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Google Pixel 6 Pro 5G 128GB $1048 (Bonus $100 Harvey Norman Gift Card) + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Came across Harvey Norman's EOFY sale for the Google Pixel 6 Pro 5G 128GB. Priced at $1048.00 - a $1 less than other competitor EOFY sales, but they are also giving away a $100 Harvey Norman gift card (valid for 3 years from date of issue).

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    Price in title please

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      Missed in error. Thanks for letting me know. Edited :)

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    Please put the price in the title!

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      Missed in error. Thanks for letting me know. Edited :)

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    I wont buy a phone with a curved screen, but thats just me.

    • +10

      Me, too. I also won’t buy from the guy trying to make shopping worse for all Australians.

      • +1

        what did Google do ?

        • Its not from google.

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          it’s Gerry of Harvey Norman pushed gov to apply GST on goods under $1,000 so pushing Aussies to pay more for their grey imports. not only that, HN also pocketed billions of dollars via JobKeeper funding from gov while profiting billions on top, very … “unAussie”

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    Very surprised cpu base A76 core renamed by google still can sale over 1000, similar performance sd865 or sd870 models only 200~300

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      Maybe the whole package is worth the 1k, and not just dependent on the CPU

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      maybe if u want some crappy oppo phone lol there's a reason they're so cheap. this is a flagship phone

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        Honestly after reading some reviews last year, I can't find a reason this phone deserves can be called “flagship ” except RRP or just compare in the Google brand

        • its best android except s22 ultra, and even then its very close

          I just saw your name - you play MTG?

          • @Drpepper666: force of will was effin amazing and overpowered in my turbo stasis deck back in those days. locks the game within 3-4 turns, and FoW can counter any counter.

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    How do you know charger is included? There's no mention of it and no Pixel phones include chargers now

    PS It's a good idea to just use a Samsung charger for a bit less money as it only charges at 23W max and uses PPS (which samsung charger has)


    • I purchased this on Friday and did not get a charger.
      I can't see where it states it's included, unfortunately.

      • Same here, got one last Friday. Didn't get a charger, only provide USB-C cable.

        • Op should update as it says including charger.

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    I've had this and since moved on to S22 Ultra.

    For those considering to buy, my main issues were

    1) fingerprint scanner is only average
    2) battery life wasn't great
    3) no face recognition. Not sure if Google added this now.
    4) screen brightness Soso, but acceptable

    On the other hand, what I liked.

    1) I like the feel of the pictures taken by pixel devices
    2) feel as smooth as 2021/2022 flagship. Gaming performance much better than any Exynos bases Samsung flagship

    In summary, if I need to buy a phone now, I will def consider this again.

    • I find battery fine at home but when out on 5G it does to a lot faster.

    • It's funny how many fanboys on Reddit support this phone to death.

      I'm having a look at last pixel devices and they all seem to have suffered from something that's been major.

      Hardware aside, the software omits things that are baffling.
      Recently learnt that stock android doesn't support exfat. But you know. Stock so I'm sure it would've been considered bloat.

    • Brightness isn't amazing compared to Samsung for sure but camera actually feels like an upgrade from a mate 20 pro vs Samsung s21 which was noticeably worse for me esp on low light.

      Funny about gaming as I believe this is basically an exynos chip with slight modification ? Not really a gamer but tried diablo immortal and runs decent , though chugged on high settings with lots on screen . I thought it would be better for a flagship phone

      Battery probably sucks on 5g, don't think I will ever use it but I get the desire to use the fancy new things.
      Rumour is face unlock coming this year but who knows .
      I don't miss it.

      I think this is decent if you get a good deal but not a "no compromise phone"

      The charging is not very fast compared to other brands, but is pretty similar to Samsung (which I think sucks )

      I just wanted a good camera and good performance for general use . I like that the battery can last long when I don't use 5g and can also turn off the 120hz if needed

      The voice dictation is a game changer for me, it's so accurate and so good I don't need to send voice notes anymore.

      • Samsung s21's Exynos has 14 cores in its GPU vs 20 in tensor gpu

    • 3) no face recognition. Not sure if Google added this now.

      Nope. Have a P6P

    • I've had both and found:

      • Fingerprint scanner very comparable
      • Battery life better on pixel. Even with AOD on it would use less when idling than S22U with AOD off
      • Camera much more reliable with better pictures and video on pixel
      • Micro stutters in OneUI over pixel (prefer One UI)

      The S22U has great potential and solid hardware let down by poor execution.

      • So which phone did you keep? What do you mean by S22U poor execution?

  • I'm on a pixel 5 ATM which is all
    Still going strong and love the aluminium casing though think I'll wait a couple more years

    • I would sure as hell hope so. Not even a 2 year old device.

      • +1

        I like shiny new things though

  • Will competitors match the price and also the gift card?

    • Nah, HN won't match other shops if it comes with GC bonus.

      • I mean 'would jb HiFi match Harvey Norman to sell it at $1048 with $100 gift card?'

        • And he means 'No'

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