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Kogan Money Black Card: $400 Kogan Credit (With $1500 Spend in 90 Days) @ Kogan Money (New Credit Card Customers Only)


Why choose the Kogan Money Black Card?
$400 Kogan.com Credit
When you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases on Kogan.com or elsewhere in 90 days from card approval†

$0 annual fee
A no annual fee rewards credit card

A rewards program that delivers real value
Earn up to 2 rewards points per dollar on your eligible purchases at Kogan.com and 1 rewards point per dollar on your eligible everyday spend, uncapped#. Redeem your points for eligible purchases at Kogan.com using Pay with Points (100 Points = $1 of Credit!)~

Complimentary Kogan Membership
Get free shipping on 1000’s of products, express shipping upgrades, and exclusive specials at Kogan.com with your complimentary Kogan First Membership.‡

0% p.a. for 12 months on balance transfers
(no balance transfer fee applies)
Reverts to cash advance rate. No interest free days on retail purchases apply while you have a balance transferx

Add up to 4 additional cardholders at no cost
All eligible spend by additional cardholders contributes to your rewards!#

Visa payWave
Simply wave and go.

FRAUDSHIELD® and Visa Zero Liability
Security and fraud protection with FRAUDSHIELD® and Visa Zero Liability

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  • +2

    Got $500 in the last deal. Credit has just been applied to my account after paying off the first month.

    • Is it a giftcard that can be added to any kogan.com account? Or it is tied to your account?

  • But again, how long do we need to be away before we're a new customer?

    • +1

      It's lifetime restriction now, or at least it was with Citi.

      • Hm. I ended my card before the restriction came in. I wonder if "lifetime" is backdated..?

        • Just change your name

  • They need to allow 12 months lockout like everyone else, that lifetime restriction is killer for us dirty churners

    • +3

      It's funny to me that $400 of kogan credit is harder to obtain than $500 cashback with westpac or 75,000 QFF with ANZ.

  • +1

    Getting this card (or any credit card) will affect my credit rating. Is that a myth or fact?

    • +2

      It is fact.

    • +1

      Fact or myth.

      I've churned 10+ cards over the last 2 years, and my credit score went up.

      Having perfect payment history is more important to positively impact your score than credit enquiries and applications.

      The rules changed on credit score a while back to focus more on ability to repay and be less punitive to churners.

    • Will it affect your credit rating - yes, but minimal or variable impact.

      Things that will heavily impact your credit rating includes:
      - Not paying statements on time
      - Holding too many "Active" credit cards at the same time

      If you apply/use, then cancel before churning the next one, you should be okay.

      cook99 is partially right I think. There are 3 credit reporting agencies in Australia - Experian, Equifax, and Illion. I believe Experian and Equifax have changed how they calculate credit score as per cook99's comment. However Illion is still using an antiquated algorithm.

      You'll probably find that if you check your credit score with Illion, credit card applications and enquiries will "severely" impact your score.

      • My credit score with illion drops from 9 to 20 points each time I get a new card, but then increases by about 12 points after I cancel.

      • Would two credit cards at once be too much?

        • If you always pay off your balance, you can have two no issues, it really depends on their credit limit. I have 4 cards I always keep and don't churn (one of those is a kogan card) - and usually have 1 or 2 more on top of this which I churn. So I am running 5+ cards most of the year.

  • Took a while to decide what to but on Kogan.com with $500 credit last time 🥴🥴🥴

  • I got $500 credits from last deal with Kogan money and dont know what to buy cos everything on kogan is either rubbish or inflated prices, also got bad experience with them recent event so I would say stay away from Kogan

    • +1

      I have used my balances previously to buy new apple products. You just need to sort through all the refurbished stuff.

  • -1

    $400 credit to buy rubbish vs other credit cards bonus points/Cashback

    I’ll pass

  • Min income?

    • $35k

      • +1

        I wish more banks would offer joint credit cards

  • +2

    Reposting my comment from last time:

    Despite Kogan being a shitty company in general, I have the card and like it.

    Any kind of rewards program on a no annual fee card is cool. I use the points occasionally for random small things like gifts and cleaning products.

    Something to note is that they have recently switched from Citi to NAB being the card issuer. No idea if/how that might impact the application process etc.

    • How do you use kogan rewards points? I can't work out how to redeem my points and the kogan staff who respond to email queries have no clue either. Kogan money don't have a phone number so you can't call them either.

      • +1

        Kogan shopping account, card rewards to link the card, check out sth to redeem pts.

      • +1

        Only via website. Can't use via the app

      • +1

        During checkout, you go "back" and select to use your points as the payment method.

      • +1

        From memory, on the kogan website go to my account > rewards programs > card rewards and link it. Doesn’t happen automatically.

        Once it’s linked the points show up as a payment option in the checkout.

        • Thanks for the responses. My card is already linked as it recognizes my kogan first membership from the credit card. However points don't show up as a payment option. Maybe I need to unlink and link again.

          • +1

            @Repposh: Oh there's somewhere else you need to link the card. I had this same issue. Via your account settings? Despite having free First membership it still doesn't link your card for points redemption

            • +1

              @julz: Under the Card Rewards setting,

              Your Kogan Money Credit Card has been successfully linked to your Kogan.com account. You can start using your credit card to shop at Kogan.com.

              and it show how many pts available atm below. You can partially redeem pts and pay the remaining with other methods, not limited to Kogan CC.

              • @Neoika: It was under Card rewards. The card was already linked but apparently not for the rewards points so it kept saying "Rewards points balance unavailable at this time". I unlinked it and then linked again. Now works. Thanks so much to everyone for your help!!!

  • I couldn't find anything worth buying in Kogan for months now, trying to spend my refunded kogan credits.. all items I'm interested in are at least 30% cheaper elsewhere.

    • I've found heaps of bargains from Kogan

      Kogan smart bulbs
      Kogan cast iron pot
      Kogan gardener kit
      Kogan solar lights

  • less and less no annual fee card with rewards

  • I hesitate a bit when seeing these no fee CCs. Is there any catch ? Assume I pay back on time, there will be absolutely no fee no catch nothing?

    • No catch, just like Coles no annual fee one, the same issuer. You may consider PayPal Rewards one if you do not like Kogan.

      • +1

        PayPal Rewards doesn't accept new application any more

  • Hey guys why I can’t spend the rewards points? They are not showing on Kogan account.

    • Edit found out you need to be on website

  • Received $400 credit today but had signed up via the $500 offer.

    • That 400$ credit, can we spend anywhere or just in Kogan??


      • $400 Kogan Credit

        Just kogan.

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