Advice Needed: My Tenant's Cats Has Been Killed by Neighbour's Dogs

Hi everyone,

long story short, my tenant who has got 3 cats, this morning has been killed by his neighbor's 2 dogs,

Both of the cats are loving cats and never provoked any neighbour dogs in the past, never wondered to other neighborhoods, most of the time they have rested in front of door and sit under sun . The investigation has been conducted, the owner of the dogs seemed to had alcohol last night and forgot to close his gates. The other neighbour also witnessed this.

Through the discussions with the investigator, it seems to be they are looking at ways of regulating the dogs; but I am not sure yet, I am not sure how to aid my tenant as he is in 70s who needs help.

I am not sure how to help him at the moment.



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    complain to the police and the council.

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      This is done, they are in the process of investigation

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        I got something in my eye. T_T

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        End of thread then. Likely the dogs will get a Dangerous Dog citation. Two or three strikes and they get put down

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      HelloPam 👋

    • Why punish the dogs? They don't do anything out of spite or harm, they are simply acting on instinct.

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    This is nothing to do with you the landlord.

    This is between the tenant and the neighbour.

    The neighbour should face some gegal scrutiny but I doubt much will come of it.

    Did the dogs enter your property?

    • Yes, they both came to the front yard

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        Then the dog owner would be liable for damages. Cats would be considered a property. So it's a damage to property. Best to speak to lawyer but pretty sure your tenant can take this to court and get compensated by neighbor.

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          I think the owner can be fined around $1000 ( maybe per dog ) if they are not on leash and cause damage

          "There is a penalty of up to $1,100 fine to a dog owner or person who isn’t the dog owner but above 16-years of age in charge of the dog, if he/she:

          Is in a public place; and Fails to have effective control of the dog by the use of an adequate leash, cord or chain attached to the dog while being held by him/her at the time."

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            @cameldownunder: Nah it won't stick you have to prove that they are doing it repeatedly etc never closes the gate or not fenced causing a hazard

            Hit a dog with a car once and owners were not liable for my insurance excess because they took "reasonable care" most times

            Dog survived but limped away. Front bumper wrecked.

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              @Poor Ass: Did you get the dog's details?

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                @Scrooge McDuck: I know this a joke but yes I did get the dog's details and dog's owner

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              @Poor Ass: "owners were not liable for my insurance excess because they took "reasonable care" most times"

              that's strange, it's like saying I usually stop at red lights so I'm not liable for the Ferrari I just t boned when I ran a red

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                @mauricem: possible but insurance also even calls it an act of god so it's BS

                it's no act of god when dogs are just roaming around the street. it happened because the owners were negligent.

                • @Poor Ass:

                  possible but insurance also even calls it an act of god so it's BS

                  All insurers are absolute pondscum when it really comes to that. I mean, if they believe in God then everything is an act of God so they might as well get out of paying for it when a b double crushes your parked car. Technically it was an act of God, yes? Stupid bastards.

              • @mauricem: it's kind of like that stupid rule in Qld where if you hit livestock on the road the owner of the livestock is not liable because livestock has right of way on the roads

                not sure about other states but surely the owner would be liable

            • @Poor Ass: Reasonable care most times?
              I think the only time that matters is when the "accident" occurred.

              "Reasonable care most times" is the dumbest argument i ever heard of.
              Did they use the same lawyer as Amber Turd?

              • @berry580: If you ever need to deal with insurance they do stupid shit like that

                In Qld there's a stupid law that says animals have right of way in any circumstance and you can't seek financial compensation from the owner

              • @berry580: They surely didn't because clearly they won.

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        Cat's should be kept indoors to protect native wildlife.
        They wouldn't think twice about catching a bird or lizard.
        Law of the jungle I suppose.

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      This is between the tenant and the neighbour.

      They know this, they are just trying to be a good landlord and are helping their elderly tenant. As they stated in the post.

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      Police, 2 cats of his were killed, (he had 3 cats), the reason i am posting as the tenant is still a good friend of mine.

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        Nice of you to help out. Especially elder people sometimes avoid causing commotion.

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          Thank you, I think you are right being neighbourhood he tried to avoid conflicts, In the contrary, I was so angry that i nearly wanted to break bones of 2 dogs yesterday he had to stop me going there.

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            @Yaren24: And yet no anger toward him for not keeping his cats inside. (There's more dogs around than just the ones of the guy next door. Not to mention council asking people for decades not to let their cats roam freely, but keep them in the house/cat run.)

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              @Faulty P xel: Yes, I agree, it's the cats fault that they were mauled by an unrestrained dog

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                @dinna89: No… it's the cats owner's fault the unrestrained cats were mauled by the unrestrained dogs.

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              @Faulty P xel: If the Cats would have killed the dogs, then I might be with you.
              How many cats have attacked / bitten people? How many dogs ?

              Did you ever read "Cat mauled toddler to death" ?

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                How many cats have attacked / bitten people

                How much native wildlife have cats killed?

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                @cameldownunder: BOTH owners were at fault. But if anyone deserves greater blame it's the cat owner… because the dogs are usually kept correctly behind a fence they can't jump over and escaped once, whereas the cats are free to jump the fence at will every day of their lives.

                • @Faulty P xel: "and forgot to close his gates" I think the dogs escaped. Could have been a toddler or another small dog.

                  Greater blame to the less strong?

                  "because the dogs are usually kept correctly behind a fence" but it seems not in this case.

                  As if the cat throw themselves in the mouth of a dog.

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              @Faulty P xel: Do you blame human victims of assault for being in the street after dark as well?

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              @Faulty P xel: I pray that you don't have daughters…

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                @Tijin: My daughters don't jump fences to kill and bring back dead wildlife in their teeth.

                • @Faulty P xel: The only thing my daughter has in her teeth is caries.

                  Do you think cat bring back Koalas, Kangaroos and possums?

                  The biggest thing my cat got was a Rat and a Mina Bird.

                  I wonder what damage the dogs are doing.

                  • @cameldownunder:

                    The only thing my daughter has in her teeth is caries.


                    Do you think cat bring back Koalas, Kangaroos and possums?

                    Never said the last two, but you do know animals start off as small young, right? e.g. I used to live in a house that backed onto bush. Its trees were full of koalas, probably possums too. Sometimes a koala with young on their back would amble out of the bush, across the road, and climb trees on the footpath. Then I'd see dogs on leads barking up at them, and solitary cats peering up wide-eyed waiting. Not only do cats climb trees, but koalas often travel from tree to tree by descending to the ground first and walking. So it doesn't take much imagination to realise why the cat was sitting licking its lips. Also had a neighbour who rescued a sugar glider after seeing a cat kill it's mother.

                    I wonder what damage the dogs are doing.

                    Not much in comparison. The dogs escaped a yard that otherwise keeps them in check - once. Whereas it sounds like the old guy gave his cats free reign of the backyard, for years, from which point they could easily spring over the fence.

                    • @Faulty P xel: Caries: tooth decay, commonly called cavities

                      I used to live in a house that backed onto bush

                      Lucky. I live in suburbia, the wildest we have are possums and Rabbits ( maybe bandicoots )

                      Our cats are in at night ( mostly ) and haven't taken anything back ( like baby possum or ringtail possum )

                      But I do see soo many dogs off the leash going past our house. With one getting into our kitchen through the side of the house.

                      And the two cats scared on the kitchentable.

                      I was going for the big knife but the owner showed up.

                • @Faulty P xel: There might be a few bargains here that could be of use to you:

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      Maybe because sometimes people care about other people and want to help them, rather than treating other people as a financial asset (or liability)? I dont know, obviously that might be a weird opinion.

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        Yes, and you’re suggesting the neighbour will do nothing to redress the tenant. The landlord literally would be butting into something for no good reason.

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          How do you go from 'I want to help my tenant' to 'I am going to force the tenant to do something he doesnt want to do'?

          Have you never helped a person before? Here is a tip to start off - you offer help when you see that someone needs it, you suggest things maybe you can do, the person then decides whether or not to accept that help. You follow what they tell you they want.

          Try it sometime.

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            @dtc: The cops are already involved. What else can this landlord do? The height of your comments seem to be to offer a gratuitous offer of assistance. Pleasantries aside, there’s really nothing the landlord can do.

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    Perhaps you can install a fence and gate to protectt the properrty more. Same thing happened to me, I was extremely traumatised for a long time

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      I probably should, never had These dogs gone berserk, i was so livid as i lived with these cats before

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        Sorry for your loss. </3

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          I'm gobsmacked that Pam actually made a decent post/suggestion. Have hell hath frozen over?

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    The council is responsible for regulation and it is the council that will investigate and make the decision. Often they consult with the injured party eg 'we think these dogs could be sufficiently dangerous so as to be put down, do you want us to do that'. Or whatever the decision is. In terms of what happens to the dogs, there isnt really anything that can be done by you or your tenant.

    In terms of compensation, your tenant may not want any - its not like a value can be put on a standard pet (that isnt a show animal). If he wanted to get replacement cats then perhaps the cost of those is a fair payment, but its probably not really what he is after. However it could be raised and it may be something you can help out with, because having it go through a third party is much less confrontational than the tenant doing it himself (not to mention less stressful in the future). Be the liaison with the neighbour, perhaps even with the council

    As to how to prevent it in the future - others have given suggestions. Cats can climb over fences so if they are allowed outside there is no way to absolutely protect them; but you can prevent the dogs getting in.

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      They could put down the dog owner.

    • Is it's on private property, council will likely not be involved

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        Not true. We've had less extreme issues (fence damage) with a neighbour's dogs and the council are very interested. It may take a while to talk to the correct person in the council, but they will likely do everything they can to help. In our council (and likely most others) that can escalate to removal of dogs, though we didn't need to go anywhere near that far.

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          most councils these days are shite, you're lucky you live in an area where the council gives a rats

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    There's not much recourse here because it was only animals involved, if a human had of been bitten it would be a very different scenario.

    If the tenant decides to get more cats to replace those they lost, maybe look at getting a cat-run installed so that the cats can still get outside in a controlled environment?

    • The tenant was scatched by the dogs, but i don't think the dogs bitten the tenant.

    • The recourse is the dogs will be put down. Basically the law when they bite or attack anyone or any animal, with some discretion

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    my tenant who has got 3 cats, this morning has been killed by his neighbor's 2 dogs,

    To clarify, your tenant was killed by 2 dogs?

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      That's what the sentence says.

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        It'd kill me too if two of my babies met violent ends. </3

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    Pet owners should keep their pets locked up inside their property.

    That includes both 🐕 and 🐈 owners.

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      Cryptocurrency shills should be locked up

      • When Dogecoin absorbs Catcoin.

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    The investigation has been conducted, the owner of the dogs seemed to had alcohol last night and forgot to close his gates.

    The neighbour didn't close his gates.

    And how did the dogs get into your tenant's place? Did they not close their own gates too?

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      And if a child is in their yard playing and a dog comes in and kills them, is that fine because dogs have "instincts"? Should people not let their children play in their yard just in case a dog comes in and sees "prey"? What a stupid argument. Animal owners have a reponsibility to keep other's safe from their pets. If they can't, they don't deserve to have any, and get punished if anything happens.

  • What kind of dogs?

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