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CPAP F20 Mask Kit Plus 5 Bonus Masks $169 (43% off) Delivered @ CPAP


Pretty specific but if you have a Resmed CPAP and wear a full face mask this is a really good deal.

Full set of headgear is usually $170 and the foam cushions are $20 a piece so this is basically either $100 worth of cushions as a bonus or 6 masks for $120 and a full mask setup for an extra $50.

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          3G/4G can't be a requirment to use the device. People would be dropping dead in forests and there would be big court cases! (I go camping regularly)
          I'd go the sd card myself if it was the cheapest option. Great that the anaesthetist told you. Once treated, it will make a difference to your life and productivity.

      • I don't travel much these days, but used to a few times a year. I'm currently trialing the airsense 10, but am a little horrified if I had to carry that on a plane. Does the AirMini have any drawbacks from the airsense 10 if it's used it as the only machine? (I don't really have the money to buy 2 units!) I'm a mouth breather, so currently using the full face masks, which I'm having a lot of trouble getting used to.

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          As far as I can tell (AirMini user) the difference is it doesn't have a dedicated/active humidifying function (there's a filter you clip into the mask that does provide some humidifying) so it can get dry in warmer climates vs the Airsense. Isn't really an issue personally, but it may be less comfortable if you're used to having that.

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      If you buy an Airsesnse 10 from overseas only the cloud upload feature doesn't work in Australia - the device itself will work just fine. Really all it does is push your detailed sleep data to the cloud so your sleep doc can suppsedly monitor it or you can view stats on a mobile device. Not sure anyone actually uses this feature after the first few weeks & bit of a novelty really.

      Most sleep doctors just want summary graphs on paper - they'll ask you to bring your SDCard, ask you a bunch of questions & correlate your answers to the graphs. If it doesn't match, they'll investigate further. The device will give you a nightly summary on its display, ahi / leak rate etc anyway - and If you want to access your detailed sleep data yourself, just pull the SD card out every so often & import the data it into OSCAR. But speak with your sleep doc & google how to interpret the graphs - lots of forums with good advice - but almost always listen to your doc.

      I'd have no issues buying a reconditioned device from overseas. You'll save a lot doing this. As for new, I'm not sure even a 20% off deal & a refund from the most expensive gold planned health fund even comes close.

      Once you workout what mask works for you - come back here for the bargains… if its a good deal, buy a couple - it sucks waiting days to replace a worn out mask when you can't get a good night sleep.

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      Just check into what model number because I am sure 3G has been deactivated in Australia so accessing data via app or online sleep reports is no longer supported. From here, it'll be the SD card to your clinic for sleep reports.

      Annoyingly, I finally set up the app and had everything working with morning reports, then nothing. Mondays, no reports. I think it was late last year? Someone here might be able to confirm or mention different if they had/have this problem.amd whether they got it working again or now.

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    Hello fellow Ozb CPAP users. I have been having frequent trouble with mask leaks off late and I end up with dry mouth and get awaken often in the night. Does the foam help? I have long hair and goat, I feel that could be a reason I think. Would the foam mask help in this case?

  • Amazingly active community of cpap users here! Wanted to find out anecdotally if anyone has any hair loss issues since using cpap from the straps?

    • I use a strapless setup - tap pap
      not that I had issues with straps

    • I don't have a beard, but I used to have a permanent impression when using Fisher and Paykel mask, but that is fixed with the Resmed N20 pillow now. The straps don't come all the way down your face, rather you have a more solid band fcoming out from the nose pillow. Good luck finding a solution.

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      No hair loss. More like messy hair in the morning.

    • Yes hair loss is quite common for CPAP machine users. Mine has definitely gone thinner in patches.

      • You probably have your head straps on too tight, and you are restless sleeper, moving your head too much on the pillow.

  • I'm 30 and have been using a CPAP for around 4 years. I hate it, but it does make a difference. My Mrs has been complaining that the machine keeps her awake, does anyone else have this issue, or are they generally quiet? I have a SMART Med machine.

    • I have an Resmed machine and the noise does annoy me too, but I also have an industrial workshop fan in my bedroom that I use every night year round, so I can't hear the machine while the fan is off. But if I turn the fan off the machine does annoy me.

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      The complaints were before I was using CPAP, not after.

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      I was diagnosed in early 2021 and i also hate it but the way I wake up makes up for how much I hate it. I bought the resmed airsense 10 and honestly you don't even know its running. I use the humidifier with it. I was adviced to try and put the machine lower than what I sleep, not sure why but its in my second drawer now. At night i just open it up a bit as I feel the air it pulls in will be better (obviously there is no issue if its closed, just my dumb mind saying its better to have it open a bit.) So with this its packed away always and doesn't take up space on my bedside table. I rarely have to replace air filters as well it seems as it never shows any dust due to it being stored away in the day. I did have to cut a bit hole in the back of the table lol..

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        Having the machine lower than you allows any water condensation to drain back into the tank instead of your mask. With the humidifier, the air can cool in the tubing and cause condensation, it is called rainout.

    • When my wife complains I put a towel doubled up over the top with the inlet uncovered.

      Ask if its the machine or the mask thats making the noise.

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        It's the machine. The sounds the machine makes is in sync with my breathing, I assume it's the intake of air. The sound annoys me too

    • My partner uses a F&P machine and it’s so silent I can’t tell it’s running most nights

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      I only got diagnosed recently and have the latest resmed, it’s as good as silent, any airflow when I breathe isn’t much different to me breathing normally, and with the right mask the leakage is negligible, only noisy if the mouth drops open lol.

      I used to date a girl whose dad had one years ago and you could hear the compressor running all night, it was awful and that was what worried me about getting one, but yeah, silent really.

      Also, by comparison my snoring was peaking at 100db so this is very preferable.

  • I am currently using the CPAP Machine. But unsure if the size is the same. If I'm using a N30 Nasal Mask which is a medium size. Should I also get the same size as that for the Full Face Mask?

    • Best to download the template and see.

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    Don’t think anyone has mentioned this, but Resmed will price match Australian stores.

    I bought my machine and buy supplies directly from Resmed at their North Ryde store as it’s close to me. I just quote the competitors price and website and they always price matched. Recently got the N20 Mask Kit with the extra mask thrown in for $169 as Resmed matched that price. Sometimes the person at the desk is a little unsure if there’s some sort of bonus being thrown in, but if you get them to check, they’ll always match I’ve found.

    And definitely worth checking if your health insurance will cover some of the cost.

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      Curious which private health insurance companies cover CPAP masks (and other consumables)? I’m with Bupa & they only cover the cost of (or repair to) a CPAP machine every 2 years.

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        HBF only cover the machine, not the mask and consumables.

      • Teachers health covers machine and accessories

  • I bought mine for a good price last year (resmed airsense 10.)

    It was going for $1469 for the machine and a mask (special) from thecpapclinic and I got cpapdirect to match the price less 5% so got it for $1395 with everything. Medical gave 1k so happy with the price :)

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    I've been using CPAP for 20 years. I wish they'd bring back the masks with the actual foam inserts like the old F&P Acclaim 2. Was so much easier to get a seal. Without CPAP I doubt I'd have a job or a family. Definitely do what it takes to get use to it if you need to. I literally wore my mask upside down for the first few years because I hated having something sitting between my eyes.

  • thanks op

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    I wish I could be more compliant with my CPAP but I've decided to have double jaw surgery after 12 months of braces in the hopes of being permanently relieved of my sleep apnoea. Total treatment cost will be around $45k but I'm so exhausted from ongoing issues from lack of sleep that I'm laser focused on the outcome.

  • Greetings… I switched over from F20 masks to the Fisher and Paykel Simplus. It lasts a lot longer than the F20 silicone masks.
    Another little trick I've learned over the years is that clear silicone sealant from Bunnings is a great way to repair tears in silicone cpap masks or glue them back to the frame when they start tearing away.

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      Silicon from Bunnings may not be food grade and could have anti fungus etc in it

    • how do you connect the f & p to the resmed machine they use different holes?

      • Nah it's exactly the same hose. That's another trick with hoses - the resmed hoses are heated to provide humidity and are expensive when/if they split - i don't use the humidifier so just bought a standard generic CPAP hose and it fits perfectly.
        Strange that masks and hoses seem to be interchangeable between machines, but apparently they do. Not sure about other brands, but my understanding is that they are almost all interchangeable

        • yeah i got a reply it's universal. but i can't figure how to connect it to make it stick. I also wonder how to get heated water to my nose cause currently it was cold af

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    I use the Resmed P30i pillows as the full face mask did not agree with me and I'm a nose breather anyway.
    Pity these guys aren't offering extra pillows, but I found that the cpap clinic is offering an extra free pillow with the headgear for $169 if anyone is interested: https://www.thecpapclinic.com.au/products/resmed-p30i-nasal-...

  • Everything I have is about 1.5 years old… I haven't replaced anything. I do clean them often and it seems fine still but is it required to replace things like the Heated tube and masks etc. every X years?

  • Anyone here cured their sleep apnoea?

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      Lose weight

      • True that. I have gained too much weight last few months

        • Same here… Plan was to drop about 10kg this year.. Instead, I gained like 5 lol.

      • Same, I walk an hour everyday and put on 6 kg. Losing weight can cure apnea.

        • Might try the manshake, big hype on that

          • @wtigers: I'm on the page now thinking should I buy a tester item and see what it taste like or just the 1 month combo and give it a go. It is 249 less $25 discount code and a 5.6% cash reward so comes to around $210… I feel its not that much but then again it feels like a lot if it doesn't work or taste like horse sht and I don't use it.

  • Help ! - my f & p mask does not connect to the resmed hose or machine. how do i connect do i need to buy a whole new machine?

    • Err, buy ResMed mask…

    • Join the Apnea Board and get the right answer for all your questions.

  • What is the difference between the F20 and F30?

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