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BIQU H2 500℃ Extruder for 3D Printer US$73.50 (~A$103) Shipped @ BIQU-Equipment


Maximum printing temperature 500℃
With MAX31865 and PT100
Titanium & Copper Heat Break
Hardened Steel Nozzle
9000 rpm fan
Red Copper Nickel-plated heat block
70W heating cable

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    Flash Sale for Father's Day

    Do you know this is an Australian website?

    • Do you know places abroad let Australians buy stuff from them?

      • It was advertised as a Father's Day sale which is irrelevant here.

        • Not really. That's the reason the company is having a sale, an event in what's likely their largest market. It doesn't stop being the reason when advertising it elsewhere. The only reason I can think of to remove that information is to protect overly sensitive people who may be triggered into responding with "Well actually…." type comments.

          • @banana365: No issues advertising the sale. Calling it a Father's Day sale here when it's not is irrelevant hence why the deal title was modified.

            • @m9: They modified it solely because of your comment.

              • @banana365: Not them. A Mod modified it. Which means it was irrelevant.

                • @m9: A mod editing something doesn't mean it's irrelevant. Extraneous maybe, but not necessarily irrelevant.

                  • @banana365: It's irrelevant. Just like our conversation is to this deal post.

  • A quick Google indicates this is a good price, and the hot end is highly rated, but they have had a problem with lemons


  • I have the poverty model, H2 it's been brilliant.

  • what filament needs 500 degrees ?

    • Peek and pei need 350-400c

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