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Return to Honolulu from Sydney $347, Melbourne $332 on Jetstar [Feb-Mar] @ Beat That Flight


Great prices to Hawaii, but they won't last long! Looks like it's related to the mid year sale.

Flights will also be on the 787 Dreamliner.

All flights include 7kg carry-on luggage, enough for your swimmers and passport :)

Sydney to Honolulu

Dates: 01 February 2023 - 10 April 2023

Cheapest is $347

Melbourne to Honolulu

Dates: 01 February 2023 - 10 April 2023

Cheapest is $332

Sydney to Honolulu (01 Feb - 10 Apr) from $347
Melbourne to Honolulu (01 Feb - 10 Apr) from $332

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  • +5

    What’s winter in Hawaii like lol

    Serious question btw

    • +6

      Even in the middle of winter, it's a nice 25 degrees. It tends to rain a bit more during winter but rains are very short lived and mostly during night time when I was there

    • +3

      Expensive. Winter is peak season. North Americans escaping the cold.

      Weather is good all year round. If anything it’s a bit too hot in summer.

      • I feel like it's expensive year round… and that Maui is much nicer than Oahu

        • +3

          Shhhh don’t tell them about Maui. Australian-free paradise.

        • I much prefer Kauai than Maui.

          • @DeepPocketsShortArms: That's the beauty of Hawaii. Each Island is different and great on its own merits, no point comparing. I've spent time on each. Kauai is visually breathtaking thats for sure.

        • Interesting! I've been to Oahu twice and it's the place I've wanted to leave the least out of all my travel, just loved it. May have to give Maui a try next…

        • It's all great. I've been to Maui and Oahu and it's all amazing.

    • +1

      Like SE Qld.

  • Do I need a visa?

    • +2

      Australian holiday-makers are eligible for ESTA (~US$20) for 24 months (visa waiver).

  • +17

    Cheap flights. Crazy expensive accomodation.

    Don’t forget the added taxes, service fees, other taxes, parking fee, daily resort fee, transient accommodations tax, baggage storage cost….. it all adds up.

    • +4

      Yep, its gotten a lot more expensive the last few years.

    • +6


    • +4

      And the conversion to our crappy Aussie dollar :(

    • +1

      This! I have pretty much decided to cancel a planned holiday to Hawaii as accom was +$1000 per night for any nice hotel if you want a 2 bedroom setup (kids). AirBnB is not much cheaper,

  • +8

    I stayed there maybe 6 years ago, it cost me about $2k for a week.

    That same accomodation would is now over $10k at the same time of year.

    It is ridiculous and not as value as anywhere in Asia or the pacific.

    It isn't even half as good value as tropical QLD, and that is saying something given what a ripoff local travel is.

    Hawaii has become atrocious value, and frankly it is not really any better than many other regional offerings at 1/4 the price.

    • Yeah well a lot of things have gone up, it’s not just related to Hawaii plus you have inflation etc so things are always going to be expensive unless our dollar reaches parity with US dollar which it won’t … ahhh I wished I could relive 2012 when we did! I didn’t have to think when I was dropping those $1 bills at the strip club bahahahahja

      But if I was to go to Hawaii now, I would look into Airbnb to save up costs on accomodation instead of a hotel but yeah I guess it depends what you are after. For me it’s not much the accomodation anymore it’s what you experience outside of that and plus I have a family now so Airbnb places are a bit better as you need a kitchen etc

  • +1

    None of those prices populate for me

  • +1

    Thank you!

    Just booked, remembered I had $120 leftover on a credit voucher too so these were crazy cheap!

    Chose my own seats and still only paid $260 :D

    Cheers OP

    • That's awesome! Enjoy!

  • +6

    It's a trap. When you get there $$$.

    • +1

      Yeah it's $$$ and also one of the best places on earth!

  • +6

    Don't book the flights until you have found accommodation you want. Made that mistake before in Hawaii…

  • +9

    I love Hawaii, we eloped years ago & always return without hesitation… just checked our last Maui trip in 2017, exact same dates, property & room type (Fairmont Kea Lani, Deluxe Oceanview King w daily breakfast) — I paid AUD$920/night. The exact same dates today; AUD$3304 PER NIGHT. NO THANKS

    Needless to say our next trip will be to Bali or similar….

    • Makes me sad, I really want to go but it's hard to justify with the cost, even a REALLY average room seems to be $300 a night, I can stay in a 5 star resort for that in Bali or Thailand for even less than that :(

    • Damm that’s fked up :(

  • +5

    +1 from Scomo

  • I booked SYD<->HNL in February. (4 meals, picked seats including exit row over, checked bag only on return, and farecredit) for $553.

    Farecredit $35.

    Depending on accomodation and exchange rate by the end of the year….losing $35 (and getting a voucher) doesn’t seem too bad.

    • I paid for fare credit for my Thailand flights at the end of the year but I do find the terms and conditions confusing, it says you get the flight cost and baggage / food etc back but "excludes service / booking fees" and when you look at the breakdown at least half of it is various fees, I don't have any idea how much i'd ACTUALLY get back if we have to cancel :(

      • I've used Farecredit before.

        I did not get back the Farecredit cost and I did not get back the payment fee for using PayPal.

  • I hear that it's like Brisbane but everything costs 5 x as much? Am keen to go but the feedback is terrible.

    • +4

      Hawaii is not like Brisbane.

    • It's actually not too bad. Even with crap conversion, you don't have to spend much if you forgo the 5-star hotels.
      We had about a week in Honolulu, did all the typical tourist stuff, but then 2 weeks on the Big Island and it was amazing. Mostly small-town vibes, a lot like north NSW, South Queensland coast.
      Resort tax is real though, so be prepared for that, but on the flip side, you'll get like 50mbps up and down.

  • +2

    this is very tempting, but then i looked for accomodations. wow, now i know why the flight is cheap, you are going to pay a fortune to stay at a hotel. better get a tent i guess.

    • It is expensive.

      Apartments can be cheaper… from about $180AUD per day.

  • +1

    Fair warning to Ozbargainers, make sure you have a tent under 7kg carry on.

    Far better to head to SEQ and support local this winter.

  • +1

    It is very cold currently in SEQ Would head further north

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