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35 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $80.72 (New Users) / $95.67 (Lapsed Users) @ Eneba


For anyone who still hasn't bit the bullet on the previous Game Pass Deals, this comes out a bit cheaper than the last few deals.

As pointed out by https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12210947/redir that the max stacking allowed is 36 months, use the following steps to get 35 months of Game Pass Ultimate:

  1. Purchase 8 codes
  2. Redeem code on http://redeem.microsoft.com/ or your xbox
  3. Enroll for auto renewal to get one extra month
  4. Turn off auto renew
  5. Repeat 7 more times
  6. Purchase Game Pass for $1 or $15.95(whichever is applicable to you) from https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/xbox-game-pass

Some maths for anyone who is interested (includes the $5.4 fee charged by Eneba)
New User:
(8 x 9.29)+ 5.4 +1= 74.32+5.4+1= $80.72 ($ 2.3 per month)

Lapsed User:
(8 x 9.29)+ 5.4+15.95= 74.32+5.4+15.95= $95.67 ($2.73 per month)

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  • +6

    Bought the bullet? You mean bit?

    • +4

      my bad, fixed :)

    • +10

      Please buy the bullet first before biting it. Don't bite other people's bullet

  • +3

    I've been paying $1 for the past 9 months direct from Microsoft every time my subscription lapses. You would be crazy to pay more.

    • +7

      Care to share with the class as to how?

      • Let it lapse, wait like a month and you will see $1 trial offer. I usually wait for the 3 months for $1 to reactivate.

        • +115

          My car is also much cheaper to run if I only run it 6 months of the year…

          • -3

            @MrtheMoonbear: For someone who doesn't regularly drive everywhere it's a perfectly valid option.

          • @MrtheMoonbear: When it lapses, I immediately get the $1 offer. So I am enjoying the benefits of 9 month (and going) subscription whilst only paying $9.

        • +23

          Not a consistent strategy for uninterrupted play

          • @maxz2040: If you don't care about cloud saves then just have 2 accounts. Friends can add both of your accounts for multiplayer.

            • @safrane: I do have two accounts fortunately. But if your not logged in to the active one. Even if you have it set as your home xbox. It doesn't let you do cloud gaming. Which I definitely do regularly.

          • @maxz2040: It's been uninterrupted for me. Give it a go.

            • @Tommybot: I did buy the deal though FYI. Just sitting on the codes for now.

        • +3

          mine lapsed in feb havent gotten a single email from them

      • buy ultimate for $1, when it runs out
        make a new account, buy ultimate for $1, gameshare your xbox

        $12 a year, less considering its $1 for 3 months

        • +3

          Still not perfect if you use multiple devices or want to make use of cloud streaming.

          Curious if this is all OP is talking about or if they have some other method.

          • @snoopydoop: No, my method is simply taking up the $1 offer. Cancelling the recurring subscription. Playing until the month is over, and then resubscribing at $1. The $1 is immediate. I don't get an email, I am simply looking at the Xbox app and seeing it offered to me. All on the same email account.

            • @Tommybot: Interesting! I've definitely tried this before and its' taken a few months for the $1 offer to come back for me. Wonder how you're managing to get the $1 offer instantly, or if it's just good luck

              • @snoopydoop: Same, I’ve never had the $1 offer come up immediately. It’ll be $15.95 for awhile and can be a few months before $1 is offered again. I used to do what Tommybot does, but ended up getting a cheaper Brazilian subscription and have 3 years of ultimate now.

    • +5

      I've been paying $1 for the past 9 months direct from Microsoft every time my subscription lapses. You would be crazy to pay more.

      You're doing it wrong mate… $1.50 cashback through ShopBack/Cashrewards. Make them pay you!

      • +1

        Thanks! Hahaha

  • AUD or USD?

    Also, do we need any VPN trick?

    • Its in AUD and no VPN required

      • When I go to check out and pay by PayPal it's charging me in euro and adding like $4 extra dollars to the transaction. Anyone know why?

        • For me the charge was 7.07 EUR which converted to $11 AUD by PayPal.

          • @Crimzic: I paid using my Mastercard Debit Card and the above figures reflect what I paid. I guess the difference might be due to the paypal conversion rates.

  • Also 3 months * 8 codes would be 24 months

    • +1

      Step 3 gets you the additional 8 months.

      • +1

        Cool. One additional month for every cycle. Is it verified that it works for every cycle?

        • +1

          Yes, I got extra 8 months by just doing that.

          • +3

            @miztory: Dammit.
            This deal works out to $81 for 35months, and I bit the bullet on the previous deal for $129 for 36 months. So I should hand my OzBargain card in to you I guess.

  • Just checking if I'm missing something, but I'm calculating 33 months? Not 35 like the title?

    24 months from the game cards (8x3)
    + 8 extra months for auto renewal
    + 1 extra month when you subscribe to game pass ultimate

    = 33 months?

    • +2

      Microsoft is currently offering 3 months of Game Pass for a dollar. Click the hyperlink in the above post.

      • +1

        Ah gotcha, missed that part. Thanks.

    • Yeah I'm only getting 33 months. The 3 month deal must be over. Wondering if I should buy another 3 months of live before I convert

      When I go to convert now it says I'll be signed up until 20/04/2025. If I get another 3 months I'll actually only get 2 months and 20 days, but still cheaper than paying full price :)

      Edit: I grabbed the extra 3 months. so now it expires on
      9 July 2025 :D

      Not bad for $95 (I'm a lapsed member)

  • +3

    Check out the new titles coming to Gamepass in the next 12 months and this is a no-brainer.

    Starfield Day 1!

  • can these be used to top up my existing ugp?

    • +1

      3x months of XBL gold will covert to 50 days gamepass ultimate if you have an active subscription. So it works out to be roughly $20 for 3months instead of the usual charge of ~$47. Still a great price for what you get!

  • +2

    Im not getting the extra month for adding auto renewal. Confirming I have cancelled recurring billing each time. Any ideas ? Might be per account ?

  • +2

    It worked. You are legend!

  • How risky would it be to buy these 1 yr in advance of when my gamepass sub expires? Kind of worried microsoft will shutdown the conversion

    • Conversion has existed since Game Pass started. Unlikely to change but not guaranteed.

      Also depends if there’s a better deal in 12 months time!

      • +1

        I reckon 0% chance this is around for much longer. Get in while you can!

  • And it's gone, out of stock now guys.

    • phew, just purchased it 2 minutes ago.

    • There are still some other sellers selling it for 9 dollars and change, might still be a pretty decent deal.

      • +2

        Ah ok, all good. I've checked and looks all good.

  • +1

    It says : Redeeming your Prepaid Xbox Live Gold 3 Month code will automatically convert to a shorter duration of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and will be added to your current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account. so 1 month instead of 3. Am I missing something?

    • -1

      Unfortunately, I encountered the same issue, on top of not being able to redeem the extra month for enabling auto-renewal

      • +3

        Did either of you already have a current Xbox Game Pass sub? Cause if so, this won't work.

        If not, could you have followed the steps in the wrong order? You're only supposed to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass once ALL 8 codes have been redeemed.

        • I already had a game pass sub, explains why this didn't work as expected for me.

        • Thanks. You are right i had an active subscription (free one) which i had to cancel first. All good now

      • You negged the deal because you didn't read it properly?

        You should neg yourself.

  • I must've done it wrong, it only ended up adding up to late July, total cost 75+15.95 = 7.50/pm for the year : ( better than the 16 p.m but didn't end up succeeding.

  • +2

    It worked, but in the last step (signing up to Game Pass Ultimate) I only got 1 month instead of 3.

    So 33 months - cost $98.83 total. So $2.99 per month. Pretty happy with that. Thanks OP.

  • Cheers for this, been waiting for the next deal like this, 32 months Xbox Ultimate now active which worked out to $2.97 a month. While the original one posted above expired, was only a few cents more for the next cheapest option.
    The bonus 3 months for upgrading to ultimate didn't apply for some reason, but still worth it.

  • I'm seeing an XBox Live Gold offer; just confirming its valid for X-Box Game Pass Ultimate (Android/PC/Cloud)..? I don't own a console.

    • +1

      Yes it is.after you redeem 8x of Gold you then subscribe to Ultimate to convert your 36 months gold to ultimate. I dont own a console also and playing this on Android and it works

      • Thanks,
        My current subscription now has auto-renew: OFF and is cancelled but is already paid until 30/06/2022. Do you know if I need to wait until after that date to redeem the codes, etc?

  • Just did it (15mins ago going through the codes), still works fine.

    Charge on CC is ~$79 + $1 for Ultimate. Expires May 2025.

    New user, had an ultimate trial back in 2019, was on my account but system didn't count me as "lapsed". Got the $1 for 3months offer again.

  • Thanks a lot, got it work!

  • Paid $81 via PayPal plus $1 to MS. Perfect.

  • Thanks op. Got it worked exactly it is described.
    Cost wise $78.66(ING) + 15.95 gave me 33 months of GPU. Approx $2.87/ month which is crazy cheap.
    Now keen to pick up my pre order from EB games.

  • +1

    Use discount code "AKS" to get a whopping 1.45 off when buying your 8 codes

  • Thanks OP, Got it all through, my debit card only charged me $77.65 (Up Bank) + $1 for Ultimate.
    May 2025 expiry.

  • +3

    @OP, lapsed users only got 33 months as the $15.95 is for one month only

  • Any deals for PS+ renewals? Mine just ran out and waiting for a deal lol

  • +1

    Does this work for current users (not lapsed)

    • +1

      Need to be an inactive account as this workaround involves purchasing Live Gold sub and converting it to Ultimate, which is the promo that Microsoft currently has going (I been using same method for couple years now)

  • Not my deal. But damn great value. It's a wonder studios are getting paid

    • +2

      Studios get paid upfront an agreed amount. They don't take a slice of the subs.

      It's up to MS to promote and sell the subs however they wish to recoup their costs (or not). They don't necessarily plan to make the money back on subs short term, they can make it back in other avenues by having more active players for MTX, which they get 30% cut from etc.

      • Interesting. Thanks

  • does this give you pc game pass as well? or does it only work for an xbox?

    • +3

      Ultimate works for both and also includes cloud.

      • also includes EA Play!

  • Damn I paid like $140!

  • Bit the bullet, 35 months for $80 is incredible value!

  • amazing!!

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
    Next charge on 3/10/2025, AU$15.95

  • wait, so am I buying Xbox Live gold first?

    • Yes and then upgrade Xbox live to Game pass once you have redeemed all the codes.

  • Damn, why the xbox live code prices dropping so fast now even without special Eneba discount code made specifically for that listing?
    Thanks for shoutout op in this deal lol

  • I’ve got a question my brother was looking at getting SX through telstra and you get 24 months GPU with that. Would he be best off doing this first then getting the Xbox so he has ~5 years of GPU. Not sure if the Telstra one is locked to the Xbox or an account that could render this useless.

    • +1

      It might not work as the maximum stacking allowed is only 36 months.

  • damn it. Saying no longer available

  • Finally did this - worked a treat. Paying in EUR via PayPal with ING was $79.96 + the $1 from MS for the upgrade to ultimate - very decent deal. Thanks OP!

  • -1

    I can confirm it works. I'm a little disappointed I paid $82.29 for 35 months instead of the price advertised on post.

    • Eneba changed the supplier to VA Games. The original supplier sold out.

      • -1

        I see. I'm going to get my money's worth anyway

  • What happens if you do it the other way around and subscribe for $1 first? Can i still buy and redeem the 3 month codes?

    • No, instead of 3 months each code it will be converted to 1 month extra per code only.

  • F&ck yeah. Worked - Did 7 months but with the auto renewal. Got 7 months out of that. Awesome.
    Thanks OP. Had to use my phone to purchase from Eneba, desktop was showing not available for some reason.

  • +3


    I had an ultimate subscription that lapsed in April, so wasn’t eligible for $1 for 3mo or $15.95 for 3mo (even though it initially said that on the promo page). Only 1mo for $15.95 was available for me.

    Bought 9 codes with promo “AKS” via “VA Digital Games” and “MMS Games” as stock running low - nil issues with either.
    Redeemed one at a time, subscribing for additional one month and then cancelling for all but the last code.
    Therefore 8x4mo + 1x3mo = 35mo total.
    Then resubscribed to ultimate for additional one month, 36mo total, next charge 8/6/2025.
    Paid $88.11 for codes (Bankwest Zero), plus $15.95 to Microsoft.
    $2.89/month not bad at all. Thanks OP!

  • There's no way to "top up" using this method is there?

    I'm halfway through 3 years and would like to add more, but doubt it's possible.

    • Nope, Gold auto converts at a much lower rate for existing subs hence why these deals are always for new ones.

  • Will this work if I currently have an Xbox Live Gold subscription (I do not have game pass, just Xbox Live Gold)? Thanks!

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