or misreading some deals. Will pay more attention.
              One caveat for me though is that current plan is cheap, if moving away
              - would be going to a more expensive plan (ok so bonus offers negates initially).
              - if I moved back, existing cheaper plan no longer exists nor any as cheap.
              - chance of supplier red falling you and not allowing one to sign up with them (risk factor)?

              I think in the coming months, there will be less of these deals around and more about trying to get a decent 12 month lock in rate……who knows!

    • soon you will be on the nationwide shitlist shared among the energy industry

  • Does it stack with 75/50 dollars credit?

    • +2

      Yes it does, but this was removed from my original post as it was a duplicate for another one. I got 2 x $50 credits in SA

      • same mod who edited that deal when i posted it, removed all mentions of the upped cashback and changed the link to be direct to EA. (even though the cashback is obviously the deal). check the revisions.

        at least this time they did the more reasonable thing and just removed the mention of bill credits although i still fail to see the point of even that

  • +2

    Eneregy Australia rejected my cashrewards, the reason was not the same name with the Cashrewards and EA. That is ridiculars, this is the first time I got rejected by the energy company. Also their price is really expensive compare to other comapny and you need to stay at least 6 months to get this cashback. Be aware of that.

    • is there a condition for the names to be same? that sounds ridiculous

    • have you reached out to @TA for this. I am in similar boat but my claim is not rejected yet…

  • +1

    Signed up. Have had success in the past with EA / CR.

  • Jumped to early on the previous offer : 9

  • Can anyone confirm if fixed plan is also eligible for cashback?

  • +1

    Reality bites:


    Short-term fix to gas crisis is to bring coal plants online, Resources Minister Madeleine King says

  • So I sent email CR and they told me the cashback should work for any plan.
    Just signed up but not depending on it.

    • Does your contract ref start with CR? Which state?

      • No, it starts with BB. NSW
        The ref should start with CR in order to be tracked?
        EDIT: I don't have other options anw, EA is the cheapest for fixed rate

        • O well maybe they’ll do the right thing and fix it but probably not. BB usually means no cashback payable.

          • @Sweet3st: Did u get CR for the fixed rate if u signed up?

            • @ozbozb: No. Only for Flexi.

              • @Sweet3st: Actually looks like we may get the cashback after all, fingers crossed 🤞

  • I just signed up with EA yesterday over the phone. Can I cancel it then click through cashrewards “shop now” to take the cashback offer?

  • Because of higher rates even with $270 credit + cashback, it'll take about a year to be at the same cost as if I switched to Alinta.

  • Tracked successfully just now

    • hi did you sign up with flexi or fixed plan?

      • flexi

    • May I know how long did you sign up for? I've signed up on the day OP put up the post and have yet seen anything on CR.

      • Signed up on the day of this post.

        My contract reference starts with CR.

        • Thanks for the info. Mine finally got tracked but only showed $120. Signed up both electricity & gas on Flexi plan

          • @tanky: $120 was the gas cashback amount and each tracks separately. Mine hasn’t tracked and I have sent a claim.

  • I prefer not to use cashrewardas and energy Australia

  • Thanks OP. Signed by for both electricity and gas 'Total Plan'. Slightly cheaper than my current AGL plan. Hope the cashback works.

  • I signed up to more than one plan, trying to see if the contract started with CR. Signed up to No Frills first, Flexi second, Total third. So they canceled the No Frills and Total and kept Flexi with no communication with me. Rep said only way I can have No Frills is if I do a new sign up (miss out on bonus), so I cancelled the lot. My son signed up to No Frills only, still no tracking. Not holding my breath.

    • See my comment below. I am now just waiting on CR to confirm with EA that I am with them. My electricity switched retroactively and next gas read due in July. Appears all good.

  • Great news for all that signed up to the No Frills plan. I just got this and with a sample plan that started with ref BB and not CR.

    "Hi Chris,

    Thanks for contacting us in relation to your EnergyAustralia signup. I am more than happy to assist with your query.

    To answer your question, yes both Flexi Plan and No Frills are eligible for cashback but only for new Energy Australia customer signups.

    If you are a new customer and the transaction has not tracked into your Cashrewards account would you mind sending through the Energy Plan Confirmation that you would have received via email from EnergyAustralia? ".

  • My electricity and gas cashback amounts finally tracked after sign up 6/6/22 to No Frills plan for $270 bonus, I clicked on compare plans from landing page. I did raise the matter with CR and so no idea if it would have just happened anyway.

    Also have $50 sign up credit for electricity but not gas yet. Also got $50 goodwill credit as I complained about retrospective start date for electricity plan as I actually didn’t notice but said the customer should have the option especially as I was going from a cheaper plan to a fixed rate plan.

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