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Philips Air Fryer Essential Compact HD9200/21 (White) $103.11 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price, $11.84 cheaper than the popular $114.95 deal earlier this month.

Suspecting there won't be much stock.

Philips Airfryer Essential with Rapid Air Technology for Fry/Bake/Grill/Roast/Reheat, 0.8kg/4.1L Capacity, White and Rose Gold, HD9200/21

Ensure you are purchasing from Amazon AU seller, the $100 seller is not fulfilled by Amazon and likely another scam seller.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • last deal had 12% cashback

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    Philips Essential Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology, 1.2Kg, 6.2L, 2000 Watt, 5 portions, White, HD9270/21, Black https://amzn.asia/d/5GAWAoF

    43% off $349 down to $199

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      This one may be the better choice. We have the one in the main post and its just a teensy bit too small. That said, you don't want to go too much bigger

      • 100% this. I tried one or two of the 'regular' size airfryers a d found then much too big. Love having this one but as @Matt P has said, it's a smidge too small. Next time I buy - which hopefully won't need to be for a very long time – algo for the one @damonator84 has linked.

        That said, very nice airfryer at a great price. You won't regret this one.

        • dunno about this one but the other day in KMart I saw their Anko 5.3L 1800W for $89 - https://photos.app.goo.gl/btkhxRThLRtTJCYG7 - and while my current tiny 1.5L Anko is good for one person - meat pies, pork belly, etc

          the 5.3L looked like it could comfortably fit a whole roast chicken like 1.4kg or whatever we usually cooked before our freestanding stove oven died

          so I'm tossing up whether to get that one - don't like the bigger floorspace, but as I'm storing the tiny one outside the kitchen and bringing it in for each use, that could work …

    • Bit cheaper for eBay Plus members? With the Good Guys Ebay. Think it comes down to $179 with the Afterpay code.

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    Prepare to clean the basket with trouble

    • Love this basket so little complications you can get it all cleaned in 4 minutes or throw the damp caboodle into the dish water using Teflon protect cycle

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        What the heck is 'Teflon protect cycle'? Never heard of this. Must now research.

        • Please let me know after you done the research! Thanks!

          • @CDG: OTTOMH I would guess a 'Teflon protect cycle' would use less or none of the usual corrosive detergent

            as I think teflon frypans are normally not recommended to be put in dishwashing machines for that reason

            obs 75C water shouldn't harm a pan designed for over 200C, so I'm guessing less detergent

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    Rather large need something that can cook half a chicken wing at one go

  • I love the 'rapid air tech', that is 100% marketing BS!

  • Few nitpick I got with this model, the text is rather small and the analog dial means it's inprecise, i.e. 10 mins might be 8 mins or 11 mins.
    Also the timer dial cannot be rotated in reverse, so if you have a couple of mins left on the timer, the only way to turn off the air fryer would either to unplug it or left the basket out.

    A bummer that i got this at 114.95…

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      I just twist the knob in reverse, works for me. I also unplug usb sticks without ejecting them however

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        … I can't even …
        … right now…

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    We got this for about 120 from bigw about a year ago for work, been decent

  • Price gone up to $129?

    • Yes expired now

    • Available again @yamumma

      • unavailable again

        • Try again? I just added to cart now.

  • Tried to research air-fryers for a while. Spent maybe 30-60 minutes looking at research journals. Don't these produce carcinogens / give cancer?

    Also N/A 129$ Price.

    • Anything you cook at high heat for long period of time can produce carcinogens/give cancer. Its the same with conventional ovens and microwaves as well. Airfryers are fine if you look after your food and not overcook/burn it

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