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Church’s Danby Suede Loafer $359 (Was $649) Delivered @ David Jones


I have been waiting for, UK8 and 9 are available. Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Do you wear those in church?

    • Yes, with no socks.

  • Wow

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    yikes, to think I can get a $10 pair where no one in their "right mind" would notice a difference

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      You would notice the difference.

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      Your not going to impress anyone at the old folks home with these .

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        yep, those old folks tend to put their hands on stuff and look inside, hard to fool them

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  • Lol

  • If I don’t want the tassels, do I get a discount?

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      Their policy ' no tassels no hassles'

    • The tassles are the reason these are nearly half price.

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    thanks OP bought 365 pairs for each day of the year

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      you must be a very religious man.

  • so is that a man's shoe or a woman's shoe? i'm guessing woman's with all the frilly bits

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      It’s 2022 mate, can be for anyone haha

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      Do you only wear blue too, cause it's a man's colour?

      • in yonder years, girls traditionally wore blue, boys pink

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    yikes for a $600 pair, they couldn't even bother to put in a description

  • Can I drive my new Tesla Y with these?

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      no, model Y owners must drive barefoot while they read barefoot investor as the car auto-pilots.

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    Goes well with someone in their 60's who drives a car with cream coloured leather seats

    • Camry driver with the wide brimmed lawn bowls hat

  • I'd rather these shoes

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    • Beat you to it.

      • Once you fixed the dud link 😉

    • Any bargains on gorilla chest vests?

  • +2

    I never realised it cost so much to look like a total [email protected]

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    Harden up bargainers, this is a bargain for an item that will maintain its near new build for 10yrs

    • I'm all for high-quality GYW products, and own quite a few pairs of them.

      These particular shoes would definitely hold up for 10 years, but mostly just because they're too ugly to be worn anywhere

    • Church’s are garbage these days since the takeover. No actual GYW aficionado is buying these nowadays.

    • I doubt suede would look new in 2 yrs time with regular wear

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    Welcome to the 1800s

  • For those who long being an 18th century dandy

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    The lack of taste and appreciation of quality is astounding.

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      Ozbargainers dress in superdry hoodies and wear Adidas Ultraboosts

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        Don't forget Macpac down jackets and Uniqlo t-shirts.

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    Thanks OP, great price for Church’s shoes

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      pity they are suede and not polished leather, suede is a pain to maintain ….but great price for church’s , considering hand made in england .not sure why people are freaking out at $500 shoes ….some RM williams are $500, german made lloyd are over $400 now

      • Yeh I might spray them with some water repellent spray or suede protector. Something along those lines to help protect it.

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    I used to buy from this place but the price has really gone up in recent years:


    Another place where you can get quality shoes:


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      Not to be confused with paedowear.co.uk.

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    lmao at ozbargain 'fashion police', aka sketchers or bust

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      hate to see the comments if you posted a deal on a canali suit reduced from $2500 to $1500 ….”i can get suit for $150 at bossini”

      • To be fair, you get equally snide remarks on Tarotrash and YD deals too.

        • true, i sometimes sit on interview panels and am quite accepting of tarocash or yd or bassoni suits …important is that people have made an effort to present themselves well rather than how much they have spent….

  • I came here to read the comments

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