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Rebates for Reusable Menstrual Products from Various Councils


Some Australian councils are offering rebates for reusable menstrual products. These rebates typically cover 50% of the cost of reusable menstrual products — like cloth pads and liners, menstrual cups, leak-proof underwear, and more.

Disposable period products are another form of single-use plastics that really aren’t talked about enough. Plastic-lined pads and tampons can take 500-800 years to break down in landfill.

Where Can I Find Council Rebates For Reusable Menstrual Products?

The link is from Hannahpad and lists Australian councils that offer cloth nappy and reusable menstrual products rebates however check with your local council as to whether they offer reusable menstrual products rebates.

See also offer from City of Parramatta, NSW

How much is the Rebate?

It varies so check with your local council for specifics, including application process.

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    Waiting for the stupid comments

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      You just made one

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        Fair enough. I was thinking of some of these comments:

        It's alright though, because they have started on this posting now.

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          SlavOnion sharpening his crayons as we speak…

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      This is the greatest deal. Period.

      • This is the greatest period deal.

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          This is the greatest. period. deal. period.

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        Why throw a pad? Quick rinse and back in the gusset

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      Here's a smart comment instead: Stop being a cash cow and buy a MENSTRUAL CUP instead. Every woman who bothered to listen and bought and tried one has thanked me.

      • What's a cash cow?

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        I’m not sure why this comment had such a negative rating. My wife and many other females I know think they’re the greatest thing ever (mensural cups).

        • Anything remotely against herd mentality… and the herd chucks a wobbly. ;-)

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        Yep agreed although they need to care for the environment first that is the hard part in todays society, so I can see why an incentive would help. My wife did it a while ago and hasn’t looked back.

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        This IS a smart comment !

        Cups are more comfortable, reusable, cleaner, less smelly, much easier for change, less chance of overflow, cheaper etc etc

        This from a person who used them, not hearsay from friend or wife.

        And for all the smart young dudes - you can have period sex without needing to touch the "unclean" bits.

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          The more you know.

        • Yep agreed but clearly not many smart ones on this page haha

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    Bloody good idea

    • oooooooooooooooooh

    • goldberg

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        whatever you do jv, don't use paper ones. We don't want more of you in OzB

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          don't use paper ones.

          They are made from recycled paper though…

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          I prefer short term thinking. Sure, if jv passes on some key traits, we'd expect more of the same here in a couple of decades. But if jv is kept busy by some new offspring, we'd have instant reprieve for the first few years ;-)

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      It's worth it because the baby it prevents being conceived would have gone on to create a lifetime of non biodegradable waste.

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      Quickly and easily. I know, I have 4 kids.

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      No, they're made of rubber latex which comes from plants. Takes a while to breakdown but there's at least bacteria in the environment that will eat it so not really the same problem of breaking down to microplastics and spreading everywhere. No need for oil either, considering the plant uses carbon from the air to make the latex all of those unused condoms in teenage boys wallets are really helping fight climate change (well, not really).

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      Condoms are GST-free. Congrats, you can now use that extra money to get a vasectomy.

  • Weird list, this is like council subsections or something? Coz city of cockburn isnt in there but Fremantle is a part of cockburn and I've claimed it recently.

    • -1

      hmmmmmm ……spreadsheet is from this website: https://thebrandhannah.com.au/blogs/news/get-council-rebates....

      Hasn't been very well designed in a number of ways

    • Fremantle isnt a part of Cockburn….they are two difference councils. Although being in Fremantle is likely to give you the cockburn.

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        Oh weird a few years back I was so sure it was as I remember thinking how stupid it was as freo was so far away and it keeps effin up my "cockburn" search for food.

        Well, since cockburn isn't on the list I would say it's not very accurate still

  • Red hot deal

  • This is awesome. Sadly my council is more concentrated on other things.

    Also found this which might be handy


  • Hmm my local council only give it to first 100 applicants…

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      Name and shame!

      • City of Hobart

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          Maybe coz only about 100 people live in Hobart

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    Thought a true ozbargainer would wash a reuse the disposable ones anyway ?

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      I do with my Aero press coffee filters

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        You wash and reuse menstrual products with Aero Press coffee filters?

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          Sounds fancy

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    Halve waste rebates have expired. Incorrect information for a lot of LGAs. Remove post until the data is correct!

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    Unfortunately a lot of these are just entries into a (random luck-based) competition for a gift card to claim part of the cost back, not really a rebate at all

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    It's probably worth noting that some of these have restrictions on when they were purchased i.e. must have been purchased within three months of submitting the claim. I work for a council and have had a few complaints about not being able to claim for items purchased a year ago.

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    This has nothing to do with women vs. men — as I would say the exact same thing if they gave rebates for male products.

    I wish councils would actually focus on running their areas well instead of giving out rebates for products and spending money frivolously. The community would appreciate lower rates as a whole rather than this sort of stuff. Our rates went up nearly 15% this year, but the services provided with rates have gone down. It's ludicrous.

    • +10

      There's a financial driver for promoting composting, recycling and reducing waste generally: landfill is expensive. Promoting things like this manages disposal costs. Absolutely a core business of council.

      • I can think of so many other ways to reduce costs, namely hard rubbish. This seems like an area ripe for cutbacks.

        • +2

          Hard rubbish cutbacks are a none-starter - if the council won't take people's stuff, then people will just dump it. Enjoy the random mattresses and fridges that will start popping up around your neighbourhood … that the council still then needs to spend money removing.

        • +1

          Hard rubbish collection is cheaper than dealing with illegal dumping. Councils didn't bring these things in randomly.

  • -1

    Council rebates? Wait what? Does that mean that people's rates are going towards this rather than fixing roads and collecting rubbish like it's supposed to be for?

    This is not the job of local council.

    • it is when some people throw them down the toilet..

    • +2

      People's rates are towards this rather than paying for landfill waste which is significantly more expensive.

      Coucils do these things to save money, just like the home composting and worm-farm subsidies. Everything they can keep out of landfill, is a net saving from your rates.

      • Yeah I doubt that tampons and pads are somehow at the top of the landfill waste problem. Why don’t we start somewhere reasonable with things like triple packaged fruit, bagged everything and clamshell packaging.

        • You think encouraging reusable products comes at the cost of banning bags? Why not do both?

          Ps where i live we also have single use plastic bans…

          • -1

            @MrDixit: I hate plastic bag bans too. Just makes you use thicker bags to overcome to rules and you waste twice as much.

            In general I hate woke environmental bullshit.

            • +1

              @meowsers: Plastic bags in general should be banned. It’s not hard to use other things like paper bags, boxes or better yet reusable bags it’s not hard.

      • +2

        lol councils don't care about saving money, they care about creating jobs for themselves

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