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Surface Laptop 4 13.5" $1399, Surface Pro 8 13" $1399, Wellcare Handheld Massager $29, Eufy RoboVac LR30 $649 + Del @ JB Hi-Fi


JB’s new catalogue starting tomorrow:

BG’s Notes:

  • Next week’s deals don’t look to be as amazing as the last few weeks despite closer to the EOFY week
  • There’s a bonus $500 JB Gift Card for the $69 plan on a 24 months plan. This is meh

Happy bargaining!

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    Any reviews for the Massager?

    • The massager was $39 two or so months ago and I used the $10 perk to bring it down to $29. Gave it as a present. It seems strong enough for shoulder and back massage. Good feature that cordless and rechargeable. Also good that it has a long handle and the user can easily give themselves a back/ shoulder massage. Has adjustable speed which is useful as it can provide a soothing massage as well as a more stronger one if desired. Scores a 5/5 from me.

      • Thanks, do you know how long it lasts on a single charge ?

        • The Mrs has been using it sporadically since mothers day and has only been charged once or twice. I am unsure of how long it lasts on a single charge.. the speed dial can be turned down a lot which would conserve battery as opposed to max setting where run time would be reduced… but am unsure of how many hours….

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5" Ryzen 5 256GB/16GB $1399

    Looks like they brought that deal back from the last one.

    • Cheers, amended the title and added onto the description :)

  • $500 JB Gift Card for the $69 plan on a 24 months plan
    Are they crazy?

    • +3

      Should be 12 months.

  • +2

    Massage style : Vibration
    Colour : Black

    Mothers day gift sorted

    • +1

      Naw who would neg this champagne comedy?

      • +3

        People who don't love their mum, that's who.

  • +1

    [Page 6] Wow Fold 3 $1999, but you can get an extra $500 off on top of your Trade-in credit, good deal right?

  • +2

    I plan to get the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 tomorrow. Thanks.

  • hopefully getting ready for SL5

  • Would the $1399 Surface laptop be a good spec to run power bi all day 5 days a week?

    • Nope.

      • Thanks, Do you have a good recommendation for a laptop that can do Power bi comfortably all day?

        • As an IT Dev I would say, you should be looking at something with a spec of i7, 32gb RAM and 500 gb ssd.

  • -1

    any reason they aren't having a sale on the m1 macbooks ?

    • Caz they are popular and selling well on regular price.

      • true- bit strange though they can do 10% off every month up until 2 months ago, new m2 is next month so probably offer it again next month

    • +1

      Just buy from education store on Apples website.

    • Harvey Norman has the M1 (2020 model) on sale
      256GB - $1708
      528GB - $1978

    • +1

      The M1 MacBook Air is actually on sale right now in JBHIFI

      • yeah they must've heard me, although the 256gb still aren't on sale

  • Anyone tried the massager?

  • Microsoft laptop range is a bit confusing as I am exploring. Any suggestions?

    • Primarily I need a laptop, not tablet.
    • Light weight - screen size 13 to 14.
    • No gaming needs.
    • Usage : little bit video editing ( once a month), .Net programming
    • USB C ports and usb ports required.

    Confused with Surface, Studio and pro options. Please suggest.

    • +2

      You can count out the Studio unless you need some heavy-duty power.

      I'm a graphic designer and I dropped some serious cash on a high-end Surface Pro 7 a couple years ago. I found it underpowered and ultimately annoying to use.

      Replaced it with a Surface Laptop 4 (Ryzen) a couple weeks ago when it was on sale and honestly blown away by it. I'm frequently using Photshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Lightroom together in some combination and I've only noticed significant slowdowns during big exports and the like. It's honestly a dream machine and an absolute steal for this pice.

      • Thanks, that's helpful. Happy with the performance of surface laptop 4 so far? I will pull the trigger :)

        • Performance exceeds expectations for sure, especially for the price. And the battery is absolutely excellent - miles ahead of the Surface Pro and more on par with the XPS13 I had before.

  • the surface pro 8 no bundle with keypad cover
    so sad

  • Going for a budget Tv
    Does anyone have any thoughts on the Blaupunkt 75" 4K Ultra HD Android TV $795?
    would the Hisense 58" Inch A6G 4K UHD LED Smart TV $695 be better?

    • +1

      Washed out colours and bad off angle viewing. Though the value for size is enticing. I would say the Hisense has the better panel for my pick of the two.

  • +1

    Any thoughts on the Eufy RoboVac LR30 Hybrid?

    • I am looking for reviews too. Surprisingly no results for reviews on Google for LR30 model.

      • I think it's very new and only available for jb hifi.

      • I couldn't find anything either but bit the bullet and bought one for $649 considering the price of other hybrid ones in the market.

        • This one doesn't come with an auto-empty station. Let us know your feedback after using it.

          • +2

            @newington07: The mapping and setup was good but I wasn't happy with the bin size as its too small. I think they originally designed it to work with auto-empty station but for some reason decided to release it without that as I've seen some reddit leaks with auto-empty station. I didn't even try mopping since I wanted to return it.

  • For Surface 4 (I am moving overseas, so if i buy here as i do need buy a laptop, cause have none) so will this be covered under international warranty ??

    • I believe surface warranties are only covered in the country that they are purchased. Also you may qualify for TRS and be able to get a 10% gst refund you buy it within 60 days of your flight.

  • do need international warranty… else its a bummer if anything goes wrong..

  • For anyone who got the Surface from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/703694.
    I emailed JB and they said they would do the price drop guarantee. Went in and got $400 back for the i7 16gb/256gb.

    edit: within 2 weeks of purchase.

  • Platinum and Black Surface Laptops both seem to be on offer. Is my understanding correct that Black comes with a metal keyboard and Platinum with Alcantara?

    Any feedback on Alcantara as I don't want the black one but concerned about the Alcantara experience at the same time. TIA

    • I got the black one yesterday. I don't like the colour. They didn't have a black display model - if I had of seen it, I may not have got it. But I will live with it.

      I didn't want to get the Alcantara as I have seen reviews that it gets dirty after some time and is impossible to make it look clean again.

      • Thanks @onceupon8. My concern with black is that it'll be a fingerprint magnet although I haven't seen it myself. Also I don't want to get Alcantara due to the similar reason that it'll get dirty

  • What's the difference between this Ryzen 5 Surface laptop 4 and the i5 version? There's a big difference in price

  • I'm deciding between a 2nd hand surface book 3 15" 32gb/512gb and this surface laptop 4. Almost the same price so very hard to decide.

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