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8 x 12" (20x30cm) Canvas Print $17.00 (was $45.00) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Big W Photos


8 x 12" (20x30cm) Rectangle Canvas Print (Depth: 3.5cm)

Canvas Prints are printed on high quality artist stock, then stretched and wrapped around a quality wooden frame. Comes with hooks and string for instant hanging.

Available in Landscape or Portrait orientation

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BIG W Photos

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    Was about to order from Norman last night. Glad I waited although the photo upload/designing experience makes me wanna die. Thanks.

  • Is it possible to print high quality photos from Google Photos?

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      It depends on the quality setting you have for your uploads.

      Original quality uploads will print out amazingly well from Google Photos.

      "High" quality uploaded photos … not so much.

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    I just picked up a canvas yesterday from Big W, 50x75cm for $49.
    Printed a very slightly cropped portrait photo from my iPhone and it turned out absolutely awesomely. The only thing is I need to hang it somewhere with a light above it for the best effect.
    But overall very very happy with it for the price.

  • Is it self serve or will they print and email you when ready for pickup? Sorry first time user.

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      They email you. Canvas prints take a few days.

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    Ive bought a few of the canvas prints and am really impressed with how they turned out. Photos were downloaded from Google photos and taken just from the rear camera of my One Plus Nord and I have never seen any quality issues on the print. The only thing I have noticed is that the print turns out a tad darker than screen. Darks colours are deeper and I usually bump up the brightness a bit from the bigw app.

  • Ordered by first print last month, the canvas was awesome.
    Tried the $150 .75/1m metal print, also fantastic.
    Good quality stuff, seem to be done by Fujim, BiG W just the retailer.
    Highly recommended.

  • This looks the best value, $69 for 50x100cm (was $230)

    • Got one and a few others at about 70% off… see how they turn out!

      • What sort of photos did you choose to get enlarged? I couldn't find anything suitable

        • Drone shots of islands/reef. I usually shoot with wide lenses anyway as I just like the effect - so canvas sizings like these are perfect.

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