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65% off Updated Tuya Zigbee Battery Powered Smart Roller Shade Driver A$83.72 @ Zemismart

  • Voice control by Alexa / Google Home/ Yandex via tuya app.
  • Control your blind anytime / anywhere in Tuya / Smart Life app (Tuya zigbee hub required )
  • Show battery level in the app, so that can check the battery all time, with 3000mAh battery, working for longer time.
  • Can set working schdule in APP, so that the driver working in daily / weekly/ monthly. Set a group in the app, then can control all blind in one time.
  • Solar Panel Optional, no need pull it off to charing.
  • Percentage Remote Control With 25%, 50% 75% control button on remote
    Coupon: 4XCHFYMT 8% off

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    the problem i've had with these types of units is for some reason the max and min settings "drift" with repeated operations so that after e.g. 5 ups and downs, the 'max' setting is actually 20% closed and the 'min' setting has overshot the end so it starts curling on the floor. dunno if it's a problem with the units or my blinds - wish there was a magnetic stop function instead

    • The problem I had with these types of units is that over time, the chain "stretches", and so loses tension, causing the chain to slip around the cog, resulting in the blind no longer going up/down.
      I resolved that issue by replacing the original long chain (1.5M) with one about 30cm from a local joint that makes blinds.

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      in my case the cause of this was the weight of the aluminum rod at the bottom end of the blind. whatever I tried (changing chain tension, moving unit, etc) my blinds would skip a cog or two during each operation causing max min settings to drift. Eventually I just removed the aluminum bar at the bottom and now with way less weight of the blind it has not drifted even a single time in around 6 months of use.

      • fantastic suggestion, thank you. didn't think a lightweight aluminium rod would be the possible culprit.
        now to find one that supports homekit :P

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          This does support homekit with their zmhk-01 hub

          • @joolz50: cheers, i ended up getting some aqara ones instead, there's a 15% multibuy discount as i was after 5 making them $76~ ea, and an m2 hub. not exactly $50 ea like a lucky ozbargainer below, but it'll do.
            looking forward to also making the most of the hub's IR function which apparently means i can use siri shortcuts to turn my A/C / IR devices on

  • Anyone can comment on the quality of these? Have some big windows I need to buy blinds for and Ikea smart blinds are too small, so looking for another alternative to buying custom

  • $100 AUD is just too much for a little gadget like this. I'll wait for the price to get into the sub $50s

    • My thoughts as well. Especially if you look at the cost of out laying multiple blinds.

    • +2

      I wish you luck with that. This price is a bit below what I paid for something similar a year ago. If you find something at that price I’d be interested.

      Brand name blind controls can cost hundreds of dollars and you get what you pay for, so I thought this wasn’t bad.

  • I spent $50 to buy aqara blind e1 from China and it is compatible with Homekit.

    $82.3 is too expensive for non homekit compatible products

    • have you got a link or general direction? you are referring to the one currently going around ~90$ correct? nice steal to you then
      are you using the one that has a usb as a hub?

      it's a shame there's no thread-supported rollerblind motors yet as i already have a small thread network in my home. if i get a zigbee system then it will have to compete over the 2.4ghz channel with thread and normal wifi. lovely!

    • The Aqara do look interesting and they work with Zigbee 3 which is nice. They are around $90 on eBay so if you got a genuine one from Ali??? It would be nice to know.

      • yes, and a nice bonus is they intend on supporting the Matter standard via OTA updates in future - see first half of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VI-yzvB4oY

        pragmatically, this doesn't create any additional benefit for homekit users since homekit already talks to aqara devices via their hubs

  • Hi OP. Do i need a zigbee hub to install?

    • Yes,need zigbee hub

  • I ordered a couple of these with the solar panel. I can confirm they do work natively with homekit via their ZMHK-01hub.
    Installation and configuration is fairly straightforward. You do need to make sure that the ball chain has quite a bit of tension when you mount the bracket otherwise when you operate the device, the chain will slip and the blind doesn't go anywhere.
    They work ok for smaller blinds that aren't too heavy, but I found that on the larger blind, the motor part would slip upwards in bracket that mounts on the wall (design flaw), causing the chain to lose tension, and thus stop functioning correctly. There is another model that they sell (the M515EGBZTN, which I have 4 of) that has a better wall mount bracket that does work better for blinds on larger windows.
    I also noticed that the state between the native app (Tuya/smartlife) and homekit is reversed. So when it's open on Tuya it is closed in homekit (and vice versa). I ended up configuring it so that it appears correct in homekit as that is what I use to control it. I'm sure they could fix this with a software update (I've had their support team resolve a separate issue I had via a software update) but I haven't got around to doing that yet.

    • I have the same model as you but in the wifi, not Zigbee. I wish I had gone for the Zigbee now I have some other Zigbee devices. I use Tuya Local through Home Assistant and they work fairly reliably, although they are not great at reporting their actual position.

      For those asking about the blind size - my blinds are 2.5m wide and 2.1m high and the M515EGB models have no problems with them, so I assume these will be similar.

  • Does this work with Xiaomi Mi Home Hub Smart Control Center?

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